Saturday, July 09, 2005


Some of us asked, after the tragedy inflicted in London on July 7 by zealots of the Religion of Peace ™, how long it would take before Blair, and by extension Bush, would get the blame for what happened.

Not long.

Page 4, special "De Standaard" issue, July 8 2005. "De Standaard" is the leading Flemish newspaper and, since Flanders is the biggest part of Belgium in terms of population and wealth, it is thus also the leading Belgian newspaper. Fat header in bold with large capitals (not visible on scan below): "Sooner or later the bombs had to hit us"

DS, July 8, 2005

Here follow a couple of excerpts of the article accompanied by the photo above with the Bobby (London Policeman) and the Asian woman. Four persons are quoted. A woman union delegate, a businessman, a family man and a certain "Norma" from Leicestershire. While the others keep it neutral, expressing anguish as well as a typical British mixture of phlegm and resolve, it is Norma, being interviewed in King’s Cross Station, who sees fit to deliver a scathing attack on PM Blair. Not surprisingly, the space allocated to her in those columns exceeds that of the others. Mind you, I could not scan the entire interview, so you will have to trust me the following is indeed there. What you do see in medium capitals in the right upper corner is her key quote "For me, Blair is the biggest terrorist in this country". It is the only quote highlighted.

Norma shakes her head. "We could expect this. Nobody like that fucking war in Iraq. Nobody has it for Blair. We did not support this war! For me, Blair is the biggest terrorist in his country".

In that very same "De Standaard" issue, July 8, but on Page 8, we find a bottom column by a certain contributor, "esn". The column is identified as a "Profiel", (Profile). The subject is "Tony Blair, Brits premier" (Prime Minister)

DS, July 8, 2005

The text reads:

BRUSSELS - PM Tony Blair yesterday exhorted the British to stay unanimous. Discord and quarrels would only further the terrorist’s cause, he said. But how quickly will he, and then especially his participation in the war against Iraq, get the blame?

An angry man in the heavily hit King’s Cross Station called him yesterday in an interview with this newspaper already "the biggest terrorist of them all".

…(there follows a lot of garbage)…

…But now already many ask aloud if Blair has made the country more vulnerable by participating in the war against Iraq.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we have seen "Norma", from the first column, called Blair "the biggest terrorist of them all". Her quote was the only one put in capitals for better eyecatching. Imagine now a not too bright or especially concerned "De Standaard" reader advancing through the pages. He has just soaked in Norma’s assessment of Tony, and after scrolling through pages 5, 6 and 7, which contain general information about Flemings in London, a Putin quote, bus trajectories and the like, he arrives at the bottom of Page 8. There, below, is a "Profile" with a photo of a grim looking British prime Minister accompanied by the fat black header "The Biggest Terrorist". This "profile" has been written by a "De Standaard" columnist referring to him-or-herself as "esn". "Esn" writes literally "An angry man in the heavily hit King’s Cross Station called him yesterday in an interview with this newspaper already 'the biggest terrorist of them all'."

There was no such interview on July 7.

The quote "esn" is referring to is the one on Page 4, see above Only, it was not a man. It was "Norma" from Leicestershire. "Esn" found no overwhelming majority of Brits wanting to call Tony "the biggest terrorist of them all". But "esn" is CONVINCED Tony is of the same caliber as Osama. So, in a desperate attempt to get his view endorsed by as many Brits as possible, "esn" makes "Norma" a man. Now, while I can imagine leftist fruitcakes really fancy the idea of swapping sexes, I am of the opinion that doing so to lend credibility to your own wacko theories in NOT kosher.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is an obvious attempt to further a political agenda. A heavily, leftist, "anti-war" agenda. "Anti-war", because these chaps are not really anti-war at all. In summer of 2004, the death toll in Darfur stood at an estimated 70,000, and there was vast proof that the Sudanese government was actively waging war against its own citizens, the Darfurians. We are one year down the reoad now, and IIRC, the death toll in May in Darfur was 180,000. I assure you I have read nowhere an "esn" column denouncing the Sudanese war against its own citizens - even though Sudans Bashir is a lot more effective in killing than the UK's Blair.

Note also that "esn" refers to the conflict in Iraq as "the war against Iraq", see again the sentence (first paragraph):

…But now already many ask aloud if Blair has made the country more vulnerable by participating in the war against Iraq...

AGAINST Iraq. For "esn", the UK is, more than two years after it helped topple a murderous dictator and his rogue regime, still at war AGAINST Iraq!

Sometimes I wonder if Al Qaeda is really our MAIN enemy.


Thursday, July 07, 2005


As you undoubtedly know by now, the Religion of Peace has struck again.

