Saturday, August 16, 2014


Duffy opens with Mercy, a single from her 2008 debut album Rockferry.

Singer/songwriter from Bangor. That's Bangor in Gwynedd, Wales.

Then it's the turn of Herman Van Veen, also a singer/songwriter, Dutch this time. With Fiets. Which means bicycle. From the Year of Our Lord 1973.

I was but a small kid when I first heard this song, barely older - if - than the girl in the video. But even so, susceptible enough for its haunting quality. Forty-one years later, it still conjures up the same feelings, at the forefront of which is Man's atavistic sadness for knowing, at all levels of consciousness, that everything must go, pass, die and disappear... even what is Most Beautiful. For which Van Veen used the image of a lovely little girl - the quintessential metaphor for human innocence - enjoying the sun on her bike. Thank God there's Christianity.

Good night.


Friday, August 15, 2014


Someone alerted Mark Steyn to the appearance, in Dutch talkshow Pauw and Witteman, of a Mrs. Yasmina Haifi, who happens to be a 'project leader' at The Netherlands' Cyber Security Center. Uh-oh.

Here is the link to his post. And I quote him in full (I hope he doesn't mind), for this is interesting. Mark Steyn:

"A Tweet from Yasmina Haifi:

ISIS heeft niets met Islam te maken vooropgezet plan van zionisten die bewust Islam willen zwart maken

Which translated into English means roughly:

ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It's a preconceived plan by Zionists who want to deliberately blacken Islam's name.

 photo Haifi_PenW_zps0e1f5827.jpg

Who is Yasmina Haifi? She's an official at the Dutch Ministry of Justice who serves as project leader at the Netherlands' National Cyber Security Center. And she thinks Isis is a Zionist plot to make Islam look bad.

She could be right. On the other hand, maybe Yasmina Haifi is a Zionist plot to make Islam look bad - or at any rate deranged. Presumably the many Dutch Muslims out on the streets holding pro-Isis demonstrations would disagree with her - because they surely wouldn't be demonstrating in favor of a Zionist front group, would they? Unless, of course, they're also in on the Zionist plot...

Look at Yasmina Haifi in the photograph at right - she's not a burqa-wreathed crone, but a modern western career woman in a foxy red jacket with just a hint of cleavage. And yet she cannot bear the truth about her religion and what is done in its name. So she takes refuge in the laziest conspiracy of all. In the Netherlands, an "extremist" Muslim supports Isis because it's chopping the heads off infidels, but a "moderate" Muslim opposes Isis because it's a Zionist front group.

This is the human capital with which the Netherlands has chosen to build its future.

~Let us turn to Sunday's Turkish presidential election. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister and the most consequential leader since Atatürk, won big time. The heir to Atatürk - or at any rate the candidate of his old party - was a fellow called Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, who came a distant second. Bringing up the rear was the Kurdish guy. This is the electoral map: Erdoğan carried the yellow constituencies, the Kemalist opposition the blue, and the purple is the Kurdish south-east.

 photo turkey_electoral_map_zps03a52ad9.jpg

This map rang a vague bell with me. Seven years ago, I wrote about Turkish demography in National Review. The supposedly "moderate Islamist" Erdoğan had just canceled trade deals with Israel, and frosted out the US ambassador because he was Jewish; a new edition of Mein Kampf was prominently displayed at the airport bookstore. In 2003, I'd passed a rather boozy evening with an extremely convivial former Turkish foreign minister, who, midst brandy and cigars, professed his admiration for the "tough hombres" he'd known in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. A mere four years later, the new Turkey was starting to look like any old cookie-cutter death-to-the-Great-Satan stan of the month rather than the nation that gave women the vote before France did and had been Israel's best friend in an otherwise hostile region for half-a-century. A trickle of "Who lost Turkey?" stories had begun appearing in the American conservative press, and I would have joined them - except that I knew the answer. This is from my National Review column of April 16th 2007:

Since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, there have been two Turkeys — the Turks of Rumelia, or European Turkey, and the Turks of Anatolia, or Asia Minor. Kemal Atatürk was from Rumelia and so were most of his supporters, and they imposed the modern Turkish Republic on a somewhat reluctant Anatolia, where Atatürk's distinction between the state and Islam was never accepted. In its 80-year history, the population has increased from 14 million to 70 million, but the vast bulk of that population growth has come from Anatolia, whose population has migrated from the rural hinterland to overwhelm the once solidly Kemalist cities.

