Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Last Saturday, February 25, I had a meal at noon at my parent's house. My dad still has a subscription to De Standaard, Belgium's biggest newspaper and a notoriously anti-American leftist rag (to its credit I must admit they did publish the cartoons). I picked it up and glanced over it, frowning like I usually do. When I am bad tempered (happens once in awhile) I like to think that De Standaard (literally "The Standard") calls itself De Standaard for the same reason the Pravda called itself the Pravda.

The Saturday edition had arrived with a glossy magazine. Occurs from time to time in order to beef up the newspaper's sex-appeal. The magazines treat subjects like fashion, culture, literature, gardening, furniture etc. etc. etc. Lifestyle, in short.

This addition was about fashion. It was titled the "DSM Modespecial Flou artistique" (DSM meaning simply De Standaard Magazine), adn the subject treated was "Zomermode 2006" ("Summer Fashion 2006").

The cover photo was, I kid you not:

Call me an oversuspicious nutjob but, erm, could it be, uh, that, arh, uh, that De Standaard, ahem, is trying, uhm, is trying to tell us something???

Today I decided to mount a counteroffensive, and the opening shot is:

That's more my idea of 2006 summer fashion. Maybe I should try to see the silver lining here. After all, I finally found an alibi to introduce a decollete in this mortuarium.