Friday, February 09, 2007

For those still drinking the Global Warming Kool Aid

Ok, so you're pretty much a puppet of Big Oil™ or a brainless Bush minion if you don't subscribe to the Al Gore theory of global warming right? Well, not exactly.

The global warming movement is finally beginning to be exposed for what it really is. Analysis is coming in on the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, and all is not well in Enviroville. Below are several links that beat this report and the subsequent media frenzy surrounding it to a pulp.

While there's far too much wrong with this report to list here, I thought I'd share my favorite, um, curiosity. It seems the political appointees that wrote the report (that's right, this summary is not written by scientists, whose work is curiously being withheld from publication until a few months from now) put in a provision that allows them to alter work of the scientists to bring it into line with their "summary." That's right; if the science doesn't preach their gospel, they get to change it. Basically what's going on is that the most recent science doesn't tell nearly as gloomy a story as what they've been telling us for years, so they're having to do something to keep the momentum going. It's a total scam.

Melanie Phillips has a nice summary on her site (first link), but I've included her reference links below individually in case anyone wants to go there directly.

Hat tip to NRO's Corner