Saturday, May 26, 2018


Jon & Vangelis with I hear you now. Album Short Stories (1979).

An eighties collaboration between the frontman of Yes, Jon Anderson, and the Greek synthesizer virtuoso Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou, aka Vangelis.

Toto with Africa. From the 1982 album Toto IV.

Curiously faceless rock band formed in LA in 1976. Still around, despite a hiatus from 2008 to 2010.

Slaap wel.



Not a week goes by lately without Great Britain, the nation I once so admired, sliding ever more irresistibly down the path towards Orwellian Oceania.

The following two videos, courtesy Gates of Vienna, show Tommy Robinson, EDL founder, being arrested and put in the slammer. His crime? Nothing whatsoever, if you exclude doing the work journalists should do. He was filming outside the Leeds Crown Court courthouse where the grooming trial against 'Asian' men is taking place.

First his arrest:

Then there's this The Rebel video with Ezra Levant:

As the saying goes, know your enemies. It's becoming more and more clear that the mastermind behind the crescendo-going crackdown on freedom of speech is Cressida Dick, the first female Commissioner of the Met Police. She is an evil, ugly bitch whose very name may well play a role in her psychological predicaments, and who has no discernable organizational or intellectual capacities expected for such a high position. But she does have a past in the diversity industry:

Did I mention she is gay? It certainly explains to a considerable extent why this vile yellow men-hating creature is hellbent on silencing REAL Britons - Britons who risk their property and rights and even their lives - to expose the REAL threats eating up the island nation from within. REAL threats which also encompass widespread violation of females.

Think about it. It takes FOUR decades for a scandal like the Telford groomings to break out and then ONLY because of ordinary citizens finally stepping forward. Definitely NOT because of the Met, au contraire! It was British Police, of whom Cressida Dick has been a part for over three decades now, which chose to look the other way when eleven year old girls were raped. Only now are they taking action - reluctantly. And because the 800 pound gorilla in the room has become a coven of 800 pound gorillas.

It is British Police which is now cracking down mercilessly not just on genuine heroes like Tommy Robinson, but ALSO on unknown individuals pointing out TO POLICE that the law is being breached:

It is all ex-tre-me-ly ominous. There was a time I used to say that if Winston Churchill were still alive, he would in no time have sorry and malodorous excuses for police officers like Ed Yaxley or Cressida Dick posted to the north of the Shetland Islands to shovel horseshit.

Seeing the Met Police's appalling descent towards the Stasi, I am actually beginning to think he would have lined them up against a wall and shot.

To American readers in particular I have this urgent urgent urgent message: STICK - TO - YOUR - GUNS.


Friday, May 25, 2018


Via François Desouche:

Des cagoulés sortent d’une voiture sombre et tirent en l’air alors qu’un passant reste figé à quelques mètres.. la scène se passe en plein jour ce lundi 21 mai, au coeur de la cité marseillaise de la Busserine, entre le bâtiment A et le centre social. On se croirait dans Taxi 5 mais ce n’est pas de la fiction.

Une personne enlevée

Il est environ 17h00, quand ces individus cagoulés et armés de kalachnikovs ouvre le feu. Selon un témoignage, une personne aurait été enlevée par une voiture dont les occupants ont tiré en l’air à plusieurs reprises », a précisé le procureur de la République Marseille Xavier Tarabeux. Sur une deuxième vidéo amateur, on entend des tirs résonner dans la rue Mahboubi Tir devant le centre commercial du Mail alors que les tireurs prennent la fuite dans leurs voitures.

The gist of the story:

On Monday 21 May, the in the heart of the Busserine neighborhood in Marseille, between building A and the Social Centre, hooded individuals get out of a car and start shooting in the air...

It's about 5pm. According to an eyewitness, one person would have been abducted in the car by its occupants who shot several times in the air. This according to the public prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux.

And that is how once great nations perish. By importing the Third World pretending it will make us all better, while bullying normals into accepting it OR ELSE!!!

In Paris, the hideous monster who claims to be mayor, Anne Hidalgo, allows a 2,500 strong throng of invaders to settle on the streets, thus creating another Calais-style settlement. Smack in the middle of the 'City of Light'. And she flubs a federal plan to to have them evicted.

If you import the Third World, you become the Third World.


Thursday, May 24, 2018


A British lady was arrested for pointing out to the police that said police failed to uphold the law.

This is appalling. Share and share wide!

Hat tip Gates of Vienna.


Sunday, May 20, 2018


I got a mail from Katie Hopkins!

Well OK, an automated mail of course. Sometime somewhere I must have gotten on her radar, together with prolly tens of thousands of other concerned EU citizens.

Hopkins's mail went like this:

Dear Michael,

Last week I went to Molenbeek, a Muslim no-go zone in Brussels, Belgium.

It’s the most terrorist-infested neighbourhood in all of Europe.

Even its mayor, Francoise Schepmans, describes Molenbeek as a “breeding ground for violence."

Countless terrorist attacks around the world have been plotted from there.

Including the horrific attack on Paris in November, 2015, that killed 130 people and wounded more than 400.

And after the Paris attacks, the orchestrator of the slaughter went back to Molenbeek to hide.

In fact, it wasn’t until four months later that one of the Paris terrorists, Salah Abdeslam, was finally captured. The people of Molenbeek kept him hidden from police for that long.

