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Steely Dan with Kid Charlemagne. From the 1976 album The Royal Scam.

Legendary jazz rockband around Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.

The Walkabouts with All for This. From the 1996 album Devil's Road.

US rockband around singer Carla Torgerson and singer/songwriter Chris Eckman. Formed in Seattle in 1984. I love that city. Been there once. Clean, beautiful, not too big, glorious setting with Mr Rainier at the horizon.



Promoting the wonderful lifestyle of homosexuals reached a (temporary) all-time high in Belgium yesterday, when our PM Charles Michel insisted on being present at the election of Mr Gay Flanders.

The winner is Skelte Willems, a 21-year old hairdresser from Aarschot.

 photo skelte_willems_zpszngg1rbs.jpg

A horror story in Belgian daily HLN Online:

"Skelte Willems, a 21-year old hairdresser from Aarschot, got elected Mr Gay Flanders 2015 in Antwerp's Elckerlyc theater. Willems had to compete with eleven other finalists. First honourman was restaurant supplier Jens Van Maele (24) from Bruges, followed by social-cultural worker Bart Bruyninckx (24) from Deurne (Antwerpen).

Winner Skelte works as a hairdresser in Bonheiden and outed himself as gay five years ago. During the election show he told openly about his desire for children and he pleaded for making gay parentage debatable.

A surprise in this third edition was made by Belgian PM Charles Michel (MR), who, together with Bart Peeters, Jani Kazaltzis, Maaike Cafmeyer, Kobe Ilsen, Lesley-Ann Poppe, Roos Van Acker, Belle Perez and Joyce De Troch, sat in the jury.

"Apart from dance, choreography and catwalk there were also personal and multiple choice questions. Skelte excelled especially in presentation and expression. Also working in his favour was his message about gay adoption and his wish for children with his partner, a story that moved us very much", said organizer Bram Bierkens."


It's Saturday night and I wanna see a DVD with my daughter and I actually DON'T want to spend my precious time on this topic, but I feel I must offer at least a token resistance to this madness. So here goes.

I DON'T KNOW what's happening these days with the downright promotion of homosexual behaviour in our media and among our "cultural" and political "elites".

The last days I've picked up whiffs of there being rodeos for gay people, about the Irish voting en masse for gay marriage, about National Review, of all Reviews, promoting gay marriage, about the Girl Scouts of the US accepting boys who feel like girls, about the PM of Luxembourg marrying his friend, and now this. Our own PM, AFAIK straight though not married to be sure, and a Walloon no less, attending the elecion of Mr Gay Flanders.

Listen - and if there are gay people out there listen well. I don't hate or despise homosexuals or lesbians. In fact, I consider myself "liberal" in the sense that I'm okay with civil relationships that offer "lasting" gay couples a modicum of certaintly in legal matters when one of them dies. I think there's been tremendous unjust discrimination against gay people. And more than once I've been cringing myself when hearing nasty slurs and unsavoury jokes about them. I also think there's certainly a noble fight to be fought to stop harassment of gays and to make homosexuals and lesbians feel accepted in our society.

One of my best friends is gay and he's a marvellous character.

But the buck stops for me when gay marriage and gay adoption is mentioned.

And I AM FED UP with anything that passes for a blitzy gay lifestyle being shoved in my face every other day.

Here we are, and from tens of photos we see the smiling faces of the fine fleur of Belgium' entertainment sector AND OF OUR PRIME MINISTER, as if living the gay way of life is something wonderful and desirable.

Well arseholes, you may be able to fool confused kids - actually a normal thing for many a teen - with your rubbish, but there are A COUPLE OF INCONVENIENT TRUTHS.

