Sunday, November 17, 2019


OK the video was shamelessly stolen from the good CDR, I didn't even bother to ask, but what's he gonna do huh, with 5,000 kloms of Atlantic between us?

Anyway, watch this marvellous video in Technicolor of take offs and landings on the USS Shangri-La (CV 38), somewhere in the Med in 1962.

My personal favorite is the Skyhawk. For some reason I have always liked this tough little delta-winged attack plane. I had a model as a kid - although I almost always built my models myself, that one was a diecast. And of course, the Skyhawk featured prominently in the middle batch of my numerous Buck Danny cartoons:

Yes, there once was a USS Shangri-La (CV/CVA/CVS-38), prolly the carrier with the most incongruous name ever. One of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers commissioned during or right after WWII for the United States Navy, the inspiration for her name came from President Roosevelt himself. You may or may not know that on the heels of Pearl Harbor, a Lt Col by the name of James H. Doolittle took off with sixteen B25 Mitchell bombers from the deck of the carrier Hornet and bombed Tokyo, a feat that caused little structural damage but of which the psychological impact was enormous (both for the Japanese and the Americans). When shortly after the raid a reporter asked the President whence the raid had been carried out, the President, apparently choosing to let the enemy in the dark about US carriers being able to launch twin engined bombers, replied that it had been from Shangri-La, which is a fictional, mystical land in the novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. Two years later, when it came time to name a long hull Essex carrier, someone remembered the anecdote and voilà.

USS Shangri-La, commissioned in 1944, took part in several campaigns in the Pacific, earning two battle stars. Decommissioned shortly after war's end, she was modernized and recommissioned in the early 50s, and redesignated a CVA, an attack carrier. Operating in both the Pacific and Atlantic/Mediterranean, she was refitted with an angled deck and towards the end of her career took part in the Vietnam War, where she added another three battle stars to her combat record. Shangri-La was decommissioned in 1971, and sold for scrap in 1988. Here she is on her last deployment in 1970:


Saturday, November 16, 2019


This is nothing but a nightmare. Last Friday, November 15, must be written in the annals of The Netherlands as one of the blackest days in that country's history, since for the first time the azan, or adhan, the call to islamic prayer, could be heard from loudspeakers mounted on the Blauwe Moskee (lit. Blue Mosque). Hear and shiver:

Some background here.

Follow that link, and you will come across the howler at the end:

"Imam Elforkani of the Blauwe Moskee on Henri Dunanstraat expects that the mosque’s intention to use loudspeakers will cause a discussion, but not much problems. “Amsterdam is a tolerant city, right?” he said to Parool."

Indeed. It is so tolerant that it tolerates muslim vermin which will make a swift end to that tolerance. And while the traitor class of spineless politicians in The Netherlands is tripping over its feet to assist in the islamization of their own country, the paltry remnants of Christianity in muslim majority countries are persecuted on a daily basis and their few remaining churches are demolished or decommissioned. In Algeria for instance, a long time ago a Christian country which brought forth Saint Augustine of Hippo, one of our essential Church fathers, police raided several of the last remaining churches and closed them down:

Got that? The pitiful Christian remnant in Algeria - around 1 per cent of the population - is deprived of its last places of worship. Meanwhile, the islamic call to prayer is now allowed in The Netherlands' most iconic city.

This is only a precedent. The dyke has broken. Five years from now, The Netherlands will be full of mosques where muslims and non-muslims alike will hear a fucking muezzin yell at the top of his lungs five times a day.

It's a nightmare.


Sunday, November 10, 2019


While the overwhelming majority of Western political leaders are tripping over their feet not only to accommodate islam but to actively promote and even import it, the reality in muslim-majority countries is the exact opposite. Indeed, the few remaining pitiful remnants of Christianity and Judaism face ever more severe persecution. Case in point Algeria, as this article by Uzay Bulut over at The Gatestone Institute makes clear:

"Although Christians make up a mere one percent of Algeria's Muslim-majority population, they continue to be persecuted by the government in Algiers. The most recent example is the closure in mid-October of three churches and the forced eviction of their congregants by police.

William Stark, regional manager of International Christian Concern (ICC), told Gatestone that shuttering the churches is just part of a broader campaign that began two years ago to target places of Christian worship.

