Saturday, August 20, 2016


Billy Joel with A matter of trust. From the 1986 album The Bridge.

A musician I appreciate very much. Yup, that's his then-wife Christie Brinkley with their daughter Alexa in that video.

Coldplay with Yellow. Album Parachutes (2000).

Hat tip OutlawDaughter, who reminded me of their debut single.

Two nice unpretentious songs for a Saturday night, huh?


Friday, August 19, 2016


In Strasbourg, as in so many European cities, Cultural Enrichment is in full swing. Not that you would know it from Belgium's prime news outlet De Standaard: last time I checked, about 25 seconds ago (at the time of writing it is 10.40pm over here in Belgistan), they were still decrying the fate of a muslim who lost his wife in the March 22 attacks (at the hands of Jewish Vlaams Belang members as we all know), while simultaneously celebrating the news of Paul Manafort's resignation from the Trump campaign.

So it's up to me to let the world - at least outside outside al-France and Germanistan - know that: (via PI-News)

 photo strasbourg_attack_2016_zps8e70p0jm.jpg

"On Friday morning, in Strasbourg's Jewish quarter, a Jew was attacked and wounded with a knife by a muslim. After the first stab in the stomach, the victim (62) was able to escape. According to eyewitnesses the attacker bellowed "Allahu Akbar", French media reported. He was then forced to the ground by passersby and delivered to a hospital. Already in 2010 the very same islamic culture enricher would have stabbed another Jew in the same city. Back then, he was acquitted as he was deemed "unaccountable" [read mentally unstable - MFBB]. The "unaccountable ones" populate now the whole of Europe and what PI has been labeling for years as the logical consequence of Europe being overwhelmed en masse with islam-oriented haters is coming: muslim folklore, just like the Israelis' daily bread and butter, is making itself felt and will affect the lives of all "infidels". The new Gaza Strip is coming into being smack in the middle of Europe (lsg)."

In case some ludicrous and dishonest De Standaard editor or columnist reads this, it's YOUR job I'm doing here asshole. And I'm not even paid for it.


Thursday, August 18, 2016


American Thinker's Carol Brown took note of a tweet from lesbian CNN commentator Sally Kohn, and gives us much to ponder re the absurd mindset of liberals:

"... Here’s a tidbit from the oversized trough of absurdity courtesy of the left: Sally Kohn is a political commentator on CNN and a lesbian who, last year, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post where she announced: “I’m gay. And I want my kid to be gay, too.”

OK. So this piece isn’t about that tidbit from the oversized trough of absurdity, but it gives you a glimmer into that which is Sally Kohn (who, by the way, is also self-consciously sweet in an I’m-innocent-and-trying-my-best-but-I-am-right-and-you-know-it type of person who lectures on the need for mutual respect while, for example, referring to Newt Gingrich during one interview as “peach pit”).

But I digress.

Yesterday, in response to Donald Trump’s (excellent) speech on national security, Kohn tweeted the following:

 photo sally_kohn_tweet_zps2eqbobrr.jpg

So Sally Kohn thinks a subset of Muslims who call themselves “progressive Muslims” believe in Sharia. And apparently that’s a good thing. (I wonder what part of sharia law is her favorite. Burqas, stoning, or throwing homosexuals off of rooftops?)

That’s how far gone the brains of leftists have become, marinated such as they are in a slop of lies, misinformation, and a worldview disconnected from reality.

I don’t care what descriptor comes before the word “Muslim.” If a person believes in Sharia, they do not believe in liberty. Certainly a female and a member of the LGBT community should be alert to that fact since women and homosexuals don’t fare too well under the Sharia. To put it mildly.

So as of Wednesday, August 17th, count Ms. (?) Kohn all in for sharia.


 photo Sally_Kohn_zpswtwho4l6.jpg

Here's Sally Kohn singing the virtues of the gay lifestyle!!!

 photo is_throws_gay_man_off_roof_zpscnuwkqes.jpg

And here Sally Kohn's emancipated heroes do the same!!!

It's the same over here, of course. Currently there's some bruhaha re the decision of some French Côte d'Azur mayors to ban the burqini from their beaches. The Flemish (supposedly) center-right party N-VA right away proposed similar measures.

Who do you think is supporting the burqini?

Why, the Socialists and the Greens of course!!!

Take the socialists e.g., the SP.a's Youth Chapter next weekend organizes a "Dive In for Freedom" (!!!) in the Belgian beach resort of Oostende. Via HLN Online:

 photo Young_socialists_insane_zpsqwcpdtum.jpg


OSTEND. The Young Socialists, the youth chapter of the SP.a, next Sunday organize on Ostend beach a "Dive In For Freedom". This they do to counter the N-VA proposal of law to ban the burqini on Belgian beaches..."

It is now official. If you are a leftist, you are mentally challenged.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Via PI-News, a street war between Kurdish PKK zealots and the Turkish fascists of the Grey Wolves:

"Sonja Prousek from Café Aida near Vienna's Stephansplatz in an interview with Zeitung Österreich: „Pensioners have cried, children lost their parents. Forks, knives, spoons, drinks and food landed on the ground. We had to close our business, because clients and personnel fled to our other cafe in the Bognergasse.“

Thanks but no thanks you fucking politicians for unleashing the hellish way of life of muslims on the lives of the peaceful, law abiding and hard working citizens of Europe. Because all cultures are equal, is it not, except our own western culture, which is inferior and has to atone for grievous sins against humanity.


Monday, August 15, 2016


As I have stated on many occasions before, here and elsewhere, Trump is not my idea of a Conservative. Heck, I guess he's nobody's idea of a Conservative.

But like Rummy used to say, you go to war with the army you have, not with the army you would like to have.

Long ago I decided that the only viable Republican candidate with a fleeting chance of beating The Monster was Donald Trump.

I won't change that opinion because of some irrelevant gaffes.

I made up my mind and my support will continue to go to the designated nominee.

Biff Spackle explains much more forcefully than I ever could why yours should go to The Donald too:

 photo never_trump1_zps3ddeasw1.jpg
 photo never_trump2_zpspcn5gru1.jpg

Should the most horrible thing come true - a win for an America-hating, corrupt, lying, incompetent, dishonest bitch of a woman who litterally goes over dead bodies to satisfy her personal and insatiable thirst for power...

... then don't say afterwards "Wir haben es nicht gewusst".


Sunday, August 14, 2016


Via PI-News:

 photo childmarriages_germany_zpsiutvyy0l.jpg

"In a telling article Die Welt reports today on the phenomenon of the rising number of "child marriages" in Germany. As it should, causes, background and analyses from several sides are quoted, politically correct considerations aren't mentioned. The groups that bring the perverse practice of "child marriages" to our enlightened country are muslims and Roma:

~ ... They are back again - the child brides, mostly married off to elderly men. The child marriage is an accompaniment to the refugee wave, but it is performed here too, in the framework of sharia law or in roma families, under the radar of the authorities. The Laender [the German "regions", like Hessen, Thueringen, or Nordrhein/Westfalen etc - MFBB] count 1,000 of them. But the real figure is higher.

That too, the reality itself that's hiding behind the notion of "child marriage" is named. Die WELT cites the German Police Union Chief Rainer Wendt, who thinks is of the opinion that the word "child marriage" is deceiving:

"They are not husbands, but often child molesters, who should be punished."

We have met this Rainer Wendt guy before. He may be a Union boss, but he seems to be a very reasonable fellow.