From the site Facts about Youth:


Men having sex with other men leads to greater health risks than men having sex with women1 not only because of promiscuity but also because of the nature of sex among men. A British researcher summarizes the danger as follows:

“Male homosexual behaviour is not simply either ‘active’ or ‘passive,’ since penile-anal, mouth-penile, and hand-anal sexual contact is usual for both partners, and mouth-anal contact is not infrequent. . . . Mouth-anal contact is the reason for the relatively high incidence of diseases caused by bowel pathogens in male homosexuals. Trauma may encourage the entry of micro-organisms and thus lead to primary syphilitic lesions occurring in the anogenital area. . . In addition to sodomy, trauma may be caused by foreign bodies, including stimulators of various kinds, penile adornments, and prostheses.”2

Although the specific activities addressed below may be practiced by heterosexuals at times, homosexual men engage in these activities to a far greater extent.3

a. Anal-genital

Anal intercourse is the sine qua non of sex for many gay men.4 Yet human physiology makes it clear that the body was not designed to accommodate this activity. The rectum is significantly different from the vagina with regard to suitability for penetration by a penis. The vagina has natural lubricants and is supported by a network of muscles. It is composed of a mucus membrane with a multi-layer stratified squamous epithelium that allows it to endure friction without damage and to resist the immunological actions caused by semen and sperm. In comparison, the anus is a delicate mechanism of small muscles that comprise an “exit-only” passage. With repeated trauma, friction and stretching, the sphincter loses its tone and its ability to maintain a tight seal. Consequently, anal intercourse leads to leakage of fecal material that can easily become chronic.

The potential for injury is exacerbated by the fact that the intestine has only a single layer of cells separating it from highly vascular tissue, that is, blood. Therefore, any organisms that are introduced into the rectum have a much easier time establishing a foothold for infection than they would in a vagina. The single layer tissue cannot withstand the friction associated with penile penetration, resulting in traumas that expose both participants to blood, organisms in feces, and a mixing of bodily fluids.

Furthermore, ejaculate has components that are immunosuppressive. In the course of ordinary reproductive physiology, this allows the sperm to evade the immune defenses of the female. Rectal insemination of rabbits has shown that sperm impaired the immune defenses of the recipient.5 Semen may have a similar impact on humans.6

The end result is that the fragility of the anus and rectum, along with the immunosuppressive effect of ejaculate, make anal-genital intercourse a most efficient manner of transmitting HIV and other infections. The list of diseases found with extraordinary frequency among male homosexual practitioners as a result of anal intercourse is alarming:

Anal Cancer
Chlamydia trachomatis
Giardia lamblia
Herpes simplex virus
Human immunodeficiency virus
Human papilloma virus
Isospora belli
Viral hepatitis types B & C

Sexual transmission of some of these diseases is so rare in the exclusively heterosexual population as to be virtually unknown. Others, while found among heterosexual and homosexual practitioners, are clearly predominated by those involved in homosexual activity. Syphilis, for example is found among heterosexual and homosexual practitioners. But in 1999, King County, Washington (Seattle), reported that 85 percent of syphilis cases were among self-identified homosexual practitioners.8 And as noted above, syphilis among homosexual men is now at epidemic levels in San Francisco.9

A 2010 CDC data analysis underscores the disproportionate impact of HIV and syphilis among gay and bisexual men in the United States. The data, presented at CDC’s 2010 National STD Prevention Conference, found that the rate of new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men (MSM) is more than 44 times that of other men and more than 40 times that of women. The rate of primary and secondary syphilis among MSM is more than 46 times that of other men and more than 71 times that of women.10

A 1988 CDC survey identified 21 percent of all Hepatitis B cases as being homosexually transmitted while 18 percent were heterosexually transmitted.11 Since homosexuals comprise such a small percent of the population (only 1-3 percent),12 they have a significantly higher rate of infection than heterosexuals.13

Anal intercourse also puts men at significant risk for anal cancer. Anal cancer is the result of infection with some subtypes of human papilloma virus (HPV), which are known viral carcinogens. Data as of 1989 showed the rates of anal cancer in male homosexual practitioners to be 10 times that of heterosexual males, and growing.13 Thus, the prevalence of anal cancer among gay men is of great concern. For those with AIDS, the rates are doubled.14

Other physical problems associated with anal intercourse are:

anal fissures
anorectal trauma
retained foreign bodies.15

b. Oral-anal

There is an extremely high rate of parasitic and other intestinal infections documented among male homosexual practitioners because of oral-anal contact. In fact, there are so many infections that a syndrome called “the Gay Bowel” is described in the medical literature.16 “Gay bowel syndrome constitutes a group of conditions that occur among persons who practice unprotected anal intercourse, anilingus, or fellatio following anal intercourse.”17 Although some women have been diagnosed with some of the gastrointestinal infections associated with “gay bowel,” the vast preponderance of patients with these conditions are men who have sex with men.18

“Rimming” is the street name given to oralanal contact. It is because of this practice that intestinal parasites ordinarily found in the tropics are encountered in the bodies of American gay men. Combined with anal intercourse and other homosexual practices, “rimming” provides a rich opportunity for a variety of infections.

