Saturday, November 10, 2018


Keane with Somewhere only we know. Album Hopes and Fears (2004).

Keane is from Battle, East Sussex, of all places. Sold the farm in 2014.

Queen with Who wants to live Forever. From the soundtrack of the first Highlander movie. (1986)

I remember Highlander well. Just about blew me away when I first saw it, back in 1986 or 7. Basically everything in that flick was perfect, even Christopher Lambert's casting as Connor McLeod, the protagonist. Best role? No contest, Clancy Brown as The Kurgan, McLeod's nemesis. The director was Russell Mulcahy; I wonder why we haven't heard more of him afterwards. Of course, movies were not his main thing, that was music video clips (a.o. for The Buggles: Video killed the Radio Star, I kid you not!).

As for the shooting locations in Scotland, some of it was done near Eilean Donan Castle, and I suspect the scenes depicting the surroundings of McLeod's too short time together with Heather were done near the Three Sisters of Glencoe. Go there at least once, in your lifetime.



Friday, November 09, 2018


Two ominous videos courtesy Gates of Vienna. Translation was done by MissPiggy, subtitling by Vlad Tepes. Many thanks!


Via Faktenfinder:

"Hoher Anteil von Ausländern

Die Zahl der Gruppenvergewaltigungen ist den Statistiken zufolge hingegen nicht ansteigend - allerdings nimmt der Anteil der verdächtigten Ausländer zu. Sowohl 2016 als auch 2017 ist der Anteil bei den überfallartigen Delikten gegenüber dem langjährigen Mittel der Vorjahre (39 Prozent) deutlich erhöht (67,5 Prozent).

Angaben aus der PKS über die Nationalitäten der ausländischen Verdächtigen zeigen, dass der Anteil von Syrern, Afghanen und Irakern deutlich gestiegen ist. Das heißt, die wachsende Zahl der ausländischen Tatverdächtigen hängt offenkundig mit der Zuwanderung seit 2015 zusammen."

So the percentage of Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis in group rapes has clearly risen. In other words, the increasing number of foreign suspects obviously corroborates with the mass influx of 'refugees' since 2015.

Wow. Who would have thunk it?????

Biggest question that remains is, of course, how come this cunt is still in power?


Tuesday, November 06, 2018


What can I say? The past two years have made it crystal clear that the man who I never viewed as a Conservative, in fact governed far more Conservative than perhaps all previous GOP candidates combined.

The results have been astounding, and the only serious drawback, in my opinion, is that both budget deficit and trade deficit remain high, the former because that Laffer Curve effect is not yet catching on, the latter because the rising US import still outclasses the also rising export.

But be all that as it may, the very most important thing is that with Donald Trump, the US has a President who realizes full well what is really at stake: Western Civilization. He understands that both North America and Europe are under assault from the Third World. He grasps full well the ramifications of the EU's catastrophic Open Door Immigration Policy and wants to spare his country Europe's downfall.

I don't know what has come over the Democrats, but to any objective analyst it is clear that the party has been hijacked by its minorities. It has decided for a breathtaking lurch to the left, which can only lead to doom.

Americans who love their country should therefore head for the election booths and cast their vote - but not for those who now openly wish for their country to fail.

Just do it.


Monday, November 05, 2018


For those frequenting sites like François Desouche and Gates of Vienna, Eric Zemmour is a household name. The man should actually get far more airplay. Voice of Europe has the following video and transcript:

"In an interview with Sud Radio, French journalist and political commentator Eric Zemmour describes the Islamisation of modern day France.

Zemmour talks about how the Islamisation of neighbourhoods seems to be the main problem.

“Those neighbourhoods [enriched]are stuffed with money, since there’s drug dealing, which brings in unheard of riches. That’s precisely the problem.

“So what isn’t the problem? Neither pauperisation nor social mixing: It’s the problem of the Islamisation of the neighbourhoods..”

Zemmour describes that ‘innumerable’ neighbourhoods start to look like Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia in the 18th century.

“In those neighbourhoods, there are only halal butchers, only halal bookstores, only halal shops, and that with people who are dressed — veiled women and men [dressed]like in Afghanistan or like in Saudi Arabia in the 18th century.

“Why are they doing it? Well, for a very simple reason: because all that determines norms. And that way you normalise and “normatise” — if I can say that — the neighbourhoods that are Islamized.

“And which are ruled by Islamic Law. It’s the Sharia, in fact. And this is France today. In innumerable neighbourhoods,” Zemmour says."


Sunday, November 04, 2018


Courtesy the indispenable Gates of Vienna, a must see video which tells you a thing or two about the Trotskyite angle behind the formation of what eventually would become the EU. Historia Sztuki's Krzysztof Karoń explains:

Ten years ago I was actually in favor of a United States of Europe. In a way, I still am - provided it is modelled after the USA, not the USSR. Unfortunately, events and dynamics all point in an EU evolution towards the latter entity.

Why, if only the legacy of Spinelli would remain limited to his name on a building, it wouldn't be that bad. But unfortunately, one of the catalysts pushing the EU towards a EUSSR is a political group specifically named after Spinelli: his spirit does live on, even more vibrant than ever. Indeed, in 2010 key EP members founded The Spinelli Group, and among those who were the driving force behind this shadowy group is Guy Verhofstadt, a former Belgian PM and a scoundrel of the first order. This is a 2017 tweet from Verhofstadt:

I know Verhofstadt well. He is the Emperor of U-Turns. Three decades ago, he was called the Baby Thatcher, because he dared to confront the unions and as Budget Minister was a 'slasher' of wasteful and unnecessary expenses. He also was some kind of a liberal - in the sense of classical liberal - ideologue, writing his famous "Burgermanifest" (Citizen's Manifesto) in which he described, amongst others, the undemocratic stranglehold on political power in Belgium through the two most powerful unions, the "Christian" "Democratic" ACV/CSC, and the ABVV/FGTB (socialists). In the late nineties and first years of the new milennium, he was Belgian PM in coalition governments first with the socialists and greens, then with only the socialists.... and he emerged from that red bath as a completely different personality. Since, the Baby Thatcher has been praising François Hollande (of same sex marriage support and millionaire tax fame), harassing the Brits for wanting to leave the EU, and ... co-founded the closet Trotskyite organization The Spinelli Group.

Verhofstadt, also chairman of the EP's powerful ALDE Group, is one of the key personalities steering the EU not in the direction of a USE, but towards a EUSSR. He MUST be stopped, and articles and videos like the one above, exposing Verhofstadt's great mentor as the Communist that he was, are long overdue.