Saturday, March 25, 2017


Kate Bush with Wow. Album Lionheart (1978).

What a voice! Her soprano is described as encompassing between 3.17 and 4 octaves. Respectable, but still way less than the record holder, who seems to be Axl Rose. As for the lyrics in this song, I never knew what the vaseline was for, until I found out it's got something to do with sex (yeah I'm a genius), and indeed, in the original video at about the 2:19 mark she's patting her behind. Wow. I'd never have guessed that from Kate.

Moby with Slipping Away. Album Hotel (2005).

If you ever wondered why he's called Moby, his real name is Richard Melville Hall, and Herman Melville, author of Moby-Dick, is his great-great-great-grand uncle. Maybe Ole Herman had a premonition that little Richard would turn out to be a dick.

Goede nacht.


Friday, March 24, 2017


Via Frontpage Mag, a compelling article from Ann Coulter:

"Liberals are ecstatic that a judge in Hawaii is writing immigration policy for the entire country, and that policy is: We have no right to tell anyone that he can't live in America. (Unless they're Christians -- those guys we can keep out.)

As subtly alluded to in the subtitle of Adios, America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, the goal of liberals is for the poor of the world to have a constitutional right to come here whenever they want.

I can't help but notice that the Third Worlders aren't moving to liberals' neighborhoods.

After nearly 1 million Rwandans were murdered by other Rwandans in 1994, our government asked itself: Why not bring more of this fascinating Rwandan culture to America? Ten thousand of them poured in. So far, nearly 400 have been convicted in the United States of lying on visa applications about their role in the genocide.

And that's why we have to tighten our belt, America! Massive international investigations don't come cheap.

Almost every immigration case is a con, something we find out every time there's a San Bernardino shooting and half the family turns out to have scammed our immigration officials. One hundred percent of the "humanitarian" cases are frauds.

Earlier this month, Rwanda's Gervais Ngombwa was convicted for lying on his immigration application by claiming to have been a victim of the 1994 genocide. In fact, he was a well-known perpetrator -- even featured in Rwandan newspaper articles as a leader of the genocide.

 photo gervais_ngombwa_zpszedaez6f.jpg

For most of the last two decades, Ngombwa has been living in Iowa with his wife and eight children in a house built by Habitat for Humanity -- because no Americans need houses. He came to the authorities' attention a couple years ago by setting that house on fire after a domestic dispute, then filing a fraudulent $75,000 insurance claim.

Another Rwandan genocidalist living in America was featured in Adios, America: Beatrice Munyenyezi, granted refugee status as an alleged victim of the genocide, even though she, too, had helped orchestrate it.

Munyenyezi was living safely in Kenya when she applied for a refugee visa to America. The welfare is way better here. And, luckily for us, she had a "chronic medical condition" that required constant attention from a New Hampshire hospital.

Hesham Mohamed Hadayet arrived in the U.S. on a tourist visa, then immediately applied for "asylum" on the grounds that he was persecuted in Egypt -- for being a member of an Islamic terrorist group.

Being a member of a noted terrorist group cannot be used to block you from coming to America, thanks to Barney Frank's 1989 amendment to the Immigration and Naturalization Act, because liberals love this country so very, very much. Being a talented neurosurgeon from Switzerland, however, is disqualifying.

Hadayet's refugee application wasn't denied until he'd already been living here for three years. When he was called in for a visa overstay hearing, he didn't show up, and the INS didn't bother looking for him. After allowing Hadayet to mill about America for another year, our government granted him permanent residency and a work permit.

On the Fourth of July following the 9/11 attack, Hadayet shot up the El Al ticket counter at the Los Angeles International Airport. I guess the Egyptians were right!

As bodies were being cleared away from the ticket counter, including Hadayet's, his wife blamed America for the attack, denying her husband had anything to do with it. "He is a victim of injustice," she explained. "In America, they hate Islam and Arabs after Sept. 11.”

At least immigrants are grateful.

Immigration bureaucrats are so determined to transform America without anyone seeing what they're doing that the INS initially refused to release Hadayet's file to congressional investigators, in order to protect his "privacy.”

Of course, anybody could miss Egypt's designating someone a terrorist. And maybe the INS's test for Rwandan "refugees" is: Would this person be able to convince Rolling Stone magazine that "Haven Monahan" raped her?

How about Rasmea Yousef Odeh? She waltzed into America after having been convicted and imprisoned in Israel for a supermarket bombing that left two Hebrew University students dead, and also for the attempted bombing of the British consulate in Israel.