Stark said his organization's sources in Algeria report that 12 churches have been closed by Algerian authorities since the beginning of 2019 alone:

~ "The closing of the latest three churches is most concerning, as it came only days after members of the l'Eglise Protestante d'Algerie (EPA) -- an umbrella organization for Protestant churches -- staged a peaceful sit-in against earlier church closures, and therefore suggests that it was an act of retaliation by Algerian authorities against those Christians willing to protest.

"One impetus for the protests is a 2006 law stating that any non-Muslim worship be conducted in specific, designated buildings. But since this law came into effect, no Christian places of worship have been designated by the government of Algeria."

According to the ICC, one of the churches that was shut down -- the Full Gospel of Tizi-Ouzou , with approximately 1,000 members -- is the largest in Algeria. Its lead pastor, Salah Chalah, also happens to head the EPA.

The pastor reportedly attempted to meet with government representatives multiple times, with no success. While his church was being raided by police, he was beaten with a baton.

Stark explained to Gatestone:

~ "The mere existence of an open Christian minority seems to challenge Algeria's national identity as a Muslim nation. The fact that this small, nonconforming minority is openly projecting its own image of what it means to be Algerian is at least part of the reason that it is being targeted."

Chapter I, Article 2 of Algeria's constitution determines that "Islam is the religion of the State."

According to the US State Department's 2018 Report on International Religious Freedom, in Algeria:

~ "Proselytizing of Muslims by non-Muslims is a crime... According to media reports, authorities charged five Christians from Bouira Province, three of whom belong to the same family, with 'inciting a Muslim to change his religion' and 'performing religious worship in an unauthorized place.' On December 25, a judge at the court of Bouira acquitted the five individuals. In March a court in Tiaret convicted and fined two Christian brothers for carrying more than 50 Bibles in their car. Prosecutors said the accused planned to use them for proselytism; the brothers said they were for church use only. The court fined each man 100,000 dinars ($850). In May another court convicted a church leader and another Christian of proselytizing, sentenced them to three months in prison, and fined them 100,000 dinars...

"Some Christian leaders and congregants spoke of family members abusing Muslims who converted to or expressed an interest in Christianity. Media reported unknown individuals vandalized two Christian cemeteries, smashing tombstones and ransacking graves. Individuals engaged in religious practice other than Sunni Islam reported they had experienced threats and intolerance, including in the media."

Via Twitter images of a sit in in the Tizi Ouzou Church. In vain of course, as police officers forcibly remove the worshippers:

It's a crying scandal that our so-called Pope is blathering about 'faithfulness and respect for each other' - while his flock is mercilessly prosecuted all across the globe.


Saturday, November 02, 2019


Gates of Vienna reports on yet another mosque building project in the city of Offenbach (near Frankfurt am Main), and the awareness actions by well-known islam critic Michael Stuerzenberger:

"On Friday October 25th, as part of their Germany tour, the citizens’ movement Pax Europa (BPE) were in Offenbach. BPE members hung up 160 posters at 80 locations and distributed thousands of flyers to interest citizens in the event. The planned mosque construction by Millî Görüş in the already strongly “enriched” city means it has great need for information.

The establishment parties are happy about the €4.5 million project with a minaret for 600 Muslims. It is estimated that 14,000 Muslims live in Hessen’s fifth-largest city, and to date there are already ten mosques. Friday’s rally at the Aliceplatz between 12 noon and 7pm included a very exciting discussion with the citizens (See video). According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, the magistrate of the city reacted to the posters on Tuesday with a statement in which it wished to have “no imported debates on the subject for parties to catch votes”. If a mosque was a topic, then it would be discussed by those affected. Well, this magistrate is obviously badly informed. The BPE is not a “party trying to catch votes”, but rather a citizens’ movement that has been enlightening people about Islam for over 15 years. And this magistrate should be grateful when the discussion is enriched with extensive facts about the threat of political Islam. The BPE provided citizens with information that has been withheld from them by the mainstream media and the old parties.

OP Online also reported about the poster campaign and the BPE rally, tendentiously as expected, and called it a “controversial right-wing populist campaign”:

“Offenbach is not a good place for hate demonstrations by right-wing or right-wing populist movements: in 2017, an appearance by the AfD politician Alexander Gauland at the Stadthof in front of just forty sympathizers was drowned by the whistling concert of the counter-demonstrators.

