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Muse with Undisclosed Desires. From the 2009 album The Resistance.

English rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. Matt Bellamy does lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards, Chris Wolstenholme bass guitar and backing vocals, and Dominic Howard is drummer.

Some seven years before flesh eating bacteria ravaged the inside of Cat Stevens' skull and turned him into a mooslim, the man wrote Wild World, a song from the album Tea for the Tillerman (1970).

At the time of writing Wild World, Stevens and his girlfriend Patti d'Arbanville were in the process of breaking up. Lady d'Arbanville dodged quite some bullet there.




Via De Dagelijkse Standaard, a Dutch rightwing website:

"Het schooljaar 2019-2020 kan nog wel eens een goed jaar worden voor de islamitische school Cornelius Haga in Amsterdam, waar bestuurders banden met terroristen en homegrown salafist Arnoud van Doorn onderhouden. Voor komend jaar hebben al bijna 150 kinderen zich aangemeld voor een plekje op de Raqqa van het onderwijs.

Het is toch van de zotten? Het is inmiddels alweer weken geleden dat de AIVD aantoonde dat de Amsterdamse islamitische school Cornelius Haga Lyceum banden onderhoudt met terroristische organisaties, en de slappe minister Slob heeft de onderwijsinstelling nog altijd niet gesloten. Dat leidt nu tot een soort triomfalisme, waarin men het zelfs gepast vindt om via allerlei stekelige 1 aprilgrappen middelvingers uit te delen aan de overheid.

En nu kan dat walgelijke islamofascistische Cornelius Haga-hol een nieuw succes rapporteren: het loopt storm voor het schooljaar 2019/2020! Al 135 knettergekke fundamentalistische ouders hebben hun kinderen opgegeven voor een plekje op deze tuigschool..."

The gist of the story: A couple of weeks ago the AIVD [Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst, the Dutch counterpart of the NSA if you will; MFBB] disclosed, in a report made public, that the staff of Amsterdam's islamic school Cornelius Haga had ties with islamic terrorist organizations. Here's a screenshot from NRC Handelsblad, a key Dutch newspaper:

The accompanying article states that AIVD warned Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema [a notorious islamophile and ecofascist; MFBB] about the "very worrisome situation at Cornelius Haga", where key personnel had ties with islamic terrorist organizations, a.o. the Caucasus Emirate. This Chechen jihadist organization (Imarat Kavkaz) is striving for establishing an islamic republic in Chechnya and surrounding areas in the North Caucasian. It is responsible for the two 2010 bombings of the Moscow underground and the attack on Moscow's Domodedovo Airport in 2011.

That the AIVD chose to make such sensitive information public via ordinary news channels is extremely rare and can only mean there is grave danger involved in letting Cornelius Haga continue.

Well, guess what. Since the disclosure of the report there's a stampede of islamic parents to Cornelius Haga for ensuring a place for their offspring in the coming schoolyear 2019-2020.

This development underscores for the umpteenth time the wide chasm that exists between "our" and "their" behaviour. As I have opined a couple of times before on these pages, if we get informed that some white trash criminal had his career cut short per the business end of police guns, our reaction is invariably "good riddance". Definitely NOT SO for our muslim "co-citizens", for whom islamic terrorists and criminals are heroes. We can be pretty sure that the news of AIVD proving that Cornelius Haga is a hotbed of salafism was actually seen as an endorsement in muslim circles.

The "British" sharia scholar Haitham al-Haddad is a known visitor of the school, and Education Minister Slob has gotten information that half of the hours in Cornelius Haga are spent on salafist courses, but all of that is no problem. However, Thierry Baudet and his Forum for Democracy making a breakthrough in the recent parliamentary elections, now, THAT's bad indeed!

Cornelius Haga Lyceum: prepping students to become model citizens in the future Islamic Republic of Holland. Within five years, most of the girls visible in this photograph will have given birth to their first child.

Islam has NO place in civilized countries.