That map of the 2014 Turkish election is my 2007 column in one handy graphic: Eastern, Asian, Islamic Turkey has "overwhelmed" Western, European, secular Turkey. Here's another snapshot of what happened - a 2013 graphic of Turkish birth rates, showing fertility declining as you move from east to west:

 photo turkey_birthrates_zps16e0e7dd.jpg

The birth rates of the Kurdish south-east will eventually cause Erdoğan a few headaches, but there won't be many Kemalists around by then. The term "Young Turks" comes from the Ottoman Empire's would-be reformers at the beginning of the 20th century. The trouble is the Young Turks are now Old Turks, and youth, energy and numbers are on Erdoğan's side. As I concluded in that column seven years ago:

Atatürk's modern secular Turkey has simply been outbred by fiercely Islamic Turkey. That's a lesson in demography from an all-Muslim sample: No pasty white blokes were involved.

Even in a society dominated by one of the most forceful personalities of the 20th century, demography proved destiny. "Atatürk", the name bestowed on Kemal by the Turkish parliament, means "Father of the Turks". Alas, he wasn't father of enough of them. And the men who were had other ideas. The chances of Turkey ever electing another Kemalist government decrease with each election cycle.

~As for the "pasty white blokes", what lessons does Turkey hold for Europe or even Australia and Canada? They too are undergoing remorseless demographic evolution: Look at, say, French natives as Rumelian Turks and French Muslims as Anatolians. In the last presidential election, the Muslim vote for M Hollande was larger than his margin of victory over Sarkozy. How large will it be in 2017?

What about Down Under? Australia is one of the least insane western polities, not to damn with faint praise. But the appalling and disgraceful reactions to the junior jihadist with the severed head suggest that for Australia's Opposition Leader and his Members of Parliament electoral viability requires tiptoeing around even the most brutal provocations. Miranda Devine runs the numbers:

The most populous Muslim electorates in the country are Labor. Blaxland, held by Jason Clare, has a Muslim population approaching 25 per cent, Watson, held by Tony Burke, has 20 per cent. Next comes the Labor seat of Calwell, in northwest Melbourne, with 16 per cent. The fourth most populous Muslim electorate is the Sydney seat of Reid, with 10 per cent, the only significant Muslim electorate held (barely) by a Liberal, Craig Laundy.

It's no surprise Laundy has been a vocal opponent of the government's now defunct free speech reforms of the Racial Discrimination Act, which were so strenuously opposed by Muslim organisations.

Will that be enough to save his seat? I would doubt it. Relatively few people want to jet off to the Sunni Triangle and decapitate someone. But a far more significant number are remarkably relaxed about decapitation as long as the head being sawn off is a Jew's, or a Christian's, or a Yazidi's. And, when it comes to entertaining even a very narrow criticism of what is done in Islam's name, a far larger number of people, invited to choose between criticizing Islam or embracing lunacy, find it easier, like Yasmina Haifi at the Dutch Ministry of Justice, to embrace lunacy. How many like-minded souls will have joined Yasmina in Dutch government service by 2020?

And there are no Kemal Atatürks in sight, only culturally craven prostration limbo-dancers like Bill Shorten. Absent any countervailing forces, continued mass Muslim immigration will lead to the death of France and the Netherlands, as those terms have any meaning. Look at it this way: There are three reactions to Isis among western Muslims - active support on the streets from the excitable young lads, deranged conspiracy theories from Yasmina Haifi, and utter deafening silence from everybody else. Suppose one of those youthful jihadists returns from Mosul and decides to decapitate a French Jew. Do you think that trio of reactions would be any different?

This is beyond "integration" or "assimilation", and closer to what William Wilberforce, in another context, called "the reformation of manners", and on a scale even he might have balked at. Without that, the numbers will, as in Turkey, prove decisive.

Be all that as it may, it may come as a consolation to hear that apparently, Madam Haifi has been fired...

Check out this screenshot from Omroepwest (Dutch online news source:)

 photo yasmina_haifi_fired_zps69b788bb.jpg

The text below says that on Wednesday top brass at the Ministry of Security and Justice, "after consultation" have fired Yasmina Haifi. This is just as well. Still, one has to wonder... how on Earth is it possible that a woman who is convinced that ISIS is a Zionist plot to blacken the name of islam has managed to become 'project leader AT THE NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY CENTER OF THE NETHERLANDS'?????