“Also the action of the right-wing populist ‘citizen movement Pax Europa’ (BPE) planned for Friday (October 25, 2019) is already encountering resistance. The fact that the BPE is advertising its event throughout the city with the right-wing populist and Islam opponent Michael Stürzenberger, who has been watched by the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution and convicted of incitement of the people, has caused controversy.”

Here is the monstrosity. With a central part that resembles a helmet - as intended to, see Dictator Erdogan's infamous 'the domes are our helmets' statement.

The mere fact that in a not too large city, which already has TEN mosques, the authorities are tripping over each other's feet to issue a building permission for yet another mosque, is extremely serious cause for concern. It's worse, they are actually happy to have another muslim barracks in their midst.

But of course it's not only Offenbach. There's a veritable mosque building frenzy all over Germany, very much as in the rest of Western Europe, and it's getting hard to travel through the country and not encountering one. Why, last September I visited a fair in Central Germany and, having started out late, I stayed for the night in a hotel not far from Dueren, about halfway between Aachen and Koeln. In the morning, as I drove through Dueren to get back on the A4, well, guess what I came across:

... Dueren's main mosque. Run by the Diyanet, Turkey’s religious body, the Directorate of Religious Affairs. If you followed the link a bit higher up, you may have read that Sultan Erdogan, he of the "the minarets are our bayonets" quote, compared the staff and imams of the Diyanet to “an army of 140,000”.

Come to think of it, last year in late summer I went for a bike ride with my daughter in Eastern Flanders, more precisely around the town of Maasmechelen. I wanted to check out the panorama from one of the old terril hills (artifical mounds composed of mining debris and excavations), and from the top of one of them I saw...

... the minaret of the Tevhid mosque - an "Erdogan bayonet" - peeking out from under the green. A quick search revealed to me that this mosque too is controlled by ... the Diyanet.

The insanity of it all!!! While Christianity in Turkey is reduced to a paltry 200,000 souls who are forbidden to build churches, we are eagerly allowing an islamic dictator to construct hundreds of islamic prayer houses all over Europe. We are committing suicide. More and more I tend to think that our political "leaders" deserve nothing less than the gallows.


Friday, November 01, 2019


Last Sunday, OutlawDaughter and I, after a botched attempt the week before on account of atrocious weather, took to the Ardennes again for a healthy walk from Rochehaut over Frahan to Poupehan and back. Although the weather channel predicted again rain, a glance at the rainfront radar more or less convinced me that by the time we'd arrive in Rochehaut, our planned point of departure, the worst of the rain would be off to the east.

And so it turned out to be. At 2pm tops we parked our vehicle on the Rochehaut parking lot overlooking Frahan:

... and the few drips that still touched us turned out to also be the last, for the rest of the day.

So we off on a somewhat circular way that would lead us down the hill where Rochehaut (lit. High Rock) sits perched overlooking the Semois valley, to Frahan, thence along the "Crêtes de Frahan" towards Poupehan, and then back via the Roche Gilquin.

The long slope towards the Passerelle de Frahan, a foot bridge spanning the Semois, does not pose any difficulty whatsoever:

Not even 100 meters beyond Frahan's small church a path leads up and to the right towards the Crêtes de Frahan. Here we are at the very beginning of the Crêtes:

Along the well-indicated path, which follows the ridge of what is essentially a long narrow peninsula terminating in Frahan, one encounters a number of peculiar rock outcroppings:

At the base of the "peninsula" the rock formations are so numerous that they are dubbed the "Château de Montragut". This small platform is the highest in the whole complex.

And from there we continued our way to Poupehan. View from the "Chaire à Prêcher" viewpoint:

Beyond the "Chaire à prêcher" we descended gradually, coming along another POV the "Pic du Midi" (not much picky about it btw) and a good ten minutes later we were at the bank of the Semois again. We crossed it and continued our way first due north, then a little to the east, where we passed the POV "Roche Gilquin":

At 6pm we were back in Rochehaut. The twelve kloms took us exactly four hours. It's a pity the sky remained heavily overcast all during the walk, otherwise the sunrays would have revealed the full beauty of an "Eté Indien" in the woods surrounding the Semois meanders, but on the other hand we should perhaps just count ourselves lucky we did not get back soaking wet.



Saturday, October 26, 2019


Via The Speccie:

"One night last week, explosions took place in three different locations in and around Stockholm. There were no injuries this time, just the usual shattered windows, scattered debris and shocked people woken by the blast.