Friday, April 05, 2019


Vlogger Hans Coudenys maintains a site, Ugly Belgian Houses, which sports the cream of Belgian architecture:

Take a look here. Sorry if you just ate.

He also published a book on the matter:

You can buy it here.

Have a nice weekend!


Thursday, April 04, 2019


PJW nails it:

For a good case in point, let's take a look at New Zealand, where last year PM Jacinda Ardern was the first NZ head of state ever to march in a Gay Pride parade:

For some unfathomable reason, that same wretched, ugly, worthless creature seems unable to detect the gross inconsistency of hugging both: a.) chaps who chop off their dicks thinking the fact alone makes them a woman and/or guys exploring other guys' anuses elbow-deep and, b.) fire-breathing imams who would gladly throw category a.) off Auckland's highest building.

As Mark Steyn observed:

"Apparently it's bad to force women into red robes and white coverings, but black robes and black coverings are totally cool - nothing patriarchal about them at all; in fact, the likes of Ms Ardern seem to get a kick out of it. Black isn't the new red.

Ms Ardern also ordered the nationwide broadcasting of the Muslim call to prayer, which apparently she can do, just as the Speaker of the legislature a couple of months back axed Jesus from the daily parliamentary prayer."

Unfortunately, the Jacinda Arderns of this world get far more airplay than the Mark Steyns. That, and eager followers as well:

The twat in the photo is Jill Rogers, Counties Manukau district commander superintendent (whoa, quite a mouthful), at the occasion, in 2018, of hosting for the first time an iftar dinner with the muslim community in south Auckland.

Just remember - and here we come to another breathtaking inconsistency - madam Rogers is one of those who will take pride, and loudly proclaim it, in "having broken free of the shackles imposed upon them by that evil white patriarchy"...

... yet at the same time she happily dons the garb imposed on females by and ARCHDOMINANT kind of male patriarchy, which does not allow women, in countries where they form a majority, to make it "district commander superintendent". Go figure.


Wednesday, April 03, 2019


In the Beginning there was Handle:

And then there came an upgrade to the Handle Logistics:

This Handle is a highly agile legs/wheels centered robot specifically designed for logistics. It is 2m high, weighs 105 kilograms, and can 'handle' a 30-kg payload. It has 10 joints and depth cameras for perception. Handle can build pallet towers, depalletize, and unload trucks in the warehouse.

I'm a bit surprised BD now resorted to a two-legged wheeled robot since it is clear that this kind of robotic dynamism requires constant dynamic counterbalancing. Given current microprocessor speeds I can imagine the software can handle this just fine - it's 'just' constantly re-calculating the equilibrium of robot and payload in function of the changing place in space, and thus momentum, of both. I guess the requirements for reacting mechanically can also easily be met. But what got me wondering is whether this type of configuration does not require an unneccessary power drain. On the videos you can clearly see how the huge pack between Handle's legs - which cannot be anything else than the battery - is constantly lifted up to provide the fitting counterbalance. The energy the battery expends for lifting itself up is energy that cannot be used for hauling payload.

Of course, guys coming up with this kind of technological marvels must be waaaaaaay smarter than I am so I assume they know what they are doing.

Also don't miss this Wired article:

"FOR INTERNET-GOERS, BOSTON Dynamics is that company that uploads insane videos of the humanoid Atlas robot doing backflips, of four-legged SpotMini opening doors and fighting off stick-wielding men, and as of last week, of a Segway-on-mescaline called Handle jetting around picking up and stacking boxes with a vacuum arm. For journalists and industry watchers, however, Boston Dynamics is that company that almost never talks about where all of this work is ultimately headed.

That’s beginning to change. The company is now teasing its ambitions as the four-legged SpotMini nears its commercial release. Today, Boston Dynamics is getting even more explicit about its vision with an announcement that it’s acquired a Silicon Valley startup called Kinema Systems, which builds vision software that helps industrial robot arms manipulate boxes. This acquisition is giving the Handle robot the gray matter it needs to follow SpotMini to market.

