Saturday, June 06, 2020


The West has been plagued by the pestilence of leftist thought for a long time, and for at least 6 decades the curriculum of many institutes of higher learning has poisoned the minds of our young people. They lack historical background and have come to accept paradigms that are the exact opposite of reality.

ALL civilizations have practiced slavery or a form thereof, but to the best of my knowledge, the Western civilization is the only one which was capable of acknowledging the inherent inhumanity of it, in no small part - make that the bigger part - because of Christianity. And as a result of that, the West has outlawed and rooted out slavery OF ITS OWN. So, rather than blame us for slavery, we should be lauded for abolishing it.

Alas, the white fools who have gobbled leftist lies hook, line and sinker, know nothing of that.

The black fools who have failed because they listened to LBJ's siren song in the 60s and accepted the destruction of their nuclear families in exchange for the government's teat, know nothing of that either.

I don't have to show Americans the moronic crowds destroying the very mechanisms of wealth creation that, even when they refused to fend for themselves, still gave them plenty of food, transportation, housing that is still the envy of uncounted masses in Africa, Asia and South America, a decent modicum of medical assistance, and much more.

What is worse, is that the nonsense of the BLM racists has made it across the Atlantic.

This is London:

This is Amsterdam:

Here is a still of a populist on the 'Dam' in Central Amsterdam, a certain Akwasi, who LITTERALLY called for killing Whites!!!

This is somewhere in France:

We will have to get our act together, or we will suffer the consequences. These Culture Wars are getting out of hand, and they threaten to tear our countries apart. President Trump called for deploying the Army to quell the unrest, AND he labeled Antifa a terrorist movement. That's a step in the good direction. Nothing like that in moribund Europe however.

I'm certain that China is smirking about all this. It means attention to its responsibility for the global Coronavirus crisis is evaporating, and it also means that the West, and in particular Europe, is weakening to a point where it will not even be able to make a symbolic fist against its imperialist moves in South East Asia and Africa.