The police bomb squad was already on its way to the first explosion in the district of Vaxholm when it had to turn around and prioritise the detonation at a residential building in the more densely populated city centre. Residents whose doors had been deformed by the shock wave had to be rescued. The third target (seemingly unrelated) was a facility belonging to a Syriac Orthodox church, which had already been bombed twice in the past year.

‘Normalisation’ is a term that we have come to associate with domestic violence: the victim begins to think of abuse as a part of everyday life. Explosions have become so normalised in Sweden that SVT, Sweden’s equivalent of the BBC, did not even mention the three explosions in the country’s capital on its national news programme that evening. Instead, the main domestic story was the purported censorship of ‘big female bodies’ on Instagram. Apparently, we mustn’t be referred to as ‘women’ any more, but ‘female bodies’, lest anyone’s gender be assumed. The explosions were left to the local news.

To understand how Sweden arrived at this degree of normalisation, consider the statistics: between January and June this year, more than 100 explosions were reported in the country, up from about 70 in the same period last year. A total of more than 160 suspected attacks with explosives were reported last year. There are no comparable figures available for earlier years because it’s such a recent phenomenon. Until recently no one would have thought of adding a column on bombings to the national Swedish crime statistics.

Wilhelm Agrell, professor of intelligence analysis at Lund University, has warned that the situation has become so dire that the integrity of the Swedish state is in jeopardy. ‘The state’s monopoly on violence, the actual token of a sovereign government, has been hollowed out bit by bit and no longer exists,’ he wrote a few weeks ago. ‘The armed criminal violence is having effects that are increasingly similar to those of terrorism.’

At first, it was argued that these are just wars between gangs: awful, but avoidable if you just steer clear. But the bombings have now increased to such an extent that it’s impossible to ignore the collateral damage. The biggest blast so far, which took place in the university town of Linköping in June, demolished two residential buildings and damaged more than 250 apartments. A police spokesman called it a ‘miracle’ that no one was severely injured.

A bombing in the university town of Lund in September left a female student with severe facial injuries. She was passing by a shop on her way home after a night out when an explosive device detonated. Witnesses saw people jumping out of windows. Just weeks before, a young woman was murdered in an affluent neighbourhood in Malmö, in an attack which police believe was aimed at her boyfriend. Karolin Hakim, a doctor, was carrying her young child when she was gunned down. As she was lying on the ground, the shooter put a bullet in her head. Her baby is now in a government protection programme.

As inured as Sweden has become to gang violence, the country was shaken by this cold-blooded murder of a mother with a baby in her arms. Justice Minister Morgan Johansson declared on Twitter that the state would chase Ms Hakim’s killer ‘to the ends of the earth’. But gang violence has severely strained police resources. A month after the murder, more than a hundred witnesses are yet to be heard. So much for chasing anyone to the ends of the earth: there weren’t even enough police to knock on doors around Malmö.

Only days after the murder of Karolin Hakim, another young woman fell victim to the gang wars. Eighteen-year-old Ndella Jack was killed as someone fired an automatic weapon into her flat in western Stockholm, probably aiming for her husband, a well-known figure in Stockholm’s gang scene. Less than a week after the murder, associates of Ms Jack’s husband were lured to a middle-class suburb of Stockholm, where they had been promised information about her killer. Shots were fired, missing the targets and hitting instead a taxi driver and a resident in a nearby building. One victim, also a university student, lost his sight in an eye after it was hit by a bullet."

I have to admit that I actually feel very little sympathy towards the Swedes. A neutered people that keeps voting time and again for a criminal and utterly insane bunch of feminazis does not deserve better. To give you just one idea how far the country has gone down the cliff, consider PM Stefan Löfven's take on the issue of "Swedish" ISIS terrorists returning to their Scandinavian haunt:

"Stefan Löfven, Sweden’s Prime Minister and the leftist Socialist Party leader has ruled out the possibility of stripping Swedish Islamic State Fighters of their citizenships, and has said that they have the right to come back to the country.

Nyheter Idag recently reported that Löfven stated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously warned those who were traveling in and around the region in which IS had been fighting, that those individuals who were captured shouldn’t anticipate any assistance from the Swedish government at a consular level.

