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Het Laatste Nieuws is one of many leftwing newspapers in Belgium (to be sure, an oxymoron really, since there's no rightwing newspapers). It's not as bad as De Standaard, but a close second. Like De Standaard, it does not stop trying to hammer its intense Trump dislike into its readers.

Now, what strikes me on the screenshot below is that, even though they are trying very hard to ruin Trump, they too, are incapable of escaping reality. Prominently up front is the article in which they gleefully report on the fallout of the 2005 video which featured Trump's lewd comments on women.

Note to our female readers: I too find these remarks lewd. But I never claimed Trump was a saint. Indeed, on numerous occasions I have stated that he is NO conservative, that he is a flipflopper and what not. In the same breath, I find it EXTRAORDINARY that this is a topic while HRC's husband's behaviour with women was INFINITELY WORSE. It is laughable in the extreme that HLN is gleefully sharing the indignation of the democratic presidential candidate while it does not seem to cross their minds how ridiculous that indignation is given: Bill's blowjob per Monica Lewinsky in the Oral Office; his exposing himself to Paula Jones; his raping of Juanita Broaddrick; his groping of Kathleen Willey etc etc etc and I'm not even delving into his history with Gennifer Flowers or his escapades on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express.

I'm not looking for a Virgin POTUS. That Trump can never be one we can all agree on.

And that if you have to choose from two POTUS candidates like the ones Americans have now, Trump is by far the most desirable we SHOULD all agree on.

What matters to me is not some testosterone induced underwear talk from eleven years ago, it's, amongst others, Trump's claim that he would temporarily halt all muslim immigration.

Why this would be a VERY WISE THING, is illustrated in the screenshot I took from HLN's front page.

And that is what I meant by HLN "being incapable of escaping reality".

Look, the title of their main topic runs:


 photo HLN08092016_zpsvhtnm4zu.jpg


... immediately below that is a topic on French police officers attacked today by "youths" with molotov cocktails:

 photo viry_chatillon_zpshgx9es7j.jpg


In Viry-Châtillon in the Essone region, two police officers were gravely wounded today after several molotov cocktails where hurled in their car. The officers were guarding a video camera at a traffic light. When they tried to flee from the burning car, some fifteen attackers pelted the doors with a hail of stones, so that they could not get out.

© afp.

At around 3pm some fifteen youths attacked the police cars, and threw molotov cocktails at them. One landed inside a car. Two officers where burned so badly that they first needed treatment on the spot before they could be brought to hospital. The burn wounds were so bad because the attackers blocked the officers' exit from the burning car with a hail of stones.

Two other officers, deployed as backups in a second car, were lightly wounded. Both vehicles are destroyed."

The attackers were not Pierres, Josephs or Alains.

They were Mohammeds, Alis and Redouanes.

They were followers of the prophet.

You can take THAT to the bank.

See what I mean? Here you have a presidential candidate who has vowed to BLOCK the immigration of muslims, but he is mercilessly vilified and spit upon because he is attacking the myriad of holy houses from the left.

EVEN SO, even while they are at it - heaping tons of scorn and hatred upon Trump, even so they cannot escape reality any longer! In Viry-Châtillon, France, two cops were almost burned to death by muslims!

Not only that, but.... look at the second "X" I highlighted in that screenshot: "islamleerkracht geschort, leerlingen ondervraagd over inhoud lessen".


 photo salawi_teacher_antwerp_2016_zpso6fge6nu.jpg

"Islamic teacher Ashraf El Salawi of the KTA [Koninklijk Technisch Atheneum - MFBB] is sitting at home since Monday because police have started an inquiry into his teaching methods. He would have emphasized his traditional points of view too much. Some twenty pupils have been questioned already.

"Changed behaviour", that's what Brasschaat Police [Brasschaat is a rich outlying commune of Antwerp - MFBB] is calling the cause of its investigation of Ashraf El Salawi. The muslim teacher from Antwerpen-Luchtbal would have tried to enforce very strongly his own islamic traditions upon his students regarding clothing, the visiting of mosques or food. The Antwerp prosecutor confirms the investigation but refuses to comment further."

One topic among many but hey ho, islamic immigration is such a wonderful thing AND THIS TRUMP GUY WANTS TO STOP IT, THE VILLAIN!!! PLUS, HE TALKED ABOUT PUSSY IN 2005!!!

