Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Over at The Brussels Journal, Takuan Seiyo is up to his seventh installment in the "From Meccania to Atlantis" series. As always, it is a must read. An exerpt:

It was a town of peaceful ethnic neighborhoods and eateries, and exotic, for America, churches like the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral. It was charming, beautiful and diverse. But not “diverse.”
San Francisco is “diverse” now. And this is what it means:

In Vertigo, the character Scottie Ferguson, played by James Stewart, is a police detective who once dreamed of becoming Chief of Police. A traumatic experience when dangling from a rooftop has ended that dream, and leads him into a hallucinatory adventure with a twice-dead blonde beauty, Madeleine/Judy, played by Kim Novak.

Flash forward 50 years. A lanky blue-eyed Scot from Pennsylvania, whose ancestors fought in the American Revolutionary War, as James Stewart’s did, has a lesser chance of becoming San Francisco’s Police Chief than he has becoming the chief ballerina of the SF Ballet. This is no hyperbole, what with the T in the ubiquitous GLBT.

Scottie in a 2009 Vertigo would not dare harbor such an audacity of hope as becoming Chief of Police. Just to be hired as policeman is difficult now if you are a white heterosexual male.

San Francisco’s actual Chief of Police now is an affirmative-action diminutive Chinese-American female from the accounting department who is the laughingstock of the police force. The rate of unresolved murder cases in San Francisco is so high that the city has tried, unsuccessfully, to solicit help by offering $100,000 rewards to people who would come forward with information.

At a loss, the city’s leaders elected what else but a transgender person, Theresa Sparks, as President of the San Francisco Police Commission. Mr./Ms. Sparks’ qualifications for the job consist in his/her managing a vibrator company which was recently running a special under the slogan, “August is Anal Sex Month; 15% off select Anal Toys.”

To bolster this team with some serious dose of law-enforcing testosterone, San Francisco got itself a female District Attorney who bestows additional glory on the city by being half Tamil-Indian and half-black. Kamala Davis Harris refuses to seek the death penalty for murder, which is the law of the land, plea-bargains murder cases, and fails to prosecute criminals arrested with firearms. San Francisco police officers take a dim view of this, what with their own being murdered by criminals that the District Attorney has failed to prosecute. But the need to keep their jobs muzzles their mouths.

Of late, Ms. Davis Harris has made the news due to her office’s failure to prosecute Edwin Ramos, a vicious Mara Salvatrucha gangbanger and illegal Honduran alien, who had been arrested on illegal gun possession charges, and then released instead of being at the least deported. One month later Mr. Ramos would be arrested for the murder of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons, Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16. The murder weapon has since been linked to two other murders.

San Francisco’s metrosexual mayor is given to utterances like, “You know we're the only city -- I think we're the only big city in America ... there may be an exception or two ... that women are running the Police Department, Fire Department and our emergency services. That's why I feel so safe.”


In a town where reserved, well dressed men once wooed elegant, alluring women, in a society whose genders 45 years ago were still unmixed and whose cultural reference was still coherent, now weird hermaphrodites prance, proud penises parade, and penetrations of pumped-up poofters peek in public venues at perturbed families with children who just came for the baseball game or the Disney movie.

It’s because homosexuals and other gender-benders have colonized San Francisco. After the hippies’ Summer of Love in 1967, people with deviant (2) sexual preferences started streaming into the City by the Bay from all over North America and turned it into an orgiastic Anustown.

Now, 15.4% of San Francisco’s population of 800,000 calls itself by the confusingly adopted synonym of ‘joyful.’ And their impact on the city and those who live in it is as though they were 54% of the population. You can find out more about that in the Passionate Struggle exhibit of the “GLBT community,” including the aspiration for “hot living in the face of disease and sex negativity.”

As for Mr. (?) Newsom feeling so safe, I looked up some stats for you:


Yup. San Francisco is safer than 11% of cities in the USSA. Congratufuckinglations asshole.


Sunday, February 01, 2009


Also megatotallycompletely fed up with the religion of piss and a socialist for president? Here are some hits by Belgian pop band Novastar for a change. It ain't bad.

Taliban and Hamas please abstain.