Here’s the thing: when I was in Molenbeek, I literally bumped into Mayor Schepmans in the street. She approached me and told me not to sit on the benches because they were filthy.

So I asked her a simple question: why didn’t you do anything?

After all, she knew.

A month before the Paris attack, Mayor Schepmans was given a list of jihadists plotting in Molenbeek.

And Salah Abdeslam’s name was on the list.

I asked her why she didn’t have police arrest him.

And she told me: it wasn’t her job.

She actually said that. And she said it again and again. Here, watch the interview for yourself:

(Video courtesy of our Waffenbrueder at Gates of Vienna.)

Well, that video went viral. And so did my other videos from Molenbeek — including when I made a list of all 22 mosques in town; and when I put on a burka, to “fit in” with the submissive women there.

If you haven’t watched my videos yet, you can see them all, here.

Well, Mayor Schepmans watched my videos.

And she has decided to finally do something about the problem of the jihadis in her town.

She’s launching a public prosecution.

But she’s not prosecuting any terrorists. That’s not her job, remember.

No: she’s suing me.

For my reports — including for my interview with her!

To her, my journalism is a bigger threat than terrorists using her town as a base camp.

Here’s a story about her lawsuit in a Belgian newspaper. Mayor Schepmans says she is going to sue me on behalf of all of Molenbeek, claiming I have “defamed” their reputation.

Really? Because If you are known as The Jihadi Capital of Europe I think it’s impossible for your reputation to sink any lower than it is. They did that all by themselves — and because of a mayor who says it’s just not her job to arrest terrorists.

I need your help.

Mayor Schepmans has all of the resources of the city government at her disposal. She has government lawyers, and a multi-million dollar budget. I’m an independent journalist, working with The Rebel media. We’re 100% viewer-supported.

Can you please help me level the playing field? Can you help fill up my legal war chest, so I can keep standing on guard for our western values of freedom of speech, and the separation of mosque and state?

If you can help me with my legal bills, I promise I’ll keep fighting.

I know we can win this case. My journalism was fair and accurate. She’s abusing the courts.

Mayor Schepmans admitted she had a list with Salah Abdeslam’s name on it. It was her own statement that was embarrassing — not mine. Any judge would throw the case out.

But that’s not the point of the lawsuit — it’s designed to harass me, to waste my time and money, and to warn other journalists not to ask embarrassing questions about Islam, open borders or terrorism.

It’s designed to install a sense of fear into the public discussion, to create “libel chill”.

If you think it’s important to be able to talk freely about terrorism, please help me and The Rebel cover my legal bills. You can CLICK HERE to make a secure, online donation. Whether it’s $10, $100 or even $500, it all adds up.

Let’s show this mayor we’re as passionate about freedom as she is about censorship.

Yours gratefully,

Katie Hopkins

P.S. Please help me level the playing field against this Belgian bully, by making a secure online contribution to my legal defence fund, here. If you prefer to make a contribution by regular mail, click here. Thank you.

P.P.S. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to your friends and family who care about freedom too — and make your Facebook status!

Ah, Molenbeek! That wonderful stellar example, that beacon of hope, that quintessential proof that multiculturalism actually works for the benefit of all!!!

NOT. Here's an article from HLN, dating from 2015, about the mess Madam Schepmans presides over:


According to articles in French-speaking media the current city council has for months now been holding negotiations with her parent authority, the Brussels Region, to acquire more supporting measures. As a result of the bad financial situations the banks refuse to loan money any longer and payment of the commune's personnel would be in jeopardy.

Schepmans confirms the causes which are being mentioned in the articles: from 2005 to 2012 the number of people on the commune of Molenbeek's payroll increased from 889 to 1,364, an evolution which then Brussels Minister President Charles Picqué at the time called 'worrisome' already. The postponement of subsidies and an increasing debt also contributed to the malaise."

As we see our good friend Mr Moureaux makes an appearance in the aforementioned article. Moureaux, bigshot Parti Socialiste member (Minister of State no less!!!) who forever refused to speak a single word of Flemish, co-fathered so-called anti-racism laws tailor made to counter the Vlaams Belang, and married a muslim woman about half his age, after having dumped his BioBelgian wife. Not to worry, that one was Parti Socialiste too.

Moureaux the muslim aficionado gave Molenbeek the best of both worlds. Under his tenure the commune became 80 per cent muslim AND he applied his beloved socialist measures to stimulate the economy i.e. deficit spending and hiring à volonté!

Among the people Mr Moureaux hired we find, a.o., Mohamed Abdeslam, the brother of Salah Abdeslam, one of the Paris jihadists who preferred to stay in this eartly realm and was for some reason free to roam the streets of Molenbeek for four months without being recognized. The only explanation must be of course that the 80 per cent muslim of Molenbeek are stark myopic. But whatever, while Salah is definitely a bad boy, like his other brother Brahim who did perish in the attacks, Mohamed was a decent citizen and hardworking fonctionnaire in the communal offices of Molenbeek.

Until, alas, he was fired for saying that the attacks were no biggie.

The poor sod, deprived of his rightful income, then had no other option than to become a criminal: in February, he was arrested for his part in a bank robbery. In Molenbeek of all places. 68,000 EUR cash, actually money received at the offices of Molenbeek commune and being brought to the bank where, surprise surprise, someone knew that right at that time, at that place, the cash would arrive.

You will have to excuse me now, I'm tired. Update tomorrow.