Men who have sex with men account for the lion’s share of the increasing number of cases in America of sexually transmitted infections that are not generally spread through sexual contact. These diseases, with consequences that range from severe and even life-threatening to mere annoyances, include Hepatitis A,19 Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica,20 Epstein-Barr virus,21 Neisseria meningitides,22 Shigellosis, Salmonellosis, Pediculosis, scabies and Campylobacter.23 The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) identified a 1991 outbreak of Hepatitis A in New York City, in which 78 percent of male respondents identified themselves as homosexual or bisexual.24While Hepatitis A can be transmitted by routes other than sexual, a preponderance of Hepatitis A is found in gay men in multiple states.25 Salmonella is rarely associated with sexual activity except among gay men who have oral-anal and oral-genital contact following anal intercourse.26 The most unsettling new discovery is the reported sexual transmission of typhoid. This water-borne disease, well known in the tropics, only infects 400 people each year in the United States, usually as a result of ingestion of contaminated food or water while abroad. But sexual transmission was diagnosed in Ohio in a series of male sex partners of one male who had traveled to Puerto Rico.27

In America, Human Herpes Virus 8 (called Herpes Type 8 or HHV-8) is a disease found exclusively among male homosexual practitioners. Researchers have long noted that men who contracted AIDS through homosexual behavior frequently developed a previously rare form of cancer called Kaposi’s sarcoma. Men who contract HIV/AIDS through heterosexual sex or intravenous drug use rarely display this cancer. Recent studies confirm that Kaposi’s sarcoma results from infection with HHV-8. The New England Journal of Medicine described one cohort in San Francisco where 38 percent of the men who admitted any homosexual contact within the previous five years tested positive for this virus while none of the exclusively heterosexual men tested positive. The study predicted that half of the men with both HIV and HHV-8 would develop the cancer within 10 years.28 The medical literature is currently unclear as to the precise types of sexual behavior that transmit HHV-8, but there is a suspicion that it may be transmitted via saliva.29

c. Human Waste

Some gay men sexualize human waste, including the medically dangerous practice of coprophilia, which means sexual contact with highly infectious fecal wastes. This practice exposes the participants to all of the risks of anal-oral contact and many of the risks of analgenital contact.

d. Fisting

“Fisting” refers to the insertion of a hand or forearm into the rectum, and is far more damaging than anal intercourse. Tears can occur, along with incompetence of the anal sphincter. The result can include infections, inflammation and, consequently, enhanced susceptibility to future STDs. Twenty-two percent of homosexuals in one survey admitted to having participated in this practice."


Or shall I elaborate on some tasty stories from nurses who had to patch up devastated rectums, rammed to a bloody pulp by dicks and arms up to the elbows???? You wanna hear that asshole? I pity these nurses. I pity them. They find themselves in deep shit.

Sometimes literally.

I get the distinct feeling that everybody is going stark bonkers. Why am I so godforsaken lonely here in this nuthouse called Europe?


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As per usual, a priceless Mark Steyn column. In Europe, the MSM are doing their damnedest best to deny that he even exists, lest the Great Unwashed on our side of the pond discover Steyn and find out to their horror they've wasted half their lives reading and listening to smug, smelly, self-congratulating drivel.

"The New Yorker cover at right has attracted a lot of comment. It shows Hillary Rodham Clinton outside the locker room trying to get in. But the locker room is full of white Republican males - Walker, Paul, Bush, Cruz, Rubio... Okay, the last couple are Hispanic, but let's not get hung up on details. And Bush identifies as Hispanic on voter registration forms, but let's not get hung up on the paperwork...