Oh, and the last sentence visible on that screenshot? "Haifi is chairwoman of the Action Committee Restore Confidence". What's that about? Simple. There have just recently been heavy riots in Schilderswijk, that's a The Hague neighborhood where last weekend a demo took place by people protesting both ISIS radicalists and the frightening surge in antisemitism in The Netherlands.

Almost needless to say, the demo was attacked by muslim youths. Police had to intervene, and those muslim youths liked that about as much as the late Michael Brown's pals who are currently running amok in Ferguson.

Madam Haifi was quick as a lightning this week to mobilize the oufit 'Herstel van Vertrouwen' (Restore Confidence) to.... guess what? Sit around the table with the The Hague PD, smoke a waterpipe and drink tea?

Silly you. No, Haifi and Herstel van Vertrouwen have been very busy this week to gather evidence of the brutality of the The Hague police officers vis-à-vis the muslim counter-protesters, accusing them, of, you get it, Discrimination. Quite a busybody, that woman is! Dutch rightwing blog Elsevier mentions some interesting points regarding Mrs Haifi's bio. She studied 'Cultural Anthropology'. Brrrr. We all know that the parts of universities where stuff like that is taught are fertile breeding grounds for leftozoid selfhaters. It is one thing when the Low Countries' natives are processed by these insitutions. Gives us the likes of Jean-Jacques de Gucht, for instance. But if you subject an islamic supremacist to white guilt-ridden profs molesting their both their own brains, or what passes for it, and those of their students, with anti-western propaganda, what comes out makes said Mr De Gucht look like a Vlaams Belang member.

 photo yasmina_haifi_islamic_superiority_zpsbc40b929.jpg

Plus of course, how on earth could a muslim cultural anthopologist with in all likelihood a very scant technological baggage end up in a high tech environment like a national Cyber Security Center??? As a project leader no less, without doubt a posh job with a fat salary. Nice career traject huh, and Madam Haifi has been on the State payroll for... twenty years. How come all these types are invariably government employees?

To get back to the core of the matter, Yasmina Haifi's outrageous tweet is, alas, nothing unusual. If you think that the nutters among our muslim co-citizens are the ones with ISIS flags in Schilderwijk, The Hague, or Sint Joost Ten Node, Brussels (where reportedly the bloke whose toddler held up the head of a slain Syrian soldier came from)... think again.

People like Haifi look indeed very western, but IT DON'T MEAN A THING. Three months ago, my wife and I attented a meeting from a commercial organization our company is a member of. That meeting took place in Francorchamps, eastern Belgium - not that that matters. What mattered is that at noon we were having dinner, that thereafter the talk among our colleagues and us began to center on the broad world affairs, read the omnipresence of a muslim side in virtually all conflicts on earth, and that suddenly a guy sitting across the table from my wife brought up 9/11 and that he was convinced it was an evil Bush government plot.

I had not been paying particular attention to that guy, for he looked like the rest of us. It was only after that insane comment that I began to study him a little better.... and he appeared to be a Turk. Yes, he was clothed in utterly western attire, better than me for sure (he had a starched designer shirt and a tie). Yes, it was only when one paid very close attention that one could discern that Flemish was not his mother's tongue. And yes, upon close scrutiny he appeared to have a slightly broader visage and a tan, like most Turks I know. Finally, I was able to read his nameplate too, until then hidden by a fold in his clothes. It was a Turkish name, all right.

But if that guy hadn't brought up the lunatic idea that Bush had ordered 9/11 only to have an excuse to attack Saddam Hussein, I might just as well have left the dinner table and gone to the afternoon meeting convinced that opposite my wife, say, a Koen De Meulemeester had been sitting.

It is truly frightening how these people can appear to be perfectly integrated, then turn out to be, on some level, just as brainwashed as their more macho co-religionists. Think of Yasmina Haifi: she looks like a western chick, walks like a western chick, and quacks like a western chick. But she ain't no western chick but an ISIS supporting ostrich.

And I have one more tidbit for you.

Yasmina Haifi is a member of the PvdA, our good friends the Dutch Socialists.

But. I suspect you suspected that already.


Thursday, August 14, 2014


I don't know when exactly the downfall of the Democratic Party began. I assume that once upon a time it harbored a still substantial number of people of whom, despite their being severely flawed in a number of crucial areas like the economy and ethical matters, one could still expect a degree of reason, accountability and decency.

It is even possible that deep in the bowels of this party there are still such people.

