Saturday, January 27, 2018


U2 with The Unforgettable Fire. From the 1984 album with the same title.

Hard to believe they've been around 42 years this year. Also hard to believe they are still as big as they are since it's been over 30 years since they had a really decent album.

Manic Street Preachers with Enola/Alone. Album Everything must go (1996).

Also first album after the disapperance of rhythm guitarist Richey Edwards.

Sorry for the miserably light posting, biz is verrry tough.



Sunday, January 21, 2018


Next week, on Sunday 28 January, Finland has presidential elections. Laura Huhtasaari is a candidate for the Finns (formerly the True Finns) party:

To be sure, it's as good as certain that the incumbent president, Sauli Niinisto, an former candidate for the Conservative party who now runs as an independent, will be elected for a second six-year term. No, sorry, make that a 100 per cent certain. He's been a fairly good steward of the Finnish economy plus, has normalized relations with his mighty neighbor. In the case of the Finns it's quite understandable that cocky behaviour in foreign policy is an unaffordable luxury.

But what is important is that the Finns keep building up the pressure on him to resist the multiculti nonsense and the Diktats from the EU, of which Finland has been a member since 1995. It is important - for the no. 2 candidate in the polls, with 14 per cent, is actually the candidate of the Green Party, Pekka Haavisto. Having studied social 'studies' at the University of Helsinki (without completing the degree), not having served in the Finnish Army but having opted for non-military service instead, being openly gay (in a registered partnership with an Ecuadorian), and all sold on multiculti phantasmagorias despite the many problems caused by new Finns from (mainly) Somalia, Haavisto is the perfect watermelon candidate.