But, in fact, the GOP has already let a female into the locker room - Carly Fiorina - plus a black guy - Ben Carson - and an Indian - Bobby Jindal. So nothing celebrates diversity like the locker room for the Republican primary debate: whites, blacks, browns, Hispanics, men, women, old, young... Over in the Dem locker room, there's hardly anybody in there, and the few that are are all white, and old: Hillary, Bernie, Elizabeth Warren.

By the way, is there a whiter cultural artifact than The New Yorker? Mark Ulriksen is the cartoonist, and a useful reminder of why I'll take the Charlie Hebdo crowd any day. He should do a picture of Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Bobby Jindal banging to get in the door of his outmoded Republican stereotype.

Also by the way, I hate having to talk like this - to buy into the left's hideous civilization-sapping trope that identity politics is the only thing that matters: We've got two Hispanics; where's yours? Where's your Indian? Where's your transgender candidate? It's pathetic, but what can you do with an artist who thinks "provocation" means "pandering to the delusion of upscale white liberal solipsists"?

 photo NewYorker_zpsyry3xn8c.jpg

Making no sense at all. But what would you expect from a leftist rag like The New Yorker and a fourteenth grade cartoonist like Ulriiksen?

And isn't the big problem with the picture is that it's the wrong way round? I mean, Hillary's in the room, isn't she? Hermetically sealed off from voters and reporters and competing candidates. And it's not any old locker room, but the A-list power-players' locker room: There's Hillary, and Bill, and Chelsea, and tireless Clinton Foundation charity worker Sid Blumenthal; and Hillary's brothers Tony and Hugh, who got into a spot of bother over a hazelnut scam in the Caucasus (not a phrase one often has cause to type) but it's all been smoothed over and, during their brother-in-law's tenure as Haitian earthquake-relief honcho, they wound up on the advisory board of some Haitian gold-mining venture; and that FIFA guy Septic Bladder whose corrupt and criminal organization is a Clinton donor; and the corrupt and murderous Government of Qatar, who are also Clinton donors; and high-flying paedo Jeffrey Epstein, who likes to offer Bill a ride on the Lolita Express, where the stewardesses take off more than the plane; and a couple of Kazakh warlords, and Russian oligarchs fronting for Putin, and Saudi princes, but only the real heavyweights, none of your distant cousins...

What are the chances of poor old Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders busting into that room and having a real primary?

Yeah, right. Is that Hillary I hear through the door doing her amusing southern accent for the benefit of the Kazakhs while Tony passes the bowl of hazelnuts?

~Maybe the best explanation of Mark Ulriiksen's all-male locker room is that it's meant to be the local bathhouse. Several folks have asked me to comment on the decline of National Review as represented by their 5,500-word cover story in support of gay marriage, which, with their usual impeccable timing, they published the day before the launch of their spring fundraiser asking loyal readers to pony up to keep this bastion of principled conservatism standing athwart history.

I generally don't comment on publications to which I used to contribute, because it's best just to move on. But I confess I did get a mordant chuckle out of Kathy Shaidle's take. As she likes to say, we're gonna need more KY for that slippery slope.

~I'm not usually envious of other people's book titles, but I did feel a stab of regret when I saw that Ann Coulter's new release is called, brilliantly, Adios, America! That would have made a great trilogy-completer for America Alone and After America. I also liked her subtitle "The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third-World Hellhole", until I reflected for three seconds or so and remembered it's "The Left's and Seven-Eighths of the Right's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third-World Hellhole". See these immigration policy scorecards. That all-white GOP locker-room evidently needs a lot of towel boys. It's not just Jeb with his wacky plans to save Detroit by making it part of the ummah.

Unlike the wimps at ABC, CBS and NBC, Jorge Ramos of Fusion TV is actually willing to have Miss Coulter on his show, and she was on splendid form, starting with her advice to Americans: "If you don't want to get killed by ISIS, don't go to Syria. If you don't want to get killed by Mexicans, I can't help you." She continued:

I think there are cultures that are obviously deficient and if they weren't deficient you wouldn't be sitting in America interviewing me. I'd be sitting in Mexico. You fled that culture because... there are a lot of problems with that culture. Hopefully, it can be changed. But we can share our culture with other nations without bringing all of their people here. When you bring those people here you bring those cultures here. That includes honor killings, it includes uncles raping their nieces, it includes not paying your taxes, it includes paying bribes to government officials. That isn't our culture. You can see the successful cultures in the world that have been studied ad infinitum. America is about, it is the best in the world and we are about to lose it. And, everyone who lives here is going to lose that.

