Saturday, October 23, 2004


(*) aka Syndrome of Farquhar-Cosyns

‘lo folks. At noon on Thursday October 21 I was reading my – well, actually my dad’s – newspaper The Daily Crap, in some fringe circles also referred to as "De Standaard". My eyes happened to fall on an article by a compatriot of mine, Mr. Paul Verhaeghen, who, unlike your servant, has the distinct privilege to have a look at the US elections from up close. Indeed, Mr. Verhaeghen happens to be cognitive psychologist at New Yorks Syracuse University.

Mr. Verhaeghens curriculum states that "Current work centers around (a) the influence of speed and executive processes ('levels of action control') on cognitive tasks in the visual and verbal domain; (b) models for age differences in episodic memory; and (c) whatever momentarily captures my fleeting attention."

Yet another of the few arguments pro abortion

Photo: Psych On Speed (POS)

Nice, you will say. Tom: "Is he saner than you, Michael?" - Scott: "He's not, Tom, but at least it’s clear he’s not wearing a hairpiece". Har-de-har-har-har.

Hold on a sec.

Paul has written a book. It’s called Omega minor. It is said to be an ambitious project to establish the meaning of World War II, and especially the holocaust, in a wider historical context , to understand it, and to exorcise it. Characters are Paul Andermans, a young experimental psychologist at the University of Potsdam, an old fella by the name of Jozef De Heer on his flat in Berlin, and Nobel Prize Winner Goldfarb, once a participant to the Los Alamos Project. De Standaard’s Literary Chapter described it in april as an "impressive, stately but never long-winded, with great panache written novel". Yawn.

As I was advancing through the article, it slowly dawned upon me Mr. Verhaeghen embedded in himself the priceless potential, at a Shrink School anyway, of being at the same time researcher and research object. Indeed, as the gems of wisdom emanating from this illustrious scientist accumulated throughout the interview, I imagined being a cognitive psychologist at Syracuse University myself and having Mr. Verhaeghen strapped in a tight white vest straight from the Department of Fruit and Cakes and tied on a stainless steel table under the merciless light of a battery of 500W halogen bulbs. In my mind’s eye I could see myself working through an elaborate list of specifically engineered questions aimed at determining the influence of speed (the drug) and professional excesses on cognitive tasks in the visual and verbal domain of Mr. Verhaeghen. For lack of time I decided not to share the purely literary aspects of Mr. Verhaeghens novel with you – after all you are Americans – but instead focus on some of Pauls more challenging viewpoints regarding the US’s role in shaping history. Well, for the moment I won’t bother you anymore with my prose but instead highlight Mr. Verhaeghens superior judgment:

"A lot of literature on the (concentration) camps puts the facts very black-and-white: Germans bad - jews victims. Germans morally inferior - jews morally superior."

"Then you have this group of scientists who are thinking up the atom bomb in the desert of New Mexico. With childish pleasure they are tinkering and completely forget that one day this bomb will be thrown on a city and make hundreds of thousands of innocent victims."

"The same kind of protofascism you had in Germany, you see in what the American government is doing right now: invade a country without good reason – like the Germans did in 1939 with Poland. Only this time it’s not about Lebensraum, but Oelraum – oil. You even get the same kind of images. Hitler let himself be depicted in his general’s uniform, Bush descends from the skies on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit with bulging crotch."

"People are being arrested and held without charge in open air cages far from the American mainland."

"September 11 was horrible, but it was also the Reichstagbrand of Bush."

"It is an eerie parallel, but Hitler came to power because there was very little political counterweight. The only counterweight came from the intelligentsia and the people from the cultural sector".


Recent pic from Mr. Verhaeghen

Well, not exactly. Any of you jerks out there feel like puking after learning to know how your tax dollars are spent to sustain Mr. Verhaeghens pitiful existence and in a mood to letting this scumbag know what you think of him, email to:

With the compliments of MFBB of course.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Here's an article on some of the good things Spirit of America is doing in Iraq.
These people need to be summarily executed when caught.


Password: fedup

Thanks to The Corner for the heads up.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Check out the Money Walk. Then check out the vote results...
Get a load of this.

"The district said Halloween celebrations and children dressed in Halloween costumes might be offensive to real witches."

"Witches with pointy noses and things like that are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion and so we want to be respectful of that," Hansen said.

How much do I want to give that school board a stooge slap. My daughters would be sent to school the very next day as the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz and Witchie Poo from HR Puff-N-Stuff (if you don't know who those characters are, you either grew up in a closet, Belgium, or both.)

I'm beginning to love Halloween; it really pisses off a lot of overly sensitive people.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

God damn Jacques Chirac:

"A spokesman for President Chirac last Tuesday said Mr. Chirac had told Mr. Mubarak that France was hoping to invite groups representing insurgents (emphasis mine) to the international conference and was seeking to revisit a possible timetable for when American troops would leave Iraq."

I like President Bush's idea better - Invite the "insurgents" to a Texas lead enema.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I love this quote by Nobel prize winner(Economics) Edward Prescott:

"The idea that you can increase taxes and stimulate the economy is pretty damn stupid,"
This is good news for the President.

