Tuesday, December 25, 2018


DowneastBlog wishes its readers of good will a Merry Christmas!

And this year marks the bicentennial of the most famous of Christmas carols, Silent Night:

Composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber, a schoolmaster from Arnsdorf in Austria's Salzburger region. The lyrics are from the hand of Father Joseph Mohr, a priest in the nearby village of Oberndorf.


Sunday, December 23, 2018


Via the indispensable François Desouche, we learn that a French news outlet became interested in the political turmoil caused by the country signing the UN Migration Pact.

FIGAROVOX/ENTRETIEN – Alain Destexhe analyse les tensions autour de l’immigration en Belgique. Le modèle multiculturaliste a échoué, argumente-t-il.

Q "Pourquoi la question de l’immigration a-t-elle une telle importance en Belgique?"

A "Par rapport à sa population, la Belgique a reçu beaucoup plus d’immigrés que ses voisins, y compris la France. Dans les années 2000, le solde migratoire a été quatre fois plus important en Belgique qu’en France ou en Allemagne! Les problèmes qui en résultent (absence d’intégration, communautarisme, développement de l’islamisme) ont été niés ou minimisés....

Q "A quel point Bruxelles est-elle aujourd’hui une ville multiculturelle?"

A "Bruxelles compte déjà probablement 30% de musulmans. En quelques années à peine, les Belges d’origine sont devenus minoritaires à Bruxelles. (…) Le Parlement régional bruxellois, où les Belges d’origine étrangère sont en passe de devenir majoritaires, vote des résolutions sur la Palestine ou les Rohingyas de Birmanie mais ne s’intéresse pas à la situation des droits de l’Homme en Turquie. Dans les écoles primaires publiques bruxelloises, plus de 50% des enfants suivent le cours de religion musulmane.

(…) La démographie est, ici, une question centrale. Bruxelles est devenue la seconde ville la plus cosmopolite du monde après Dubaï, sans en avoir la richesse. Autrefois, la ville la plus riche du royaume, elle est en voie de paupérisation suite aux vagues migratoires. À Bruxelles, 90 % des allocataires sociaux sont d’origine étrangère. Cela devrait faire réfléchir ceux qui prônent des frontières ouvertes tout en dénonçant la montée des inégalités."


'(French journal Figaro interviews Alain Destexhe, a Walloon MR senator [Mouvement Réformateur, liberals; MFBB]) Alain Destexhe analyzes the tensions regarding immigration in Belgium. The multicultural model has failed, he argues.

Q "Why is immigration such an important topic in Belgium?"

A "Populationwise, Belgium has received far more immigrants than its neighbors, France included. In the years 2000, the migration surplus has been four times bigger [relative to Belgium's size; MFBB] than in France or Germany! The problems that result from this situation (no proper integration, communautarianism, islamism) have been denied or minimized..."

Q "What's Brussels' status today as a multicultural city?"

A "Brussels already counts 30 per cent muslims. In a few years, autochton Belgians will be a minority in Brussels. (...) The Parliament of Brussels Capital Region, where the Belgians of foreign extraction are at this very moment becoming a majority faction, are voting resolutions pro Palestine or the Rohingya in Myanmar but are not interested in human rights issues in Turkey. In the public first grade schools in Brussels, more than 50 per cent of pupils follow islamic courses.

(...) Here, demography is a central issue. Brussels has become the secondmost cosmopolitan city in the world after Dubai, without reaping benefits from it. Once the richest city in the kingdom, Brussels is pauperizing following the migratory waves. In Brussels, 90 per cent (!) of those collecting welfare checks are of foreign origin. This should make those who are in favor of open borders but wonder about the rising inequality think twice."

Alain Destexhe is a relatively straightforward and sensible voice in a Belgian mainstream political arena completely gone insane. It was he who in FEB 2018 disclosed information re the existence of a "multicultural lobby" which is manipulating - with the full knowledge of the government - crucial data about migration in order to soothe the autochton population.

It is all very, very sad. I see my country, which I still love - though I loathe the State - descend ever further down a slippery slope towards chaos and poverty from which there is no return. Demographic developments are killing us slowly. Meanwhile, our politicans, the media and the cultural sector downright glorifying gay relationships, thereby only hastening the inevitable outcome... while our women's fertility has already reached rock bottom. In schools, the multicultural society is hailed as something marvellous - I can testify this personally, for lately, our 11 year old son is coming home with pro multiculti phrases he can't have produced himself.

It's not going to end well.