Thursday, August 04, 2016


I'm sure you know about the 86-year old French priest, Father Jacques Hamel, whose throat was slit earlier this week by IS symphatizers; possibly you've also heard of the Belgian priest, Father Jos Vanderlee, who was attacked with a knife by an 'asylum seeker' who abused the priest's kindness (Father Vanderlee survived). Also fairly unmissable was the knife attack this morning on Russel Square in London whereby a "Norwegian" of Somali origin killed one person and wounded five others.

But I bet you haven't heard of this one yet: François Desouche reporting on Swiss police thwarting the efforts of an islamic bombmaker to reward his host country's hospitality with bombs:

 photo switzerland_explosives_2016_zpsml9mdwgp.jpg

"Basel: police discovers several chemical products destined for bomb making at the home of a 31-year old radicalised Basel resident. The latter is very angry.

Has Switzerland ducked a bomb attack? Possibly. Indeed, police discovered several chemical products for fabricating bombs in the house of a young Swiss of 31 years in Arlesheim.

The man, called Abdullah, is known for his islamist sympathies. Indeed, he participated in the founding of the Conseil Central Islamique Suisse (CCIS) [Central Islamic Council Switzerland]. He was responsible for providing intelligence for salafist troops until 2010, and would also belong to the inner circle of the vicious Biennois Nicolas Blancho. [a 'Biennois' is a resident of Biel/Bienne, Switzerland's tenth city. Nicolas Blancho is a notorious firebrand convert who openly preaches wahhabism and wants to introduce sharia in Switzerland - MFBB]."

In other news, an Afghan refugee, who reportedly goes by the name of Tawoos Hadukhil, is actively sought after by French police since there is evidence that the man intends to commit a suicide attack.

Don't you just love the news these days...