But wait, the screen on the laptop I'm working on was too small to include in that screenshot yet another topic highlighting again the tremendous benefits of muslim immigration. Here it is:


 photo syrian_chemnitz_zpsltohxlit.jpg

"German police arrested three persons today connected to the discovery of "very explosive materials" during a raid in a house in the East German town of Chemnits, said Police spokesman Tom Bernhardt.

© epa.

The three are suspected of having ties to 22-year old Syrian Jaber Albakr. This one fled after police searched an apartment in Chemnitz where he probably planned a bomb attack with an islamic background."

Oh oh oh. "A bomb attack with an islamic background". Isn't it RACIST, dear HLN editors, to suggest that bomb attacks may have islamic backgrounds????

Further down on this evening's particular HLN page there's a host of other topics which are all testimony to the cultural enrichment which typically accompanies the appearance of muslims on any given spot on Earth. I could have written about Federal Police arresting three sought after criminals of Finnish extraction in Maasmechelen, in Belgium's eastern province of Limburg. Or I could have mentioned the 80 or so dead in a bomb attack in Yemen, or, or, or...

... but...

... but it's been enough for today.

Leftist are INSANE.


PS: ha ha, fooled you with those three sought after criminals of Finnish extraction! They were... okay, we all know of what extraction they were.

Thursday, October 06, 2016


Via Gates of Vienna, an interview with László Földi, a Hungarian intelligence service expert:

CrossWare did the translation, Vlad Tepes the subtitling:


0:16 Thank you. Our guest is the intelligence service expert László Földi. Welcome, good morning.
0:19 Good morning! Is there anybody in the EU or in Europe who could tell us
0:24 within plus/minus 200,000: How many migrants do we have on the continent?
0:29 I think the problem is bigger than this: Can they tell, WHO ARE the one million people?
0:35 So the situation is completely catastrophic from this point of view.
0:40 And the reason for this — as we mentioned it many times
0:44 — is the policy of open borders when innumerable masses arrived.
0:47 About a year or a year and a half ago it was a taboo topic to even mention
0:55 the possibility that terrorists can be mixed in with the migrants.
1:06 There was a TV show — I will not say the name — where the reporter
1:09 said it is stupid for migrants to come here on dangerous trips
1:12 in inflatable boats, when terrorists can just fly here comfortably.
1:15 The problem is not that. They could fly here too. But the fact is,
1:19 thousands of Muslim soldiers arrived here.
1:24 This is not terrorism in its classic meaning we are talking about here,
1:29 but an attack, an invasion which has two purposes:
1:34 In the first place, get as many as possible well-trained soldiers into Europe,
1:39 and their primary task is to enlist the local Muslim population,
1:44 those second- or third-generation Muslims who live in the “non-existent” no-go zones.
1:48 More than 50% do not want to integrate into the host culture;
1:52 they are the members of a potential future army.
1:56 Those refugees — let’s call them refugees based on the definition of the ’51 Bern Convention
2:02 — who escape from racial, religious, ethnic
2:08 or political persecution, facing life-threatening dangers — so these are the refugees.
2:14 Why they did not go to the rich oil countries right in the neighborhood?
2:18 Another type of strategy exists — besides sending soldiers and terrorists to Europe
2:25 — but the conquest of Europe in another, more peaceful way.
2:33 The oil countries are not letting them in because they know they are not capable
2:39 of doing any useful jobs, but they also need a new mass base in Europe,
2:45 once the oil runs out and they move over to Europe, to create political parties for them.
2:51 These people will vote for the Islamic parties, which will be created in Europe;
2:55 they will achieve membership in parliaments with their critical mass.
3:00 For this it’s a perfect occasion as Europe invites in their future potential voters.
3:08 Nobody should believe it will be for the existing traditional political parties.
3:13 From the moment when these Islamic parties are established
3:19 — the oil countries have plenty of money for this — they will vote for nobody else.
3:24 The motto of the European Union is “Unity in Diversity”.
3:31 This diversity in the heads of the establishing fathers of the EU (Schuman)
3:35 most likely did not mean the same thing as today.
3:40 Even so, because as a result of migration, the ethnic structure of Europe will change forever.
3:48 Diversity meant Hungarian or French, German and Russian.
3:53 But they never thought that a religious law, Shariah, will get introduced in Europe.
4:01 Nobody could have thought about that seriously.
4:05 If the situation does not change, and Europe continues to struggle
4:08 with an inner war — because this is what we see —
4:11 the Shariah will achieve, from 1.5 years from now — I hope I am wrong
4:16 — that we will talk about how many European areas have civil war.
4:22 Because the problems with the no-go zones, that someone
4:26 should not go there in the daytime and especially at night,
4:29 but from there, well-trained and -armed Muslim soldiers will exit the no-go zones
4:35 and start to expand to the surrounding areas,
4:41 and they will be start fighting with the native population, who will be trying to defend themselves.
4:47 The authorities will not be able to handle this process with their existing logic.
4:51 What would be the consequences if it is true what
4:54 the EU-accredited Turkish ambassador said in a couple of days ago?
4:58 That if Turkey does not receive visa exemptions this month, October
5:04 — which would be for 90 days for tourism and family visits
5:10 — then they will nullify the existing agreement between them and the EU. They renounce a treaty.
5:15 Huge masses will start coming. The Turks used this threat, and they will redeem this promise.
5:22 We should threaten Turkey also. Tell them we will kick them out of NATO.
5:27 The dilemma here is that Turkey does not have an agreement,
5:31 and it is not committed to protect its allies
5:35 and member states of NATO only based on the Charter, because it is a member.
5:40 And their army is the second largest in the NATO?
5:44 Yes, it is true, 10% is their number compared to the whole alliance.
5:48 The USA represents 75%, the remaining 15% is everybody else.
5:53 I would like to add to this, from the financing point of view, 51% of the budget
5:59 comes from those 15% and the remaining 49% is paid by USA and Turkey together.
6:05 This is an interesting situation, because the 15% could not assert their rights,
6:09 for example for the protection of Europe.
6:14 What can the European Union do against Turkey? Give up democratic principles
6:19 or allow Turkish pressure? They are in the perfect position to be blackmailed.
6:24 Europe has no antidote against Turkey. The last agreement that Merkel tried was the last straw,
6:38 from this point of view no one could condemn her, she tried to build a defense with this.
6:41 But this only increased the Turks’ self-confidence.
6:45 There is only one possible way to get out of this situation:
6:53 If would threaten them with terminating their NATO membership.
6:57 And from that moment they would be gone from the stage of world politics.
7:00 Right now we do not make this move. László Földi — Thank you very much!