Union Jack

On June 28, the Muslim Council of Britain finally persuaded the UK's Department of Education and Skills to introduce "Get to Know Islam Kits" in primary schools.

"The new resources will help school staff further develop their approach to high quality teaching of Islam — a religion that is far too often misunderstood," the Harrow Times Monday, June 27, quoted as saying Councilor Navin Shah, leader of Harrow borough Council, which has become the first to fully fund the teaching of Islam in primary schools.

The resource packs include books, artifacts, CDs, videos and teaching aids covering
the basic Muslim beliefs and practices through interactive class projects. Resources for secondary schools are also being developed and will be available to schools across the borough, according to the paper. The packs for primary schools were produced by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), in partnership with the Department of Education and Skills.

"We believe education is the key to creating a vibrant and understanding society," MCB Secretary General, Iqbal Sacranie, told Harrow Times. "These resources, developed by our team of educationalists, aim to support the teaching of Islam in schools by making available creative, engaging and child-friendly resources on Islam and Muslims."

(Via LGF:) In January of this year, Iqbal Sacranie and his Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) boycotted the commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz, because it didn’t include the "holocaust" and "genocide" suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of Israel. So now this very organization has gotten the task to get British pupils to know Islam.

Holidays have just begun. That gives Sir Iqbal, since in the meantime he has been knighted, sufficient time to include some footage of today's carnage in his "Get to know Islam" videos.

I am feeling slightly better now. At around 7.15 pm, I got to watch the VRT (Flemish state-run television). One of the notoriously anti-American anchors, Martine Tanghe, was interviewing some university dude in political sciences. When she suggested that the War on Terror was apparently going nowhere and asked whether in the worldwide Muslim Community sufficient important voices would be found to condemn the London tragedy, the fellas face lit up and he started to explain that the WOT needed to be fought not primarily the military way, but foremost in a soft way, by winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim people, and "that flushing Qurans down toilets at Guantanamo was not a good tactic to achieve that end".

As the fella spoke, in London 38 charred and mutilated carcasses as well as 700 plus wounded had been counted.

I was able to follow the "conversation" for a full 18 seconds, but the Gitmo smear made me switch off the TV before I smashed the screen. Half an hour later, I was still so boiling inside that migraine set in. I was able to cut the attack using a heavy dose of Cafergot.


Monday, July 04, 2005


Happy 4th of July!

Give 'em hell!!!

And here's some good news from across the pond:

There's gonna be general elections in Germany this September, one year early. Schroeder called for them after the recent disappointing election results for the SPD-party in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. Curious reasoning, shooting yourself in the foot like that, but hey, you don't hear me complaining:

But Christian Wulff, the state's (in this case the state of Lower Saxony, another "Bundesland" making up the federal Republic of Germany)conservative prime minister and Germany's most popular politician, was licking his lips at the prospect of an altogether different delicacy.

"There will be new elections in Germany. This means a change in the content and style of politics," he said. "Then the hard work will begin. Our leader, Angela Merkel, will carry out the kind of economic reforms that were implemented in Britain over the last 15 years."

Opinion polls show the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) way ahead of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats (SPD), with Mrs Merkel poised to become Germany's first female leader.

CDU-strongwoman Mrs. Merkel, 50 and physicist by formation, may indeed very well become Germany's first female Chancellor this autumn. Being from the former DDR, she is very much aware of who won the Cold War and is subsequently strongly pro-US. By contrast, Mr. Schroeder, during the whole of the Cold War sitting comfortably on his warm ass in West Germany, is known to have sent one of the last DDR czars, Egon Krenz, congratulations with his "victory" in the communist dictatorship's sham "elections".

From Sweden comes a similar sound: Over half of government's MPs could quit.

Fewer than half the MPs in Sweden's ruling red-green coalition plan to stand for re-election, according to a new survey by Swedish Radio.

Asked whether they would consider standing at the next election, fewer than half of MPs in the Social Democratic, Green and Left parties answered in the affirmative.

Of 144 Social Democrat deputies, only 67 said that they definitely intended stand in the 2006 election. Eighteen said that they did not intend to stand, with 31 MPs currently uncertain. Twenty-eight did not respond to SR's question.

This contrasts with the attitude of MPs in the right-wing alliance, which is currently riding high in opinion polls. Forty-two Moderate Party deputies said they planned to stand next year, with only six planning to stand down, and a further seven either uncertain or not responding

Hat tip to Fjordman, my fellow blogger from Norway. Now, I don't know if you sometimes visit his blog. While the described phenomenon above is ground for optimism, it does not take away the fact that Sweden, and by extension the whole of Scandinavia, is facing tough times. Still it's another indication of a major political shift to the right throughout Europe. Here's hoping for the future.