She's right. You're gonna lose it. Culture trumps economics - every time. So, absent assimilationist incentives everyone's too squeamish to apply, a country that grows more Latin-American demographically will trend more Latin-American culturally, too. America's not alone, of course. The entire western world has chosen to commit immigration-assisted suicide as some kind of civilizational penance for imperialism, or racism, or just being so culturally insensitive as to build the parts of the planet that function. In Europe and Canada, they're ceding their turf to Islam. In the United States, they've chosen Latin America. So fewer clitoridectomies.

Without cultural continuity, a country is just real estate. Just across the Iraq border, where I stood 12 years ago, is the town of Mari. It's in Eastern Syria now, but it was once the furthest outpost of the Kingdom of Hammurabi, the guy who cooked up the first legal code. It's currently being destroyed by jihadist loons. What value do Hammurabi and his pre-Islamic laws have to ISIS? The past has no meaning, because it's someone else's past.

In a mid-21st century America that's imported millions more low-skilled Latin-American peasants on the transformative scale Democrats and most Republicans accept, why should the Founding Fathers be any more relevant than Hammurabi is to the Islamic State?"

How true. Outlaw Mike no longer buys into the notion that Hispanics are by nature conservative. I may have been sympathetic to that nonsense ten years ago, but no longer. Here are the US's Founding Fathers:

 photo foundingfathers_zpswlhxt9ts.jpg

Anyone still believing these chaps cause a stir in Pablo, Manuel or Margarita, I have a bridge across the Rio Grande to sell you.


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In April I had a small post dealing with a Belgian "Christian" youth organization hiring staffers who identify as male, female, or "X".

'Lo and behold, the Girl Scouts of America must be reading DowneastBlog! Via American Thinker, a sobering article by Trevor Thomas:

"...The Girl Scouts of America recently announced a policy shift and will start allowing gender-confused boys into their ranks. The FAQ section of the Girl Scouts’ website reads, “Girl Scouts is proud to be the premiere leadership organization for girls in the country. Placement of [gender-confused] youth is handled on a case-by-case basis, with the welfare and best interests of the child and the members of the troop/group in question a top priority. That said, if the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve [him] in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.”

Interestingly, after their surrender to the liberal sexual agenda nearly two years ago that allowed for homosexual members, I thought that the Boy Scouts next would capitulate when it comes to the gender-confused. Not wanting to let the boys outdo them, and showing themselves to be fine feminazi role models for today’s young females, the adults who lead the Girl Scouts beat the Boy Scouts to the punch!

Rather than delve into gender perverseness, it seems the Boy Scouts are still hung up on homosexuality. So much so that Boy Scouts of America (BSA) president Robert Gates recently announced that the BSA’s longstanding ban on homosexual scout leaders is now in question. Noting the “open defiance” that exists with some Boy Scout councils across the U.S. when it comes to “current membership policy,” Gates said that such issues could no longer be “ignored.”

He also noted the “social, political, and ‘juridicial’ changes taking place in our country.” Gates reminded listeners of the debates raging in the U.S. over “discrimination” based on “sexual orientation,” and rightly expressed fear that U.S. courts would force a change (full-on acceptance of all things homosexual) on the Boy Scouts.

So what’s Gates’ solution? Sounding much like the modern champion of “tolerance” that he is, Gates began, “We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it would be.” He then offered a policy “that accepts and respects our different perspectives and beliefs, allows religious organizations -- based on First Amendment protections of religious freedom -- to establish their own standards for adult leaders, and preserves the Boy Scouts of America now and forever.”

Ahh, the sweet smell of compromise. Given Gates’ previous desire to allow homosexual scout leaders, preceded by his efforts to end “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the U.S. military, his recent comments come as little surprise. It’s almost as if Gates was placed in his position as president of Boy Scouts of America in order to lead the Scouts down the same path that he took our military...."