As a whole though, I consider the Democratic Party of 2014 as morally and intellectually bankrupt. And, in a word, lost. At the very best, it's criminally negligent with regards to the running of the country. At worst, it's a criminal enterprise tout court.

But none of this detracts from the fact that their natural 'opponents', the Republicans, have an fair amount of butter on the head too. Countless are the times that I expected from this party, which has spawned the likes of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan (after his seeing the light, anyway) could have stepped forward, so to speak in the path of the democrats' progressive juggernaut, and yelled 'STOP'.

But no.

I recall a co-blogger and once upon a time frequent reader and commenter here, Mark from Colorado, once calling the Democrats socialists and the Republicans reluctant socialists.

But these days, it seems to me that's much too kind for the GOP. And I am by no means the only one to think so:

 photo bencarson_zpscfa408cf.jpg

Well said Doctor Carson.

If you follow this link to Breitbart, where I got the embed code, you may get the impression many people think Carson would be a terrific Republican candidate for POTUS come 2016. Maybe. I hear he is for some kind of gun control, and I don't like that stance at all. Guns are not the problem. The decline of American society at the hands of the progressives is the problem.

Either way, Carson "legt de vinger op de wonde", literally "lying the finger on the wound", which is a Dutch saying for exactly pinpointing the problem. A very apt saying imho, given the man's profession. Like in Europe, in America people of the Right should STOP trying to look like somewhat to the left, thereby more or less acknowledging the subliminal, no make that very open, message of the left that 'progressive' is 'good', while 'conservative' is inherently evil.

These days, it's actually the other way round, and while this post is not the place to explain why, I have truckloads of arguments to make my case. The parting word is for Dr Carson:

 photo drcarson_zpsdebef1b0.jpg


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It was bingo in Belgium just as well as about everywhere. Over the past three years, we have heard ZILCH from the do-gooders despite a body count of around 70,000 in Syria as a result of Assad butchering his own people and the jihadist scumbags who battle him and are actually worse.

Then Israel strikes back at Hamas cowards using cvilians for shields and they are up in arms, with as sad 'watermarks' the diatribes of virologist Marc Van Ranst of the 'Catholic' University of Louvain, calling the IDF's conduct of the war a 'Gazacaust', and 'famous' (in Belgium at least) dance troup leader Alain Platel lambasting Michael Borremans, a painter about to exhibit in Tel Aviv. But there are so many, many others you can basically count those who stand with Israel on the fingers of one hand. In Belgium's 'progressive' scene, anyaway. Not that politics is much better.

Who better than Pat Condell to denounce these leftozoid scumbags?

Leftism is a disease of the mind.


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Let's start with a Gatestone Institute article by Soeren Kern, titled "Holy War Arrives in Germany". Only, of course, Mr Soeren in wrong on one count: Holy War is arriving in all of Europe, as we will see further on.

"Never before have the sympathizers of Islamic terror appeared so openly in Germany." — Editorial, Westfalen-Blatt.

"Anyone who thought the civil war in Syria or the barbarity of the Islamic State in Iraq does not affect us, you are wrong." — Editorial, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

"IS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Boko Haram—these four groups are the linchpins of the attempt to bomb an unstoppable modernity back into the Middle Ages." — Editorial, Westfalen-Blatt.

"The religions of the world are increasingly being misused for ideological struggles and excesses of violence between people of different faiths. Religions are never violent per se, but the market criers of violence are using them to promote their own interests." — Editorial, Neue Westfälische.

Supporters of the jihadist group "Islamic State" [IS] have clashed with Kurdish Yazidis in North Rhine-Westphalia, the state with the largest Muslim population in Germany.

The violence—which comes amid threats by a German jihadist to blow up an American nuclear weapons storage facility in Germany—has counter-terrorism officials concerned that radical Muslims are deliberately exploiting the ethnic and religious tensions in the Middle East to stir up trouble on the streets of Europe.

Police say the Muslim-Yazidi clash was triggered after six Islamists stormed a restaurant in the eastern Westphalian town of Herford at around 4 pm on August 7. The Muslims were attempting forcibly to remove a poster inviting people to join a demonstration in support of the Yazidis in Iraq.

Thousands of Yazidis, an ethnic Kurdish non-Muslim minority, were forced to flee their homes in northern Iraq in early August to escape advancing Islamic State fighters, who are forcing the Yazidis to convert to Islam or be killed.

The 30-year-old owner of the restaurant in Herford and two others, all Yazidis, were injured in the brawl, which police say was fought with knives and bottles.

