Saturday, October 08, 2011


Ennio Morricone's magnificent piece 'The ecstacy of Gold'. Part of the soundtrack of the Sergio Leone spaghettiwestern The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Quintessential western (no pun intended) music.

Vangelis' Alpha.

Timeless beauty.



Friday, October 07, 2011


I meant to do a post on something completely different, like the emergence of rocket scientist calibre intellectuals Shakira and Lady Gaga as advisors and fundraisers for Prez Obamba, but then I came across this once again splendid Pat Condell video, courtesy of our pals over at Gates of Vienna:

As long as the vile politico-religious ideology known as 'islam' holds sway in that part of the world, there's NEVER going to be a peaceful solution for Israel or Judea and Samaria. Islamic countries are no good to negotiate with. It is useless for Israel to come to terms with its neighbors in a way civilized countries would recognize, as history has so amply proven. There's no such thing as a two-state solution, a one-state solution. Land for Peace is an exercise in folly.

I don't care for the fate of the Paleostinians in Judea and Samaria. They are plain and worthless idiots. Each and everyone of them could have lived in peace and prosperity by either moving out of that hellhole, or becoming an Israeli citizen, abide the law in that country, if possible forsake his or her 'religion' and earn a decent living and be generally happy.

That leaves Israel. A solution has to be found for Israel.

Striving for 'peace', as in - again - the vocabulary of civilized countries is pointless in that region.

Therefore, Israel would do well to adopt Outlaw Mike's solution for its predicament.

That solution is amazingly SIMPLE.

It's called 'ETERNAL STATE OF WAR'..

That's right, it's really that simple!!! All Israel has to do is to keep its armed forces in a permanent state of readiness, ever ready to strike - and strike devastatingly. Israel does not need phony peace accords with untrustworthy neighbors. What Isreal needs is strong armed forces that can lash out and destroy any external threat.

There are several advantages to my solution:

a.) Permanent REAL PEACE through superior firepower.
b.) The nation's citizens are kept on alert all the time, ensuring they don't become mindless wussies and retirement aficionados like in so much of the world, especially the West
c.) Permanent investments in the Defense Industry will provide countless spinoffs for civil benefit, and the cutting edge technology will make Israeli hitech the envy of the world
d.) No more pointless and costly negotiations
e.) Israel will set an example for the rest of the non-muslim world on how to deal with the adherents of islam

Now check out these videos. First the IDF:

Then the Israeli Air Force:

Finally the Israeli Navy:

So Israel, now you know what to do. Stop negotiating, never stop arming and being ready to strike deadly and mercilessly. And maybe, at some distant point along history's path, your pitiful, worthless opponents, having outspent themselves and having run out of nature's resources, forever incapable of turning their pseudo-economies in something self-sustaining, will come begging at your door for peace ON YOUR TERMS.


Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Last week, De Standaard suddenly discovered there's apparently a problem with gay couples being pestered away from their flats, neighborhoods, and even their cities. It even spoke of 'a trend?'?


Pestering gays away, a trend in The Netherlands?

In the Netherlands this week, gay couples announced they were moving, bullied away by their neighbors. Geert Wilders asks for an speedy parliamentary debate. Is intolerance against gays growing?

'Monday evening I got a telephone from a lady. She was older than eighty (!), she said, but now she was, together with her girlfriend, busy packing boxes with their belongings. She was desperate. She wanted away, get out of the provincial town. The reason: she and her girlfriend were bullied by their neighbors because they were a lesbian couple. When I heard that, it got too much for me, and I decided to open up a callpoint.'

... says Henk Krol, chief editor of the Gay Gazette. 'Four days later the counter stood on 82 reportings. That's quite a lot. And of the severity of some incidents I was rather dumbfounded. On the other hand, of the about 800,000 Dutch gays and lesbians 82 is an altogether negligible number. Also, I think that the number of reportings will decline after the first wave.'

Still [De Standaard editor now] something seems to be going on in The Netherlands. Last week stories emerged of two other gay couples who were also moving. One couple had been pestered away by schoolkids in The Hague, another couple was leaving Ulft, a village in the Achterhoek. There the bullies would have been between 12 and 22. Attempts to recruit the help of police would for a long time have remained unanswered and when finally a serious dialogue had been organized, the couple had already scrapped its hiring contract, wrote De Gelderlander [east Dutch newspaper - MFBB]. In August, in Amstelveen another gay couple would have given up all hope."

Blather and speculate all you can, you blistering FOOLS. Over here at DownEastblog, we've been reporting for aeons about gay couples in the wonderful new multifucking cultural society being harassed by, you guess, it, adherents of the Religion of Piss aka islam.

Because that is the gist of the story that even De Standaard had to admit, a couple of lines on I was too tired (and fed up) to translate. Naturally, muslims in Holland means very often if not always moroccans. Not that it matters, mocro or paki muslims, mauritanian or yemeni muslims, syrian or iranian muslim, they're all equally retarded.

The only politician asking for a parliamentary debate in the matter is... Geert Wilders, chairman of the PVV, the Party for Freedom. You know, Geert Wilders, Public Enemy No. 1, Vile Racist, Eeeeeeeeevil Rightwinger, not so long ago denied access in the UK because too dirty for the Country of da Queen. The guy who even more recently narrowly won a trial meant to convict him because of 'hate crimes'.

Yes, that guy. And of all the well-meaning morally superior beings labelled with fancy green, red, orange and blue buttons, The Netherlands has heard nary a peep. Gays, listen well to Outlaw Mike. Yes, we are squarely AGAINST gay marriage and gay adoption, because we think, and we have very decent arguments for it, that this age-old institution is meant for a man and a woman, and we think that the various vehicles the greens and reds gave you to mimic traditional marriage are travesties belonging in a freak theatre for the perverted.

HOWEVER.... we will defend your right to live together peacefully in a civil relationship, embedded in a safe neighborhood, where you will never have to fear to walk hand in hand on the streets.

In a matter of years, the only thing standing between you and islamic subhumans will be a thin grey line of conservatives. The cowards who gave you hope which will prove as false as it was unjustified, will be nowhere to be seen when literally your life is at stake, even when you have moved to the farthest corner of your native land.