So Gates was a proponent of ending DADT in the US military. Hmmmm. I really should appreciate my gut feelings more, because I somehow never trusted him as much as I did Rummy.

 photo girl_scouts_goals_zpsvqltjs6w.jpg

And then come some verrrry important statistics:

"...Since the Scout motto says, “On my honor, I will do my best… to keep myself physically strong,” it would also be nice if Boy Scout leadership told the truth on the tremendous health dangers associated with sexual immorality. This is especially the case for those involved in a homosexual lifestyle.

There are abundant data that reveal the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle. Even government health organizations who’ve fully bought into the homosexual agenda can’t deny the sad and sobering statistics when it comes to homosexuality. As the CDC notes, when compared to the general population, LGBT individuals are more likely to:

Use alcohol and drugs
Have higher rates of substance abuse
Continue heavy drinking later in life
Men who have sex with men account for 75% of primary and secondary syphilis cases in the U.S. and are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than are heterosexual men. Though homosexuals make up only about 2% of the population, homosexual men account for about two-thirds of all new HIV infections.

The Canadian healthcare system notes that the life expectancy of homosexual men is 20 years less than the average. In addition, gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in Canada:

Commit suicide at rates from 2 to 13.9 times more often than average
Have smoking rates 1.3 to 3 times higher than average
Have rates of alcoholism 1.4 to 7 times higher than average
Have rates of illicit drug use 1.6 to 19 times higher than average
Show rates of depression 1.8 to 3 times higher than average
Gay and bisexual men comprise 76.1% of AIDS cases
Gay and bisexual men comprise 54% of new HIV infections each year
If they are committed to the truth, Scouting organizations should also reveal to young boys and girls that, though they may experience same-sex attractions, they are not doomed to the devastation that comes from living a homosexual lifestyle. In other words, it is possible to come out of the homosexual lifestyle. In spite of the recent best efforts of liberals to suppress the truth -- going so far as to make it illegal -- conversion therapy works.

Any organization committed to helping young boys maintain a “physically strong,” and “mentally awake” lifestyle, or committed to helping young girls “respect” themselves and to be “Courageous and Strong,” should certainly make our youth aware of the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle.

Gates is right about one thing: these issues can’t be ignored. However, instead of fighting for what’s right, the former secretary of defense has surrendered on one of the most important moral battles of our time. How tragic that two of the oldest and most premiere youth organizations in the U.S. have taken the wide road that leads to destruction when it comes to these important truths."

Amen to that man.

Now people, if you've got your daughters in the Girl Scouts of America, GET THEM OUT ASAP!!! Same goes for your sons if they are in the Boy Scouts of course. EXCEPT if they show, dixit Mr Gates, “open defiance that exists with some Boy Scout councils across the U.S. when it comes to current membership policy.”

This was MFBB, writing from his bunker in the middle of LoonyLand.


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On March 6 1945, the US 3rd Armoured Division entered the ruins of Cologne. The German Army having been bled white in the costly battles in the Rhineland, not much resistance was encountered. However, when an M4 Sherman tank of F Coy., 32nd Armoured Regiment, tried to negotiate a pile of rubble in the Komoedienstrasse, near Cologne Cathedral, it was hit by a 75mm round from a Panther tank belonging to Pz. Abt. 2106 of Panzer Brigade 106 "Feldherrnhalle". Of the crew of 5, three men were killed. An M26 Pershing of E Coy. of the same regiment, advancing slowly in a parallel street, was alerted to the Panther's presence, sneaked up behind it, and destroyed it with a couple of rounds from its 90mm gun.

Coincidentally, some cameramen were on hand to film the entire episode.

At the 0:28 mark you can see the Sherman commander, 2nd Lt. Karl E. Kellner, climb out of his burning vehicle. His left leg is blown off behind the knee. Barely visible behind him you can make out another crew member tumbling off the stricken tank.