She was released in a prisoner exchange -- whereupon Odeh made a beeline for the U.S.

True, Odeh wasn't subjected to the Inquisition-like vetting accorded the humanitarian cases, like the Boston Marathon bombers (we were warned by Russia), Hadayet (we were warned by Egypt) or the Blind Sheik (same).

But how did our immigration authorities miss a CONVICTION FOR BOMBING IN ISRAEL?

Apart from the terrorism, welfare and fraud, what great things did any of them do for our country?

Ngombwa was a custodian at the Cedar Rapids Community School District in Iowa, a job that, evidently, no American would do. Munyenyezi had a job as an advocate for refugees -- just one of the many jobs being created by immigrants. Hadayet ran a failing limousine company and was $10,000 in debt. Odeh was an unemployed waitress and a Palestinian grievance activist. Recently, she's been heavily involved in anti-Trump, anti-white male protests, because who doesn't like incessant Third World unrest?"

As if to underscore Ms Coulter's point, here's an exerpt from American Thinker's Thomas Lifson: "NEBRASKA DEMS WELCOME REFUGEES WITH VOTER REGISTRATION FORMS"

"The Nebraska Democratic Party is welcoming refugees with open arms, welcome baskets … and voter registration forms.

A donation drive organized by the NDP collected some 50 gift baskets for refugees. Each contained items like diapers and kitchen utensils, a welcome letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party signed by its chairwoman Jane Kleeb, and a voter registration form, according to a video posted to Facebook by the Nebraska Democratic Party.

The video, posted Saturday March 18, discusses the details of the “Refugee Welcome Basket” project and was recorded at the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Spring Meeting."

Can it get any crazier? Here's a still:

 photo NDP_lunatics_zpsxvqyfyd6.jpg

Wow, that's taking gerrymandering to an entirely new level. Look at that stupid bitch, just LOOK at her: Madam Jane Kleeb, chairwoman of the Nebraska Democratic party, by all means WANTS unvetted, semi-literate (at best), unqualified Third Worlders who have never participated in, much less understood, a democratic process, to participate in... a democratic process.

Even if that risks having the likes of Mr Ngombwa, or the chaps who set that Jordanian pilot alight in his cage, or drug cartel assassins who butchered 43 students and set them on fire...

... have a say in politics in Nebraska.

It's been said a million times before on this blog, but just in case you didn't get the message yet:



Thursday, March 23, 2017


Over at Cambrian Dissenters, Daniel Thomas exposes the gender insanity which has western politics and society in its grip:

"Central to the globalists plan to downgrade then ultimately destroy America and the Judeo-Christian world is their debasing of morality and eradicating traditional family life.

Gender fascism is being ruthlessly deployed to force acceptance of depravity and perversion not only on adults but onto children as well.

The modus operandi of the global elite never changes no matter what issue they are forcing the people to accept.

Firstly brief the like-minded activists and apparatchiks they have infiltrated into every facet of public life from government and industry to sport, entertainment and education.

Secondly, prepare the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media for an onslaught of propaganda.

Thirdly, get the smears and insults ready to hurl at anyone who voices disagreement or a contrary opinion.

Fourthly, brainwash children and the emotionally immature by taking their propaganda into kindergartens, grade schools, colleges and universities.

Giving mentally disturbed people and perverts the right to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with is just plain wrong; it leaves young girls, and young boys for that matter, vulnerable to pedophiles and predators who are unable to control their urges and incurable according to medical opinion.

The propaganda machine, as represented by sick media whore Chris Cuomo of CNN, is playing its part. Following orders from his paymasters he questioned the state of mind of a twelve year old girl and accused her father of being overprotective and intolerant should she be disturbed by seeing a mans penis in the bathroom. (See here)

In their ongoing crusade to downgrade and destroy western civilization the global elite are portraying what are obviously serious mental illnesses and personality disorders as normal and natural while smearing anyone who disagrees.

Accepting gender choice and self-identification is nothing to do with compassion, inclusion, equality or anything else; it’s everything to do with destroying the sanctity of nature and of nature’s God by erasing the creation and finality of two genders, male and female, and in some cases they are debasing the human being itself.

This in turn destroys the sanctity of marriage along with traditional family life and ultimately western society. Despite all the attempts by the elite to force acceptance of immoral, unnatural human behavior as normal, marriage will always be between a man and a woman and traditional family life will always be the bedrock of civilized society.

The issue of gender dysfunction has been around since time immemorial but the recent high profile case of Bruce Jenner was seized upon by the elitists to progress their agenda to destroy the traditional way of life in the west.

