Saturday, April 09, 2011


From a time when being a black artist still meant something. Bill Withers with Lovely Day (1977).

Now there's only Kanye West & clones, ululating jungle sounds.

Magnificent and underestimated number by Billy Joel, Laura.

Sorry for the light blogging. Been a rough week. Workload heavy, plus my dad narrowly escaped death. Was hospitalized on the 31st or so with an infection of the, what's the English word for urineblaas? Anyway, Friday morning 8 days ago at three o'clock in the morning his kidneys stopped working and he had a cardiac arrest. The doctor called my mother and told her to expect the worst, and warn me and my siblings. Three days of a certain mix of antibiotics had no effect (Ciproxine, Augmentin). It was only after they started administring Negaban on Monday morning that the tide began to turn. This afternoon he left intensive care for his normal room, where he was admitted nine days ago. Physically, being the strong person that he always was (he's 77 now), he has made a remarkable recovery. But - he's having hallucinations every now and then. I just hope this is a side effect of the plethora of drugs he got to get him thru.

Anyway, over here we keep our fingers crossed, knowing full well there's tears and bloodshed everywhere these days. Japan, Libya... the world sucks. And right this morning I attended the funeral of the father of one of my best friends. He's not coping with it well. God knows I wouldn't either were I in his place.

Have a nice weekend yet. Will try to flesh out some decent posts in the coming week.


Monday, April 04, 2011


On March 25, the salafist movement Sharia4UK held a demo in Oxford Street, London.

Learn how to use firearms. Join a shooting club.

Hat tip Observatoire de l'islamisation.