Thursday, July 07, 2005


As you undoubtedly know by now, the Religion of Peace has struck again.

Union Jack

On June 28, the Muslim Council of Britain finally persuaded the UK's Department of Education and Skills to introduce "Get to Know Islam Kits" in primary schools.

"The new resources will help school staff further develop their approach to high quality teaching of Islam — a religion that is far too often misunderstood," the Harrow Times Monday, June 27, quoted as saying Councilor Navin Shah, leader of Harrow borough Council, which has become the first to fully fund the teaching of Islam in primary schools.

The resource packs include books, artifacts, CDs, videos and teaching aids covering
the basic Muslim beliefs and practices through interactive class projects. Resources for secondary schools are also being developed and will be available to schools across the borough, according to the paper. The packs for primary schools were produced by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), in partnership with the Department of Education and Skills.

"We believe education is the key to creating a vibrant and understanding society," MCB Secretary General, Iqbal Sacranie, told Harrow Times. "These resources, developed by our team of educationalists, aim to support the teaching of Islam in schools by making available creative, engaging and child-friendly resources on Islam and Muslims."

(Via LGF:) In January of this year, Iqbal Sacranie and his Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) boycotted the commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz, because it didn’t include the "holocaust" and "genocide" suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of Israel. So now this very organization has gotten the task to get British pupils to know Islam.

Holidays have just begun. That gives Sir Iqbal, since in the meantime he has been knighted, sufficient time to include some footage of today's carnage in his "Get to know Islam" videos.

I am feeling slightly better now. At around 7.15 pm, I got to watch the VRT (Flemish state-run television). One of the notoriously anti-American anchors, Martine Tanghe, was interviewing some university dude in political sciences. When she suggested that the War on Terror was apparently going nowhere and asked whether in the worldwide Muslim Community sufficient important voices would be found to condemn the London tragedy, the fellas face lit up and he started to explain that the WOT needed to be fought not primarily the military way, but foremost in a soft way, by winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim people, and "that flushing Qurans down toilets at Guantanamo was not a good tactic to achieve that end".

As the fella spoke, in London 38 charred and mutilated carcasses as well as 700 plus wounded had been counted.

I was able to follow the "conversation" for a full 18 seconds, but the Gitmo smear made me switch off the TV before I smashed the screen. Half an hour later, I was still so boiling inside that migraine set in. I was able to cut the attack using a heavy dose of Cafergot.


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