No matter titles are bestowed upon him or any surgery he undergoes, Bruce Jenner never will be a woman just as white race cheat Rachel Dalzell will never be a black woman, Chloe Jennings-White will never be a paraplegic in the normal sense and Vinnie Ohh will never be a genderless alien.

Rachel Dalzell was the white lady who passed herself off as a black woman to the point where she held a post in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. (NAACP). Even her parents claimed she desperately needed psychological help, to no avail..."

As Mr Thomas rightly remarks: "The gentleman pictured below belongs in a mental institution where he can get help not in a ladies bathroom where young girls may be present."

 photo gender_insanity_zpsrev7ifir.jpg

For another fine specimen which will contribute greatly to the struggle against the West's demographic deline, see here.

There's more.

If you have the stomach for it, that is.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Via the BAF website:

Belgian Secdef Steven Vandeput and several MP's had arranged to be present when the F-16 which logged the 7,000th flying hour since OCT 2014 landed on the Jordanian AFB whence the BAF detachment operates. In a first phase, the Belgian jets only conducted anti-IS missions over Iraq. Since July of 2016, they also fly missions over Syria. The total of missions over both countries since July 1, 2016 is 326, accounting for some 3,400 flying hours. Of those 326 missions, some 45 per cent were 'kinetic', meaning ordnance was dropped.

The pilot who logged the 7,000th hour, had just completed a 5-hour flight. I suppose he was refuelled once.

Some stills since all those videos disappear after a couple of months:

Vandeput (N-VA) is the guy in the center, in the dark blue blazer. He has vowed to bring the defence budget to 1.9 per cent of GNP in some three years, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

 photo BAFgroundcrew_March2017_JordanAFB_zpscvv712mm.jpg

 photo baf_f16_march2017_zps1vvlcylk.jpg

In other news, the Belgian government finally gave the green light for the procurement procedure which will lead to the F-16's replacement after some 35 years of faithful service in the Belgian Air Force. Via The Brussels Times:

"Appropriate cabinet ministers including the Prime Minister, Charles Michel, gave the Defence Minister, Steven Vandeput (of the New Flemish Alliance) the authority to send out invitations to tender. In government jargon these are known as “Requests for Governmental Proposals” - RfGPs).

These will be sent to five Government contractors, three European and two American. Each are offering to provide a different aircraft for this contract, with an initial total value of 3.59 billion euros.

It is thought that the total cost of the programme may come to some 15 billion euros throughout the future anticipated lifetime of the fighter, likely to be 40 years.

This invitation to tender, originally hoped by the military to be undertaken by the beginning of 2015, is eagerly awaited by the five manufacturers in contention. These are the American companies Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault, the Swedish Saab and British BAE Systems. They are respectively offering the F/A-18F Super Hornet, the F-35 Lightning II, the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet, the Rafale F3R, the Saab JAS 39 Gripen E/F and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Mr Vandeput recently mentioned that his intention and that of the government was still to sign the purchase contract “in the second half” of next year. This will be after the analysis of tenders which, to be successful, will need to contain an economic component.

The Military Procurement Committee had last week given the green light to starting the procurement procedure, but had done so within conditions which the opposition denounced as lacking transparency."

~ Lars Andersen, The Brussels Times

I sincerely hope the venerable F-16's successor will be the F-35. I recall that when I was a student in Ghent more than 30 years ago, two of the other competitors, the Gripen and Rafale, were already operational. The Super Hornet is essentially a 4th Gen design, which entered service in the mid-nineties. If it is not the F-35, I hope it will at least be the Eurofighter Typhoon, the fifth contender in the race.

Not choosing the F-35 would not be a smart move, given the fact that with every passing year, the defence policies of Belgium and The Netherlands get more aligned. Certainly the top brass in both countries' militaries have expressed a desire to see the F-35 enter BAF service, espcially since the Dutch already operate the plane. The current operation in Jordan is a case in point of the desirability of operating the same jets.

Belgium never belonged to the pan-national JSF consortium like The Netherlands and a host of other countries did, courtesy the fierce opposition of our 'friends' the socialists and greens, SP.a/Groen! and Parti Socialiste/Ecolo alike. But it's not too late to correct that error.