The Sherman crew consisted of:

Tank Commander Karl E. Kellner
Gunner John J. Gialluca
Asst. Gunner Curtis Speer
Driver Julian Patrick
Asst. Driver Oliver Griffin

Here's some info I found on this well-known tank duel at a German site run by a Cologne inhabitant:

"The second soldier seems to be 19 years old Corporal 'Gunner' John J Gialluca of the 3rd Armored Division 'Spearhead'. His son Doug found my site on the web and sent me the following mail where he describes the situation as he heard it from his father:

*The last tank battle in Cologne Germany on March 6 1945 happened as Corporal Gunner John J Gialluca approached the square of town between two buildings where suddenly by surprise a Panther Mark V hit their Sherman tank. John remembers the tank burning and they were trapped. The shrapnel went through his legs and he said he was pinned to his seat when a second blast under the turret forced him free from his position. There were no other survivors except Corporal John J Gialluca. There was another tank disabled next to his tank that tried to help the injured. They found John lying on the ground with his 45 caliber hand gun in his hand. Then John said as they were helping him he could hear the blast and gunfire from what is known now the battle of the last tank. The Sherman tank that Corporal John J Gialluca was in was facing the cannon of the 75mm high velocity Panther Mark V. The 76 mm is questionable as for penetrating the heavy armored Panther head to head. This was John's second tank hit in his journey from Normandy Beach and very fortunate to survive. Corporal Gunner John J Gialluca was sent to a hospital in England where he had a lengthy recovery and was able to walk again. After a long fight with kidney cancer John went to be with the Lord on July 5th 1998."

Two men survived: gunner John J. Gialluca and Assistant Driver Oliver Griffin. Of the other three, Driver Julian Patrick and assistant gunner Curtis Speer were killed instantly. Cdr. Kellner, who managed to clamber out of the cupola despite his mortal leg wound, died shortly thereafter.

The photo below is a still from the movie. Kellner has made it onto the engine deck. Clearly visible is the bloody stump that's left of his leg.

 photo Sherman_CDR_zps1xh1igfj.jpg

Medics were instantly at the spot, dragged him in a bomb crater and started treating him. Soon therafter however he died from his injuries.

These days, it takes only a couple of minutes to extract accurate info from the web on 2nd Lt Kellner. This is what showed up:

 photo 2ndLTKellner_zpscymba2ok.jpg

He was buried in Section 6 West, Lot 136, of Sheboygan's Calvary Cemetery, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

 photo kellner_grave_zpsdqpwut0g.jpg

Freedom isn't free.

Rest in peace, Lieutenant Kellner. Your sacrifice was not in vain. God bless.


Sunday, May 24, 2015


We all know - or we all should know - that Hillary Clinton's eulogy for the fallen at the Benghazi US Embassy attack was as fake as Heidi Montag's boobs.

Not only that, she was LYING when she attributed the attack on the video 'Innocence of Muslims', made by Nakoulah Basseley Nakoulah. This is what she said to the father of NAVY Seal Tyrone Woods:

Speaking to the “Lars Larson Show,” father of Seal Tyrone Woods — who died defending the consulate and Benghazi — told about his experience of meeting the President and Secretary Clinton at the memorial service for the fallen a few days after the attack. Charles Woods said that the President “couldn’t look me in the eye” and “mumbled” an “I’m sorry” but that it didn’t seem “genuine”. He said the same of Secretary Clinton and that Clinton assured him that they were going to “arrest and prosecute” the man that made the scapegoated youtube video critical of Islam.

As a result, Mr. Bassely got indeed arrested - a crime in itself.

Now, with the publication of the carefully selected emails she deemed good enough to fool the Great Unwashed that she was bona fide with her email server, some other unsavoury facet of Hillary Clinton's fauxlogy has become public. Madam Clinton must have overlooked that.

This is what she writes in her "memoir" Hard Choices on Ambassador Chris Stevens regarding the immediate aftermath of the embassy attack:

"My thoughts immediately went to Chris. I had personally asked him to take on the assignment of Ambassador to Libya, and I shuddered to think that he and our other people on the ground were now in danger."

And this is the ugly truth about all the Chris here, Chris there buddy talk. Via Lachlan Markay's twitter account:

 photo email_chris_stevens_zpsdp2hcio3.jpg

Chris Smith huh? Funny, all the chummy talk gave me the impression they'd been together since kindergarten.

What a pathologically dishonest BITCH. Should have called her "memoir" Lie Hard.

Any American out there willing to vote for this monster with an endless trail of dead bodies behind her - you've got to be INSANE.