The prime minster did, however, state that he would refrain from stripping the Islamic State fighters of their Swedish citizenship, asserting that it was their right to return to the country if they desired. He then said that upon their return, it would be up to the intelligence service and law enforcement to keep track of the returning terrorists whereabouts and to potentially arrest and prosecute them."

"They have the right to come back to the country". Says the eggheaded, ball-less, childless, brainless sorry excuse for PM of the world's 'Humanitarian Superpower'.

Let that sink in.


Friday, October 25, 2019


In this episode I have let others compose a fascinating vid about 10 phenomena that scientists cannot explain:

How many did you know? Here's Outlaw Mike's score:

a.) Longyou Caves: nope
b.) Roman Dodecahedrons: nope
c.) Maine Penny: nope
d.) Baltic Sea Object: yup
e.) Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone: nope
f.) Slime Mold Intelligence: nope
g.) Wow! Signal: yup
h.) Doguu figurines: yup
i.) Voynich Manuscript: yup
j.) Zodiac Concrete slab: nope

Chips. Only 4 out of 10. I may be a weirdo, but apparenly I'm not enough into weird stuff.


Monday, October 21, 2019


Fascinating stuff, via The American Physics Society:

"Assembly of the Plasma Liner Experiment (PLX) at Los Alamos National Laboratory is well underway with the installation of 18 of 36 plasma guns in an ambitious approach to achieving controlled nuclear fusion (Figure 1). The plasma guns are mounted on a spherical chamber, and fire supersonic jets of ionized gas inward to compress and heat a central gas target that serves as fusion fuel. In the meantime, experiments performed with the currently installed plasma guns are providing fundamental data to create simulations of colliding plasma jets, which are crucial for understanding and developing other controlled fusion schemes.

Most fusion experiments employ either magnetic confinement, which relies on powerful magnetic fields to contain a fusion plasma, or inertial confinement, which uses heat and compression to create the conditions for fusion.

The PLX machine combines aspects of both magnetic confinement fusion schemes (e.g. tokamaks) and inertial confinement machines like the National Ignition Facility (NIF). The hybrid approach, although less technologically mature than pure magnetic or inertial confinement concepts, may offer a cheaper and less complex fusion reactor development path. Like tokamaks, the fuel plasma is magnetized to help mitigate losses of particles and thermal energy. Like inertial confinement machines, a heavy imploding shell (the plasma liner) rapidly compresses and heats the fuel to achieve fusion conditions. Instead of NIF's array of high-power lasers driving a solid capsule, PLX relies on supersonic plasma jets fired from plasma guns.

The PLX has an additional advantage: Because the fusion fuel and liner are initially injected as a gas, and the plasma guns are located relatively far from the imploding fuel, the machine can be fired rapidly without damage to the machine components or the need for replacement of costly machined targets.

"We will conduct experiments this year to study the formation of a hemispherical liner with 18 guns installed," said Dr. Samuel Langendorf, a scientist with the lab's Experimental Physics Group who is leading the assembly of PLX. "We hope to complete the installation of the remaining 18 guns in early 2020 and to be conducting fully spherical experiments by the end of 2020. This will allow us to measure the scaling of the liner ram pressure on stagnation as well as the liner uniformity, which are important metrics of the liner performance."

In its partially completed state, the PLX guns are proving useful in studies that Dr. Tom Byvank is performing on colliding plasmas (Figure 2).

"Different models show discrepancies in the simulations of plasma collisions involving multiple ion species," said Dr. Byvank, a postdoc in the Experimental Physics Group. "Our experimental observations of these plasmas help to validate simulations that are important for understanding high-energy-density, supersonic plasmas encountered in astrophysics, aerodynamics and various plasma fusion machines, including the PLX magneto-inertial fusion approach and possibly also inertial confinement designs like the National Ignition Facility."

Key exerpt, for me at least, is that there is apparently a second method to achieve fusion conditions apart from magnetic confinement, namely inertial confinement. Thanks to the work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory it is now possible to envisage a third way: the combination of the two technologies.

It strikes me as weird that they are going to conduct "experiments" with only half of the plasma guns installed. I suppose these 18 will be organized in a configuration that covers a sphere in the most evenly-spread way this small number allows, but still... as a complete layman, I wonder. I would tend to think that you do experiments of this kind only with the maximum constellation that was originally planned.


Sunday, October 20, 2019


Horrible scenes from Bosnia, whence this video of long columns of 'refugees' on the march reaches us.

