Saturday, October 14, 2017


Therapy? with Die laughing. Album Troublegum (1994).

UK metal band from Larne, Northern Ireland. Formed in 1989, still around. Andy Cairns is the only constant member.

Dave Edmunds with Girls talk. Album Repeat when Necessary (1979).

Actually an Elvis Costello song.

Goede nacht.



Via our friends at Gates of Vienna, a speech by Giorgia Meloni, Chairwoman of the Italian rightwing party Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy):

00:00 We can’t deny that a process of Islamization is currently going on in Europe.
00:06 Anyone who denies that is an accomplice.
00:09 Saudi Arabia and Qatar are spending billions to spread their fundamentalism
00:12 [in the West, in Europe, in Italy]
00:18 by funding the opening of mosques, cultural centers, and universities.
00:26 Erdogan’s Turkey explicitly tells Turks who reside in Europe
00:31 to have as many children as they can [since Europeans aren’t procreating anyway]
00:35 in order to conquer Europe demographically…
00:40 You see, I think it’s nonsense that we fought bloody wars for hundreds of years
00:49 to stop the Islamic conquest of Europe from Poitiers to Lepanto,
00:54 only to find ourselves being conquered just because we are unable to react.
01:00 I say that we have to react and defend our culture and our traditions.
01:08 Meanwhile, I’m ashamed of how our institutions react
01:14 When the Islamic Heads of State come to Italy,
01:18 we cover up classical naked statues, we remove wine from the table,
01:24 and we think we are being nice and smart by doing so.
01:31 When Mrs. Boldrini goes to meet with them, she makes sure to cover her head
01:40 out of respect. Then to meet the pope, she chooses to wear slippers!
01:45 Because all cultures should be respected except ours!
01:50 Well, we say that cultures are to be respected, but ours comes first!
01:56 OUR identity should be defended first and foremost! Theirs have got NOTHING on ours! NOTHING!

All true enough, but don't break open the champagne bottles yet. In the latest elections, the ones for the European Parliament in 2014, FdL captured a mere 3.66 per cent of the vote.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Don't miss Mark Steyn's take on the Harvey Weinstein case:

"When a decent old stiff such as Mitt Romney talks earnestly about looking for suitable female job candidates and clumsily distills the effort into the phrase "binders full of women", all the smart sophisticated types jump on it and make it a punchline for an antiquated condescension that only confirms how irredeemably misogynist the GOP is.

By contrast, when Harvey Weinstein corners a TV reporter in the corridor of his restaurant and forces her to watch as he unzips his pants, masturbates, and finally concludes the performance by ejaculating into a pot plant, all you hear, from a couple of larger leaves round the back of the plant, are drenched crickets chirping. Three decades of crickets chirping.

"Binders full of women": what an appalling sentiment!

"Stand there and shut up while I masturbate in your general direction": well, say what you like but Harvey has always supported, as Meryl Streep noted today, "good and worthy causes" - like the Hillary campaign.

Feminist twat Jessica Chastain, who by her own admission 'knew all along' but only now chose to come forward. Had her heroine Hillary won the presidency, you can bet she wouldn't open her piehole on Harvey the Hutt.

Not so long ago, picking up a Golden Globe for her turn as Mrs Thatcher, Meryl was happy to salute Harvey Weinstein as God, notwithstanding that the previous occupant of that position was famously antipathetic to the sin of Onan, with or without attendant shrubbery. Harvey, more modestly, saw himself as the ""f**ing sheriff of this f**king lawless piece-of-s**t town". So, when he pounded the crap out of some journalist on a city sidewalk, a hundred cameras snapped, but, mysteriously, not a single photograph saw the light of day. When a junior reporter at The New York Times noticed that the head of Miramax Italy was a guy who knew nothing about movies but was paid 400 grand a year to procure broads for Weinstein, Matt Damon and (alas) Russell Crowe personally called her to talk her out of pursuing the story (subsequently gutted by an editor). As recently as this weekend's "Saturday Night Live", Lorne Michaels, head honcho of the world's most cobwebbed edgy comedy show, declined to address the Weinstein controversy, presumably in case Harvey was merely temporarily hors de combat and a week or two hence was minded to beat Lorne up, too.

Possibly Lorne, Matt and Russell have Harvey's name tattooed on their butts. Dame Judi Dench, who played Queen Victoria in another upscale Oscar-bait Weinstein production, does - and she's happy to lower her knickers and show it to you. Or she was, until Sunday. Maybe, all over town, Hollywood A-listers are frantically booking emergency removals of their Weinstein tramp-stamps..."


... Bunch of disgusting hypocrites.