Via PI News:

"Am Samstagnachmittag kam es in einem Einkaufszentrum in der Dessauer Innenstadt zu für noch nicht an die tägliche Gewalt in unseren Straßen gewöhnte Bürger erschreckenden Szenen. Zwei syrische VIP-Gäste der Kanzlerin stachen auf zwei Deutsche ein. Die deutschen Opfer waren in Begleitung von zwei Frauen unterwegs gewesen und aus bisher noch nicht geklärten Gründen war es zum Streit mit den Syrern gekommen. Auf schreibt ein User, die Männer hätten versucht ihre Frauen zu verteidigen. Die Auseinandersetzung eskalierte erst in einer Pfeffersprayattacke gegen die Deutschen. Die ließen sich aber wohl nicht so leicht einschüchtern und so wurden die Messer gezogen. Die Auseinandersetzung setzte sich dann auf der Straße fort und gipfelte darin, dass die Syrer zustachen. Die Polizei konnte die beiden bereits aktenkundigen im Alter von 17 und 23 Jahren festnehmen. Die Opfer mussten im Krankenhaus notärztlich versorgt werden. Einkaufsbummel, Samstagnachmittag in Merkeldeutschland."


"On Saturday afternoon in a shopping center in Dessau's inner city, terrible scenes took place our citizens are not yet used to. Two of our Chancellor's Syrian VIP guests knifed two Germans. The German victims had been underway in the company of two women and for reasons as yet unknown a fight with the Syrians ensued. On a user writes that the men had tried to defend their wives. The brawl escalated when the Syrians used pepperspray against the Germans. This did not deter them and then the Syrians started using knives. The fight continued outside on the street and ended with the Syrians wounding the Germans. Police could arrest both Syrians, who appeared to be 17 and 23 years old. The victims had to be taken asap to ER. Just a shopping afternoon in Merkel's Germany."

Expect more. Much more.


Sunday, March 19, 2017


Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528), a native of Nuremberg, was an immensely gifted German Renaissance artist who excelled in paintings, drawings and woodcuts and who was an early printmaker. Around 1500 he had already achieved immortal fame by producing three series of relgiously inspired woodcuts: The Apocalypse (1498), the Large Woodcut Passion cycle (ca. 1497–1500), and the Life of the Virgin (1500). In 1504 the engraving Adam and Eve followed, and a decade later the so-called Master Engravings (Meisterstiche), some kind of a triptych consisting of Knight, Death, and the Devil (1513), Saint Jerome in His Study (1514), and Melancholia I (1514), see below.

 photo 1513_Knight-Death-and-the-Devil_zpskleqyrnk.jpg

Knight, Death and the Devil.

The ubiquitous symbolism in this engraving (for which Duerer used a so-called burin, a "cold chisel, to scratch a copper plate and thus making a printing plate) has been the subject of many discussions. It seems to be clear however that the theme is an allusion to the well-known Psalm 23 verse: "Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me;" And the Knight might indeed be leading his horse through a valley, given the elevated position of the castle above. Notice also Duerer's initials and the date on the plaque in the left corner below.

 photo durer_st_jerome_zpsrtorw5vy.jpg

Saint Jerome in his Study.

... which is a rather loose translation from the original Der heilige Hieronymus im Gehäus. Saint Jerome is seated at his desk engrossed in intellectual labor. Perhaps he is shown translating the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate)? Of note are also the dog, an animal often found in Duerer's work, to symbolize loyalty; and the lion is of course the animal from the famous Biblical tale.

 photo Melencolia_I_Durer_zpstd7n5zth.jpg

Melencolia I.

This work too bursts with symbolism. It is first and foremost a homage to knowledge and mathematics, and geometry. Notice the truncated rhombohedron, a geometrical body known as Duerer's solid. The dog is again present, though it is not clear why it is so emaciated. The hourglass is a reminder that time is running out, and a further memento mori is the barely visible human skull in the rhombohedron. The melancholy reflections are probably inspired by the death of Duerer's mother, Barbara Holper, in the same year as he made Melencolia (1514).

But, what is most striking is the Magical Square:

Whether you add up the numbers along the rows, or the columns, or the diagonals, the result is always 34. Not only that, but if you add up the four corner squares, or the four quadrants, or even the center four squares, you also arrive at 34! Further proof of Duerer's sheer genius is offered by the fact that this arrangement even allows for integrating the date of the work in the center two squares of the bottom row (15 and 14)... and because the 4 to the left below corresponds with the fourth letter of the alphabet, "D", while the "1" to the right below stands of course for an "A"! The man was even able to sneak his initials in!

 photo Albrecht-Duerer_zpsyrioi5ve.jpg

Albrecht Duerer. Will we be able to protect his immense and invaluable heritage?