ALL of them are military age muslim males. There are NO women or children among them.

This is orchestrated. WITH the approval of UN and EU, if not logistical and financial support. There are plans behind this.


Saturday, October 19, 2019


Massive farmers protests in The Netherlands last week. The issue is about the government wanting to slash the agricultural sector because of a nonexisting nitrogen problem. It seems in a number of protected areas there's these rare grasses which only thrive on poor soil. Farmers utilizing fertilizer threaten to disrupt the precarious ecobalance i.e. enrich said soil. In the choice between poor soil and poor Dutch farmers the Dutch government has without much ado opted for the former. Not only that, but building activities too seem to produce an excess of nitrogen, and the ruling class, which gives the impression they think N2 is a variant of the gases the Germans used in the Great War, has halted all building activities.

The most vocal protests against government insanity so far were by farmers, who massively turned up last week to block key roads in 'Randstad Holland':

The most unhinged parties are left-liberal D66, sometimes referred to as D666, and watermelons on steroids GroenLinks (lit. GreenLeft). Hearing their top brass arguing about the N2 'crisis' has convinced me most of them think that you don't need farmers and cows to get milk, since it is sooooo much easier to go to a supermarket and buy milk cartons.

In World War I it was said the tommies were Lions led by donkeys. In The Netherlands 2019, it would be excessively rude to donkeys, not to say racist, to paraphrase that saying and thereby imply the elites are as smart as those lovely long-eared creatures.



This is not only sheer and utter insanity from the part of our ruling elites, it is a crime against the own population:

Note, please, that UN Chief Guterres was practically weeping on TV for all the world to see because his beloved UN is practically broke. But apparently he still has money for chartered intercontinental flights of hundreds of welfare seeking individuals.

The crux of the matter is that too many developing countries have FAILED, and FAILED MISERABLY, in creating safe and prosperous countries where the rule of law and decent economic policies ensures the integrity and wellbeing of the citizens.

That they have failed miserably, IS NOT OUR FAULT. It is THEIR OWN FAULT. For too long, the explanation has been that the squalor most Third Worlders live in is somehow the fault of the West, because of, ah, capitalism (!), racism, colonialism of course, and because in the sick deluded minds of every leftist economy is like communicating vessels: if we in the North are rich, the only explanation is that those in the south are poor.

Enough of that! The time to put the blame for their misery squarely at their own feet is long overdue. Colonialism is now 60 years in the past and those developing countries still not making progress have only themselves, and their culture, to blame. Besides, how ironic is it that this first flight of UN-mandated 'refugees' come from a country, Ethiopia, that was never colonized.

Implementation of this sham of a pact will only ensure the demise of our house, because the hordes of welfare seekers now poised to invade Europe will bring their backward cultures and ways, which guaranteed their squalor in the first place, with them.

To fully grasp the stupidity, nay, insanity, of the bulk of our politicians who signed this monstrosity called the "UN Global Compact for Migration", let us recap the basic points:

"The Global Compact for Migration is the first-ever UN global agreement on a common approach to international migration in all its dimensions. The global compact is non-legally binding. It is grounded in values of state sovereignty, responsibility-sharing, non-discrimination, and human rights, and recognizes that a cooperative approach is needed to optimize the overall benefits of migration, while addressing its risks and challenges for individuals and communities in countries of origin, transit and destination.

The global compact comprises 23 objectives for better managing migration at local, national, regional and global levels. The compact:

* aims to mitigate the adverse drivers and structural factors that hinder people from building and maintaining sustainable livelihoods in their countries of origin;

* intends to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities migrants face at different stages of migration by respecting, protecting and fulfilling their human rights and providing them with care and assistance;

* seeks to address the legitimate concerns of states and communities, while recognizing that societies are undergoing demographic, economic, social and environmental changes at different scales that may have implications for and result from migration;

* strives to create conducive conditions that enable all migrants to enrich our societies through their human, economic and social capacities, and thus facilitate their contributions to sustainable development at the local, national, regional and global levels."

You can find the full text here.