One of the biggest obstacles holding robots back has been their limited perception. We humans enjoy a rich constellation of senses that help us navigate our surroundings. Robots need the same, lest they destroy themselves. Go to pick up a box, for example, and you as a human probably don’t think deeply about the lighting and how it may cast shadows that throw off your hand placement.

Kinema’s software—which is robot-agnostic, meaning it already works on a range of robots beyond Handle—helps the machine through all these challenges. “Their system is able to look at a stack of boxes,” says Michael Perry, vice president of business development at Boston Dynamics, “and no matter how ordered or disordered the boxes are, or the markings on top, or the lighting conditions, they're able to figure out which boxes are discrete from each other and to plan a path for grabbing the box.”


"The reason BD is able to riff on its robot shapes with relative ease boils down to one big thing: repurposed software.

When you think Boston Dynamics, you probably don’t first marvel at the code that’s running these machines—BD is famous for its hardware. But Raibert takes issue with that characterization. “I think it's a misconception that we're a hardware company,” he says. “The only reason any of our machines do what they do is because of the controls and perception and the systems that coordinate with the hardware. It's just that our hardware is so strong, that's what makes us look like that.”

Someone, after all, has to program Atlas to do those backflips. SpotMini needs software to autonomously navigate its world. And two-wheeled Handle needs finely tuned control algorithms to keep from falling on its face. BD works out these algorithms across its platforms. “There's a lot of stuff that flows,” says Raibert. “The next group uses a lot and then creates their own stuff, and then that flows back.”



Tuesday, April 02, 2019


This is gross.

"A network of fraudsters stole billions of pounds from taxpayers in a 20-year crime spree on an industrial scale, funneling tens of millions to terrorists including Osama Bin Laden, according to police and intelligence files.

An investigation by The Sunday Times has revealed how a sprawling gang of British Asians infiltrated government departments, associated with Abu Hamza and one of the 7/7 bombers, bought Ferraris with personalised plates and cosied up to politicians including Tony Blair - all while keeping their operations so secretive investigators had to resort to tying a camera to a dog to glean intelligence from inside one of their factories.

The files show four HMRC investigators pleaded with bosses to prosecute the crimelords but were rebuffed - and one claims he was prevented from sharing HMRC data with MI5 because the Revenue wanted to maintain the confidentiality of the terror suspects' tax records.

HMRC told MailOnline it 'can, has always, and does' pass information on to intelligence agencies 'within minutes if necessary' and that confidentiality 'doesn't come into it'.

An estimated £8bn was stolen from the taxpayer through scams including benefit fraud and a massive VAT swindle. The sum, equivalent to the GDP of Kyrgystan or Kosovo, is three times as much as the Government spends on MI5, MI6 and GCHQ each year.

The gang is alleged to have sent one per cent of the money - £80 million - to al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where it was spent on madrasas and terrorist training camps. MI5 sources say prior to his death in 2011 some of the money had reached Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

(screenshot via The Times)

The true scale of the gang's profits, augmented by mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, and investments of the stolen cash, is unknown.

Some members of the syndicate have received and in some cases even finished jail terms - of a combined 100 years for frauds worth £100m - since the crimes first came to light in 1995, but the public has been prevented from hearing about the case or the identities of the wrongdoers by court orders.

The Crown Prosecution Service insists reporting might prejudice potential trials of the gang's ringleaders - despite the fact the kingpins fled the country years ago and are believed to be in hiding in the Middle East.

Last night Meg Hillier, chairwoman of the public accounts committee, told the Sunday Times said she would consider launching a parliamentary inquiry and would question Sir Mark Sedwill, the cabinet secretary and national security adviser to the prime minister, tomorrow."


"'Officers and, increasingly, their direct management have become frustrated at the lack of action,' wrote the officer. His request was refused because HMRC was worried about preserving the taxpayer confidentiality of the terror suspects."


"Thousands were given by the gang to the then-ruling Labour Party. An internal HMRC report said: 'There are numerous [gang] members involved in think tanks and business forums which bring them into contact with senior British politicians.

