Tuesday, April 01, 2008


As you can see from the last but one post, LiveLeak pulled "Fitna" again. So we had to look for another source, see below. All over Europe and indeed, all over the western world, politicians, opinion makers, editors, directors of governments-sponsored "diversity organizations" and "organizations against racism" and "organizations for social cohesion" and what not, are almost literally tripping over each other in a rush to condemn it. A leading editorialist of "top" Belgian newspaper De Standaard, a leftozoid scumbag with acute brain haemorrhage called Bart Sturtewagen, wrote a scandalously disgusting piece anticipating a Great Muslim Induced Debate In Which They Will Prove that Islam And Western Values Can Coexist Peacefully. Which is a rather optimistic thought, given the fact that:

a.) just the other day, for the debate in the plenary hall of Dutch Parliament (in which, btw, ALL parliamentarians excelled in Wilders bashing) EXTRA security measures were taken

b.) An exposition about discrimination in Nijmegen had to be called off because Moroccan youths tore down cartoons they deemed offensive and threatened violence

c.) The spokesman for Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Netherlands branch, a certain Okay Pala, recently declared that "they do not agree with freedom of expression, because they denounce democracy"

Mr. Sturtewagen ended his essay with the slogan "If Wilders wins, we all lose". Which is rather weird, given the fact that the man for the past three years has had to live in hiding in his own country and moves from secret location to secret location surrounded by bodyguards.

The sight of so many of our moral betters almost dying to grovel in the dirt for their de facto muslim overlords at home and abroad, is one of the most shameful things I have ever witnessed in my life. Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhaegen went out of his way to humiliate himself, first inviting more than twenty muslim ambassadors to his cabinet to beg for protection of Dutch citizens in their countries, then writing an opinion piece in arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat in which he, on behalf of the Dutch government, explicitly distanced himself from Wilders and his film. And believe it or not, but there's now a site online, sorryvoordefilm.nl, for Dutchmen who feel the need to apologize and promote nuance of the opinion muslims form themselves about The Netherlands. Look at it here and feel your toes curl. The opening page states "We are ashamed of this man. Don't judge us." Sensitive wooden shoe makers can leave a message of hope, peace and understanding and upload their photo. Compared to that, Neville Chamberlain is Rambo on steroids.

Over here at DowneastBlog, Your Personal Euro/American Rightwing Rock in a Red Sea, we keep proudly featuring Fitna and honoring that lone brave Dutchman, who for some reason still has the blood of Tromp and De Ruyter running undiluted through his veins:

Now, give credit where credit is due. This fella does a far better job than your servant chronicling the Death of Free Speech in Europe. Pat Condell on the Fitna aftermath:

And I say that as a christian, be it not such a good one. My God, what a fucked up world.