Several hours after the restaurant attack, between 300 and 500 Yazidis gathered in the Herford town center, where they clashed with a large group of hooded Salafists.

More than 100 police reinforcements from across eastern Westphalia were called in to restore order. Police, who used pepper spray to disperse the two groups, confiscated makeshift weapons and one firearm, and questioned 86 people.

In the final tally, police arrested six individuals involved in the attack on the Yazidi restaurant: Five ethnic Chechen Salafists and one German convert to Islam. According to German media, two of the individuals are leading Salafist operatives who were already being monitored by German intelligence.

A German intelligence official was quoted as saying that one of the Chechens is a trained fighter who participated in guerrilla warfare against Russian troops and who is considered to be "highly dangerous."

German authorities have long warned of the threat posed by Salafism, a radically anti-Western ideology that seeks to impose Islamic sharia law in Germany and other parts of Europe.

Membership in Islamic extremist groups in Germany rose to 43,185 in 2013, up from 42,550 in 2012, according to German intelligence estimates. The number of Salafists in Germany rose to 5,500 in 2013, up from 4,500 in 2012, and 3,800 in 2011.

Although Salafists make up only a fraction of the estimated 4.3 million Muslims in Germany, authorities are increasingly concerned that most of those attracted to Salafi ideology are impressionable young Muslims who are susceptible to perpetrating terrorist acts in the name of Islam.

North Rhine-Westphalia is home to the largest concentration (about 1,500) of Salafists in Germany. The region is also home to most of the estimated 60,000 Yazidis who live in Germany.

The area around Herford has long been a magnet for Salafists, and mosques in the town are known to convert young people to Salafism. "Even the operator of a fitness center is suspected of wanting to inspire young Germans, under the guise of sports, for Salafism," an intelligence official was quoted as saying.

More than a dozen men from the Herford area have joined IS in Syria and Iraq, and at least one, a 22-year-old German convert to Islam, is known to have been killed in the fighting.

On August 7, a German jihadist from the Westphalian city of Essen, who is believed to be fighting in Syria, threatened to bomb the American nuclear weapons storage facility situated near the city of Koblenz. The 27-year-old convert to Islam, who is known as Silvio K., also threatened to attack churches, government agencies and transport networks across Germany.

The German known as Silvio K., shown here in a jihadist recruitment video, last week threatened to bomb an American nuclear weapons storage facility located in Germany.

A German Interior Ministry spokesperson said that although "the threat is abstract, it may become real at any time." He said it proves that Germany "is still the focus of jihadist terrorism," especially from jihadists returning from Syria with combat experience and contacts to jihadist groups.

German commentators have reacted to the events in Herford with a sense of foreboding, with some saying that the war in Syria and Iraq has now arrived on Germany's doorstep.

In an editorial entitled, "The Madness Reaches Eastern Westphalia," the newspaper Westfalen-Blatt states:

"The Yazidis deserve our sympathy and support as do any other oppressed people in the world. The call for participation in a demonstration against genocide, which triggered the events in Herford, is perfectly legitimate in a democracy. It is to be hoped that many German flags will be flown at the rally to protest the misuse of religion for political purposes. Hopefully Herford is not the beginning of an escalation that could reach further levels of violence over the next few days….

"And this is frightening: Never before have the sympathizers of Islamic terror appeared so openly in Germany. These are the circles in which European fighters are recruited for jihad. This is also the milieu in which the Salafist ultra-radicals develop when they are back in Europe again. Therefore, police and secret service are required to monitor the scene closely.

"And no, we did not know that Chechen Muslims are such vehement supporters of the IS-terrorists in Iraq. The Chechens in the southern Russian Caucasus are themselves victims of repression and human rights violations.

"IS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Boko Haram—these four groups are the linchpins of the attempt to bomb an unstoppable modernity back into the Middle Ages. The means to this end are Sharia, hatred and glorification of a supposedly "holy" war—what madness!"

The newspaper Neue Westfälische stated:

"When—if as now in Herford—the Kurdish Yazidi religious community and the radicalized Islamist ideology of the Salafists collide, then a city in eastern Westphalia is in danger of going up in flames.

"The conflict between the Yazidis and Salafists has arrived at our front door because it is part of a global conflict. The religions of the world are increasingly being misused for ideological struggles and excesses of violence between people of different faiths. Religions are never violent per se, but the agents of violence are using them to promote their own interests.