'I myself have seen one member shoulder to shoulder with Tony Blair on at least two occasions following the war in Iraq.'

The files also show that the gang enjoyed links with a top politician in Pakistan. There is no suggestion that Blair was aware of the alleged crimes.

HMRC intelligence officers also identified the gang's links to Shehzad Tanweer, a terrorist involved in the 7/7 London bombings in 2005 which killed 52 people, at least two years before the attack.

Associates of Tanweer, who who detonated a bomb while travelling eastbound on the Circle Line between Liverpool Street and Aldgate, killing himself and seven others., were suspected of 'multi-identity fraud, phoenix trading, tax evasion, tax credit fraud and money laundering', according to the files.

Many suspects identified by the 1990s investigation were prosecuted, with second-tier members of the gang charged with carousel fraud and money laundering.

In the course of cross-checking HMRC files with secret MI5 intelligence, the CPS found the 'jaw-dropping' link, a source told the paper; that 'MI5 had information that the ultimate destination for some of the money was Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad.'

However, senior HMRC officials declined to use the intelligence to mount prosecutions and take the gang out of operation until after the bombings."

So "a sprawling gang of British Asians infiltrated government departments" huh?

So "His request was refused because HMRC was worried about preserving the taxpayer confidentiality of the terror suspects." huh?

So "Thousands were given by the gang to the then-ruling Labour Party." huh?

So "Senior HMRC officials declined to use the intelligence to mount prosecutions and take the gang out of operation until after the bombings." huh?

Would it be asked too much if we could know the party affiliation of those "senior HMRC officals"? The religion they adhere? Whether or not they belong to that fabled group of 'British Asians'?

The West is litterally financing its own funeral, whether by generous child allowances or by funneling hard earned tax money to muslim terrs.

Meanwhile, this is what happens to British patriots. Amongst others:

It is now safe to speak of a worldwide leftist/islamic alliance.


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A compelling article over at American Thinker, by Trevor Thomas, on the sad decline of a once beautiful and safe city, Seattle.

"If you haven't seen the KOMO News special Seattle Is Dying, you need to. (Watch it here.) The hour-long show does a sound job of depicting the ugly decline of one of the most beautiful places in America. However, the piece misses the forest for the nasty, dirty, twisted trees.

Part of the root of the problem in Seattle is political, but Seattle Is Dying virtually ignores the liberal politics behind Seattle's foul decline. As John Sexton at Hot Air put it, "[t]here's really no escaping the fact that the current situation is the result of political decisions."

~ And yet, reporter Eric Johnson [the KOMO reporter behind the story] said on Facebook that he though[t] politicizing the story was a mistake. He says he's received many offers to comment on national shows that lean either right or left and he's turned them all down. He really seems to believe that people on all sides of the aisle can see the problems and the solutions regardless of where they are coming from.

Johnson begins his report by describing the "seething anger" of Seattle residents who no longer feel safe in their city. Scenes of filth — that rival what is seen in third-world countries — and "lost souls" litter the hour-long report. Residents and small business–owners are "mad" and "embarrassed" at the fact that, in many places, their city, simply put, "looks like s---." And law enforcement personnel are little to no help at all.

After I read the article, I sniffed around a short while and quickly found out that at least thirty years back mayors and key legislators of Seattle were ALL democrats. What is more, an astounding percentage were openly gay! Cal Anderson, Murray (also charged with child molestation), Jamie Pedersen, Nicole Macri, I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

I was in Seattle in summer 1995 and it was still a beautiful city. How I remember walking through clean and safe streets, how I watched the fish-throwing spectacle at Pike's Place. A week before that, I had spent three days in San Fran and that place gave me - back then already - the creeps. In the Ramada Hotel on Market Street the staff expressly told me to avoid this or that area.

Nothing of the kind in Seattle, back then it compared so well with SF that when I was back in Europe I hailed it as a marvel to everyone who would hear it, to the point that I fear I began annoying people.

And so I am very, very sorry to hear about that once great city going all socialistic. Going all...

.... European.

Leftism is a mental disorder.