It's a steaming pile of shit which completely ignores the mechanisms laying at the basis of there being huge migration flows: backward cultures, socialistic policies, sluggish ways of trade, mysogyny, islam etc etc etc. It is therefore not only pointless, but at the same time autodestructive, for us to open our borders to people who, once here, will simply continue the very lifestyles that ensured their countries of origin's backwardness. One can get the man out of Africa, but getting Africa out of the man is far more difficult. If you think that is racist, think again. A handful of African countries are doing quite well. Botswana comes to mind. But Botswana always rejected the garbage that are leftist ideologies, and is firmly on the road to prosperity.

African leaders from hellholes like Mauretania, Mali, Somalia et al should, if they want to improve their standard of living, not resort to the UN chimera of siphoning excess population off to Europe and the US, no, they should look at Botswana.

As bad as the failures of the leaders of many developing countries are, we should not overlook the role of our perverted 'elites' in facilitating the biggest mass invasion in history.

People who frequent this humble blog know that I am not a fan of conspiracy theories.

But seeing the disastrous policies of lowlives like Merkel, Macron, Verhofstadt et al unfold, cannot but lead to the question of why exactly these arrogant closet tyrants are so hellbent on destroying the countries entrusted to them.

I have long known about the ideological thrusts that lay at the basis of the European Union, among them the intellectual justification for European integration provided by an obscure Austrian nobleman of mixed race, one Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi. Several propositions sound reasonable, to the extent that they gained support from unsuspected Conservatives like Winston Churchill. Others are less innocent. In his book Praktischer Idealismus Coudenhove-Kalergi writes, a.o.:

»The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the current diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. «

Now, I consider it unlikely that every now and then, Merkel, Macron, Varadkar, May, Rutte, Michel, Verhofstadt, Juncker and the whole lot of genuine deplorables convene in a top secret location to discuss, and report progress on, the implementation of a plan concocted by a deluded, possibly immensely frustrated individual like Coudenhove-Kalergi. In short, I doubt that somewhere in a supersecret vault there lie blueprints marked with his name and an ominous title like 'Plan for the Replacement of Europe's Indigenous Peoples'.

But what I do believe, is that for at least several decades now the European leadership has consisted of technocrats and administrators who have all been exposed to, and influenced by, schools of thought informed by figures like Coudenhove-Kalergi. The blueprints for white genocide possibly aren't there. The spirit, however...

.... does seem to be there. It suffices that you have leaders who think alike, and even without gathering on a regular basis to report on the progress of population replacement... their more or less unisono policies will automatically resemble a plan unfolding according to schedule.

If you still think that Coudenhove-Kalergi's sick ideology does not inspire European leaders at all, how about this? There IS a Coudenhove-Kalergi Award after all:

I do not consider it unlikely that wretched, barren creatures like this one:

Or this one:

... indeed get much of their inspiration for opening the gates of their countries to Third World flotsam from the sick intellectual fruits of an obscure Austrian count's deluded mind.

The future of humanity is almost certainly mixed race... a very long time frm now, when its different constituents, whether white, black, red or yellow have all come up to speed, and when natural processes akin to osmosis have in and of themselves made us all look alike.

But to strive to dramatically hasten that day by concocting insane migration and population replacement plans, and thereby endanger a key civilization ...

... is a crime.

And criminals must be punished.


Saturday, October 12, 2019


Coldplay with Talk. Album X&Y (2005).

Using a riff from Kraftwerk's Computer Love (1981), for which they gave permission. The video is by well-known Dutch photographer/director Anton Corbijn, who, not surprisingly if you are familiar with the man's style, chose for a black-and-white clip reminiscent of a 50s sci-fi B-movie.

REM with The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite. From their 1992 album Automatic for the People. Prolly their best one, btw.

And if you ever wondered what that weird thing on the iconic album's cover is, it's a star ornament which used to adorn the Sinbad Motel on Miami's Biscayne Boulevard, near Criteria Studios, where most of 'Automatic for...' was recorded.

Slaap wel.



I know, it's from RT, sometimes you gotta take what they tell with a grain of salt, but this is real:

"A Swedish municipality is facing backlash after selecting a local Muslim woman wearing a headscarf to be the ‘poster girl’ for its roadside ‘welcome’ sign. Her past ties to a controversial local imam were also discovered.

The image of Suzan Hindi, a local Muslim woman in her early 40s wearing a blue headscarf, now welcomes motorists entering Gavle, a coastal municipality in Sweden about 100km north of Stockholm. The photo is occasionally shown on a digital board along with the message: “Welcome to Gavle!”"