"We should not be surprised by the tumult of Wednesday, as German intelligence has long warned that Herford is a center of Salafism. The Islamists, among them Russian Chechens, who have nothing to lose and are mainly driven by poverty and hopelessness, are in our midst. And the citizens react in disbelief and resignation... a silent horror."

In an editorial entitled, "No Battleground for Radicals," the newspaper Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung writes:

"Herford is not Mosul and North Rhine-Westphalia is not Iraq. Germany must not become an arena for clashes that take place beyond our borders, but that nevertheless are close to home, just because many people from the different ethnic groups involved live permanently among us.

"The clashes in eastern Westphalia are a warning that radical tendencies are directed not only against 'infidels,' but also against the entire Western liberal democratic order. There are indications that the attack on a Yazidi restaurant in Herford by supporters of the Islamic State was specifically planned. Perhaps it was to serve as a blueprint for a wave of hate attacks that may soon occur elsewhere. Islamic jihadists are ready for anything. This was already proved by the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, with four victims."

In another editorial entitled, "Looking the Other Way Will No Longer Work," the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung summed it up this way:

"Anyone who thought the civil war in Syria or the barbarity of the Islamic State in Iraq does not affect us, you are now wrong. No matter how far away Qaraqosh [Iraq's largest Christian city] and Sinjar [home to the Yazidis in Iraq] may be: What happens there also affects us here in Germany. Sympathizers of the Islamic State have attacked the Yazidi in Herford, which means that Qaraqosh, Sinjar and Herford are now inseparable.

"For far too long, Germany's political leaders, and especially the leaders of German Muslim organizations, have sat by and idly watched the proliferation of the Salafist-jihadist hatred culture, in the purported belief that it poses no danger. It is absolutely outrageous that local politicians have played down the risk of Islamism, while the capabilities of the security authorities are increasingly being overstretched by the need to deal with this threat.

"Muslim organizations should hang their heads in shame. Rather than bluntly stating that the barbarians in northern Iraq are 'not Muslims,' they whistle away to say that Islam is 'only peace.' In the future, this kind of obfuscation will no longer suffice, especially if German Muslims, who are subject to the German legal system, wish to avoid being held accountable for the killings in the name of Islam.

"The Islamic State under its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may not last very long; but the propaganda from his jihad certainly will survive him. This is because the seeds of hatred that 'Caliph' Baghdadi has sown are far more toxic than those of Osama Bin Laden. For disaffected youth, the Islamic State exerts great appeal, and not only in Herford."

One caveat though, although I don't hold it against Mr Kern personalyy. In the beginning he's quoting the German newspaper Neue Westfalische, which states a.o. 'that religions are never violent per se'. This is bogus of course. There is at least one religion that is in-he-rent-ly violent, it thrives on violence. Violence is the essence of that 'religion'. And it is called islam.

But like I said, Holy War is coming to all of Europe. I think we can even omit the distinction Hamas/IS, since in the end it all boils down to the same. While on vacation in Austria two weeks ago, an article in a local newspaper described how Turkish jihadists (note the swords on the backside of that fucker's sweater, photo below) stormed a soccer field in an Austrian town where a friendly match was held between French club Lille and Israeli club Maccabi Haifa:

 photo turks_attacking_jewish_soccerplayers_austria_zps96dbf470.jpg

Turkish scum interrupts a French-Israeli soccer match in Austria, attacking the Jewish players from Maccabi-Haifa.

And in France? The Daily Mail reports:

"In Paris, hundreds of protesters have attacked synagogues and set fire to shops in the suburb of Sarcelles, nicknamed Little Jerusalem. Posters urged anti-Israel demonstrators to join ‘a raid on the Jewish district’, saying: ‘Come equipped with hammers, fire extinguishers and batons.’

Witnesses said several hundred youths marched on a synagogue chanting ‘Death to Jews’ and were beaten back by riot police using tear gas. The protesters then targeted a shopping centre, a kosher grocery and a Jewish-owned chemist. Police said 19 people were arrested after the violence on Sunday. Eight synagogues in France were said to have been targeted in the last week. In the Netherlands, the home of the Dutch chief rabbi was attacked twice in one week."

 photo riots_sarcelles_zps66693734.jpg

Those famous 'youths' expressing their grievances following a pro-Palestinian rally in Sarcelles, near Paris, France, two weeks ago.

If there is any justice left in the world, then the red and green scoundrels who deliberately let the muslim beasts in by the millions will pay the price one day.