And this.

And this Drudge headline:

This video of John "Breck Girl" Edwards fussing over his hair is creepily funny.

This comment over on the Corner is even funnier:

“Rich, I just had my boss (an Army Colonel) watch the Edward's hair video. He just about fired me for making him feel VERY uncomfortable in seeing another man do that.”
I've been struggling lately to understand how supporters of John Kerry can think that the country will be safer if he is elected. While contemplating this last night, I had a revelation: When Democrats talk about us being safer, they don't mean safer from terrorists, they mean safer from Democrats!

It's clear that all hell is going to break loose if George Bush is reelected. The legions of lawyers are in position; the crooked campaign workers and the race warlords are prepared for battle. If the Democrats lose this election, they are going to try and take the White House by force.

I used to think that if Bush won by a sufficient margin, this would not happen. Now I think it's going to happen if Bush wins, no matter what the margin of victory is.

Here's George Will with a somewhat more scholarly take on the subject.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


a.)Between 15,000 and 30,000 specimen of the Lunalefticus Moonbatensis variety protested in London today asking for a general troop withdrawal from Iraq.

Apparently the march was scheduled to coincide with the closure of the European Social Forum held in the metropolis.

b.)Meanwhile, it now appears that since March 70,000 people have died in Darfur refugee camps. Mr. David Nabarro, head of the WHO’s crisis operations group, has rung the alarmbell.

"I am personally concerned that we still don't have a significant enough popular perception around the world of the enormity of the suffering experienced by people in Darfur and Chad, where disease and suffering is being experienced on a quite extraordinary and inhuman scale," Nabarro said.

As you will all remember, Kofee Anus warned the Sudanese government in the beginning of August that Sudan was to face "grave and serious consequences" if it did not disarm the janjaweed within a month. The beginning of August, that’s almost three months ago, the janjaweed are still in business and Koffee only saw fit to issue a statement that the war in Iraq is illegal. Somehow the specimen mentioned under a.) missed the topic of the 70,000 dead. Someone tell 'em. Find out more about it here.

c.)You may or may not know that the Galactic Dominion of Belgium has some 630 soldiers in Afghanistan as part of the ISAF-force (International Security Assistance Force) in Afghanistan, currently under Eurocorps control.

The bulk of them are guarding Kabul airport, with a few attached to the so-called PRT teams meant to support government control of areas till now beyond Karzais reach (Herat, Kandahar).

Well, on NATO’s recent summit In Romania, the Belgian Asshole of Surrender, erm, Defense Secretary André Flahaut (Parti Socialiste) , stated that Belgium’s contingent will be reduced from 630 to 250 in February 2005.

In Romania, Mr. Flahaut pleaded to withdraw in due time ALL NATO-troops from Afghanistan. His spokesman was quoted as saying:

"Now that elections are over, we must give the Afghans the chance to maintain order themselves. That’s why the minister does no longer think it’s appropriate to calculate a long-lasting NATO-presence in Afghanistan. Just like in the Balkans, the local law enforcers must take over NATO-tasks".

Never mind that only now the PRT initiatives are starting to get well under way and that in fact MORE troops are needed right now. Never mind that later in 2005 elections for an assembly will take place, requiring ample NATO presence to keep watch. Never mind that despite progress the country is far from pacified.

One of the few arguments pro abortion

(One piece of advice: don't you never, ever, appoint a socialist Defense Secretary)

d.)The news that GM plans to cut 12,000 jobs in Europe to cut costs has come as a shock, especially so in Germany, where the Opel division, with plants at Ruesselsheim and Bochum, is expected to see its payroll diminish with 8,000. At least that’s the figure the German Labor Union provides. GM itself has not confirmed that number. The reason for the restructuring is, put simply, overcapacity. Cars, being ever more reliable and costly, are kept longer and longer (in Germany on average 7,5 years) while factories keep churning them out by the millions. Especially in Germany with its lackluster economy the news has struck a blow and the personnel at said plants is on strike. The strike at Bochum affects directly the Opel plant in Antwerp, Belgium, which may see its production halted this week as a result of parts not coming through (the Antwerp plant, which has a good producitivity, is said to be not affected too much by the job cutting operation).

Don’t worry though, the lefty moonbats have found the real culprit: Dubya. Find out more about it at David's Medienkritik.

e.)Finally, the soon-to-be installed new EU Commission has had two of its candidate commissioners rejected by an EU Parliament panel. One of them is Rocco Buttiglione, meant to be the new EU Commissioner for Justice. Now while the EU Parliament's Panel on Justice found the candidate competent, independent and experienced, the guy DID manage to pull off a really stupid comment, It's quite a row you know. Personally, I'd keep the guy since he provides some much-needed rightwing weight in the new commission. Also, he has pledged to respect the rights of minorities. All signs indicate that he would perform well in the job and it's a pity that talent should be lost for one stupid remark. Someone should help him off his asinine belief and that should be it. But of course the Left, already clearly longing for the days of Prodi's Commie Commission, has jumped on this incident to weaken the conservative half of Barroso's new commission. Luckily I don't expect they will succeed.