Saturday, May 26, 2018


Not a week goes by lately without Great Britain, the nation I once so admired, sliding ever more irresistibly down the path towards Orwellian Oceania.

The following two videos, courtesy Gates of Vienna, show Tommy Robinson, EDL founder, being arrested and put in the slammer. His crime? Nothing whatsoever, if you exclude doing the work journalists should do. He was filming outside the Leeds Crown Court courthouse where the grooming trial against 'Asian' men is taking place.

First his arrest:

Then there's this The Rebel video with Ezra Levant:

As the saying goes, know your enemies. It's becoming more and more clear that the mastermind behind the crescendo-going crackdown on freedom of speech is Cressida Dick, the first female Commissioner of the Met Police. She is an evil, ugly bitch whose very name may well play a role in her psychological predicaments, and who has no discernable organizational or intellectual capacities expected for such a high position. But she does have a past in the diversity industry:

Did I mention she is gay? It certainly explains to a considerable extent why this vile yellow men-hating creature is hellbent on silencing REAL Britons - Britons who risk their property and rights and even their lives - to expose the REAL threats eating up the island nation from within. REAL threats which also encompass widespread violation of females.

Think about it. It takes FOUR decades for a scandal like the Telford groomings to break out and then ONLY because of ordinary citizens finally stepping forward. Definitely NOT because of the Met, au contraire! It was British Police, of whom Cressida Dick has been a part for over three decades now, which chose to look the other way when eleven year old girls were raped. Only now are they taking action - reluctantly. And because the 800 pound gorilla in the room has become a coven of 800 pound gorillas.

It is British Police which is now cracking down mercilessly not just on genuine heroes like Tommy Robinson, but ALSO on unknown individuals pointing out TO POLICE that the law is being breached:

It is all ex-tre-me-ly ominous. There was a time I used to say that if Winston Churchill were still alive, he would in no time have sorry and malodorous excuses for police officers like Ed Yaxley or Cressida Dick posted to the north of the Shetland Islands to shovel horseshit.

Seeing the Met Police's appalling descent towards the Stasi, I am actually beginning to think he would have lined them up against a wall and shot.

To American readers in particular I have this urgent urgent urgent message: STICK - TO - YOUR - GUNS.


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