"The municipality said it was a gesture celebrating the diversity of its community, which counts over 100,000 people of various origins and cultures. But some saw it as a signal of support for suppressing women’s freedoms.

“One should think what this is signaling. Some indeed use this garment, the hijab, voluntarily. But not everyone. This a garment that for millions of women around the world represents a lack of freedom,” said Sweden Democrats MP Roger Hedlund, a member of the municipality council, as quoted by the news website Nyheter Idag.

The Sweden Democrats party has an anti-immigration platform and currently holds 62 seats in the 349-seat Swedish parliament. Samhallsnytt, an online publication reportedly close to the party, was quick to dig Hindi’s past ties to a controversial local imam, who was accused of preaching radical ideas and collecting money for terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

Indeed, in 2009 the woman, who called herself Nizam Hindi at the time, was featured in a story by the left-leaning tabloid Arbetarbladet about the opening of a mosque in Gavle. She explained how having their own prayer house was good for the Swedish municipality’s Muslim community, how aid from Saudi Arabia and Qatar helped to buy and furnish the building, and how listening to the imam is important during the prayer.

The Al-rashideen mosque and its imam, Abu Raad, were involved in a scandal a few years ago, after the leading local newspaper Gefle Dagblad accused him of spreading radical Salafist ideas and collecting money for terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

The editor-in-chef received death threats over the criticism. The man who issued the threats was sentenced to two months in jail.

It was not immediately clear whether Hindi is still associated with the mosque.

Gavle itself was the scene of a national scandal in Sweden two years ago, when six people were tried for the abduction and murder of 23-year-old Afghan man Ramin Sherzaj over an extramarital affair. Five received life sentences for the crime, while one got a 14-year jail term.

The woman involved in the affair, who was a relative of the defendants, left her husband for a brief relationship with Sherzaj. It apparently ended badly, since the man then sent photos of him kissing the woman to her husband’s family members. This led to them banding together to carry out the honor killing."

Sweden is now officially the Idiotarian Superpower of the world.


Friday, October 11, 2019


A sad day for humanity as a 'stellar' human being, Alexei Leonov, the first man ever to walk freely in space, has died.


"Soviet-era cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who in 1965 became the first person to walk in space before co-leading the first joint mission between Russia and the United States, has died at the age of 85.

Leonov died on Friday (Oct. 11) at the Burdenko military hospital in Moscow after a long illness.

"One of the first cosmonauts of the world space era, forever devoted to his country and his work, he inscribed himself in golden letters in the world history of space," said Roscosmos, Russia's federal space corporation, in a statement. "With Alexei Arkhipovich a whole era has gone."

Selected alongside Yuri Gagarin among the first 20 Soviet Air Force pilots to train as cosmonauts in 1960, Leonov flew twice into space, logging a total of 7 days and 32 minutes off the planet."

Launched on Voskhod 2, the world's 17th human spaceflight, on March 18, 1965, Leonov made history as the first person to exit his spacecraft for an extravehicular activity (EVA).

"The Earth is round!" he exclaimed, as he caught his first view of the world. "Stars were to my left, right, above and below me. The light of the sun was very intense and I felt its warmth on the part of my face that was not protected by a filter," said Leonov in a 2015 interview with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) on the 50th anniversary of his spacewalk.

"What remain etched in my memory was the extraordinary silence," he said.

Leonov's historic EVA, however, almost spelled his end.

After several minutes outside, his spacesuit ballooned, making it very difficult for him to maneuver. His crewmate, Pavel Belayev, unable to do anything to assist, Leonov made the decision to release air from his suit in order to be able to re-enter his capsule.

"I decided to drop the pressure inside the suit ... knowing all the while that I would reach the threshold of nitrogen boiling in my blood, but I had no choice," Leonov told the FAI, the world governing body that certifies aviation and space records.

Ultimately, Leonov made it safely back inside after 12 minutes and 9 seconds floating outside his spacecraft. He and Belyayev returned to Earth the next day on March 19, 1965, having shown it was possible for a human to survive working in the vacuum in space."

Try to imagine the sheer guts Alexei Leonov must have had, getting out of the relative 'shelter' offered by a spacecraft whizzing around Earth at 27,000 kloms an hour or thereabout, into the Great Icecold Void. Nothing between you and that but a flimsy spacesuit. Respect!

Rest in Peace, Major General. God bless.