Saturday, August 31, 2013


Emerson Lake and Palmer open with Lucky Man.

English progressive rock group. This single was drawn from their 1970 debut album. Listen to the Moog synthesizer, an early generation analog device.

Yes follows with Yours is no Disgrace.

From The Yes Album (1971).

And if there's less material from the past decade lately, it's because most of the current bands SUCK, like in S-U-C-K. Linkin Park, Outkast, Eminem, Three Days Grace, Evanescence? Don't let me laugh.

Let me cry, rather.



Friday, August 30, 2013


From the Belgian newssite Mozkito:

"Hospital looking for nurses who speak arabic

AALST - a job opening of recruitment bureau Randstad for a job as a nurse in a hospital in Aalst has caused quite some uproar after Steve Herman, chairman of Vlaams Belang in Aalst, put the ad with the job description on his Facebook page. The reason: the hospital, OLV (short for Onze Lieve Vrouw, Our Holy Lady) states as one of the conditions that candidates must be able to speak, apart from Dutch, arabic. "It's about a proactive enquiry for a (European) project OLV participates in and whereby non-western patients will be treated here."

A screenshot of Mozkito's webpage:

 photo OLV_arabisch2_zpsc5a862fa.jpg

And a screenshot of the Randstad in question, as photographed and put on Facebook by Steve Herman:

 photo olv_arabisch_zps6057b849.jpg

OLV is a medium-sized hospital with a (very) good reputation in a number of fields, amongst others for robotic operations, back complications (our former King Albert II was treated here rather than in one of the hospitals around Brussels), heart diseases etc.

As a sidenote, I might add that almost one year ago, I was treated there myself for my severe back problems, and to give credit where credit is due, the specialist under whose care I was rather quickly discovered that my real problem was cancer of the bone marrow - getting a quick and correct diagnosis is, it should be obvious, of paramount importance. Note that in all its correspondence and outward communication, "OLV" only uses its own neutral acronym, "OLV", what with being ashamed of your Christian heritage and fearing that some patients of a certain non-christian background might be offended by so strongly a Christian reference as the Mother of Jesus - like I said, "OLV" means "Onze Lieve Vrouw", Our Holy Lady. But I digress.

Anyway, Chris Van Raemdonck, a spokesperson for the Onze Lieve Vrouw hospital tripped over his words to minimize the issue, explaining that Onze Lieve Vrouw Hospital is 'only' participating in a European project to get 'appointed' as a European hub to treat non-western patients - read arabs - because the necessary medical capabilities and/or equipment are unavailable in the countries of origin.

Nice explanation.

This is Outlaw Mike's guess. Not so very deep in the bowels of the European Union a muslim lobby is at work to, indeed, get patients from muslim countries treated as cheap as possible since the medical sector in said countries is completely fucked up. Organisations and structures to strenghten the ties between the EU and muslim Mediterranean countries exist since the seventies, and I gather that this 'project' to dedicate distinctive European clinics as recipients of busloads of muslim patients from arabic countries, are sold as a benign initiative within the framework of EU-arab cooperation. It is going to be a kind of medical tourism (a term Van Raemdonck uses literally) and for that reason the hospital yearning to be that hub must have a cadre of nurses speaking arabic.

Memo to Mr Van Raemdonck: despite your impressive cv, see here, you are a small man who thinks small. You should see the Bigger Picture Mr. Van Raemdonck.

The Bigger Picture is this: the islamic world is rapidly becoming Mankind's Biggest Problem ever. In a NORMAL world, humanity should steadily progress, become more apt to use the planet's resources to their full extent to create harmonious societies. Harmonious and prosperous societies in which individuals can fullfill their maximum potential for the ultimate benefit of all.

In THIS world however, the muslim part of humanity is manifesting itself every year more and more as a terrible burden instead for the non-muslim part of humanity. Basically everywhere where there's a war going on, one or both sides in the conflict are muslim. In all muslim countries, parameters by which upwardly moving societies are measured, are moderate in quite a few cases and downright depressing in a plethora of others. Where muslim countries interact with others frictions and incompatibilities occur, at best. We are talking about difficult trade regulations, unfulfilled payments, strained cultural exchanges, problematic traffic of persons, the threat of cutting our oil supplies and being and the mercy for the price thereof.

When I take a plane at Zaventem or Charleroi and see that a seventysomething woman in a wheelchair has to remove part of her clothing for 'security measures' - well, that too is because of muslims.

At worst The number of cases whereby acts of violence, sometimes war, occurs, are multiplying. Look at a map of the world and see where muslim countries border non-muslim ones from West Africa to the Philippines - bloodshed everywhere. Not only that, they can't even get along with themselves.

To cut a long story short: ISLAM SUCKS, AND BIG TIME!!!!!!

As they have done so now for decades, petty western 'intellectuals' offer their screwed up opinions on every probem in the muslim world as if these problems exist on their own and don't interact with the others. The Paleostinian 'plight', whereby Israel is the evil force. The turmoil in the ME, where of course western countries are to blame. Through the foggy prism with which our hopelessly leftist 'intelligentsia' (now there's an oxymoron!) regard the developments in the arab world, the so-called 'Arab Spring' was the Facebook Revolution, masses of upright people yearning to be free of their pro-US dictators.


... be brought back to one thing.

Islam itself.

Islam itself will render hopeless each and every undertaking to get to a better, juster, and more prosperous society.

Islam ITSELF is the problem, and it is becoming a TERRIBLE BURDEN FOR HUMANITY.

What is it about that obvious fact that you DON'T understand Mr Van Raemdonck?

So no, we DON'T need more interaction with muslim countries. We need LESS. It should be clear that we DON'T NEED muslim patients. South Korea and Uruguay are perfectly able to treat their sick well. So should muslim countries. Dark EU operatives are obviously looking for another channel to milk our resources in order to alleviate the results of the islamic world's UTTER FAILURE to offer its citizens a chance to a decent life. It is yet more confirmation of the encroaching muslim presence and lobbying force in the supranational force that the EU is becoming, and THINKING EU CITIZENS SHOULD REFUSE TO GO ALONG WITH THAT STORY.

Islam is a failure in every conceivable way. We should leave that failure where it is, in the hellholes of Yemen, Syria, Gaza and Pakistan. To allow even more interaction means to import the mechanisms that ensure muslim countries' squalor in our own countrues. No, we should defititely NOT reinforce even more than it is already the muslim presence in OUR countries.

Because that's what would happen. Hire arabic speaking nurses in a Flemish middle sized town smack in the middle of the Flemish heartland - and 5 minutes after ailing Ali and Mo arrive in Onze Lieve Vrouw Hospital, probably having wounded each other in their asinine internice feuds; or else severely diabetic, having propped themselves full with sugar during fucking ramadan, well, 5 minutes later and they will DEMAND that halal food is served and that Marjolein, the Flemish-as-can-be colleague of Madam arabic speaking nurse, covers her hair.

Oh yes, Mr Chris Van Raemdonck the communication specialist is such a small thinker.

It's all thoroughly depressing.