Prepare for civil war.


Sunday, October 02, 2016


At age 51 it is crystal clear to me: leftists are NOT interested in dialogue. They are all for freedom of speech AS LONG as you talk THEIR talk.

Conservative students of the Young America's Foundation may come to that conclusion far quicker:

Over at HeatStreet, Emily Zanotti has the goods:

• A conservative student group at the University of Kansas again tried to hold a measured discussion with social justice warriors.

• The discussion quickly devolved into a one-way shouting match as the social justice warriors loudly denounced members of the Young America’s Foundation.

• Conservative students were jeered at to “go get your cigars” and to “shut the fuck up! No one wants to listen to your white man speech!”

•Social justice warrior Trinity Carpenter told the conservative students: ‘You misgendered my friends over and over again. And that’s when I shouted at you! And I have that humanity where I can shout when you come for me with hate speech in a room!”

Students from the Young America’s Foundation at Kansas University made good on their promise to continue to pursue dialogue with the campus’s social justice warriors.

Their second effort ended as predictably as their first, as YAF members were again subjected to verbal abuse, berated, called “racist” and accused of spreading “hate on campus. Only this time, 25 returning SJW students were joined by a new group of 75 protesters intent on disrupting YAF’s event.

Now, screaming and hurling insults is one thing.

There is another thing though, and it has to do with the worldwide retreat of the White Race. Just about everywhere, Whites are declining in numbers. I predict that if this trend is not reversed, and/or Whites do not learn to defend themselves, they will more and more become the victims of organized physical assaults.

Fools from other races - not all of them, of course, and not from every race in the same proportion - somehow having convinced themselves that the electricity they get from power plugs, the cars they drive in, or the planes they take, or the bridges on which they cross rivers, have nothing to do with White Ingenuity and labor ethic...

... will at some point attack.

It's already happening, in ghettos and cities where Whites have become minorities.

In the long term, the danger of these idiots turning splendid erstwhile White Nations into Zimbabwes is real.

To get back to that video, watch, just watch that screaming fatass cunt. The future of the country is in the best of hands.