Saturday, December 28, 2013


The Sleepy Jackson with Good dancers.

Aussie blokes from Perth, on the west coast. Although they formed in 1998 already, it took them five years to bring out their debut album, Lovers. This single was drawn from it. The nurse has nice legs.

Sheryl Crow with My favorite mistake.

From the 1998 album The Globe Sessions.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013


As per usual at this time of the year, we wish our readers of good will a Merry Christmas!!!

 photo jan_gossaert_nativity_scene_zps8eb24376.jpg

Nativity scene by Jan Gossaert, a Flemish Renaissance painter. Little is known of his exact origins, although there's strong evidence he was actually from Maubeuge, at the presumed time of his birth (1478) in the County of Hainaut, but currently just inside France. What is certain is that he became a member of the Antwerp Painters Guild of Saint Luke in 1503.

Let us pray for Peace on Earth.



Who the f*ck is Joelle Milquet?

Oh, she just so happens to be the Belgian Interior Minister. She got her job in November 2011, following the longest ever government forming period. In the runup to the final distribution of portfolios, this utterly disgusting woman was so unbelievably uncompromising in the Flemish/Walloon negotiations which centered mainly around the BHV issue that the Flemish press bestowed the soubriquet 'Madame Non' upon her.

 photo milquet_mme_non_zpsf25ab7e8.jpg

I might add that she rose to political prominence by using the vehicle of the Walloon Christian Democratic Party, the PSC. Soon after assuming the presidency of that party in 2000 she arranged a congress whereby the name was changed to CDH, making sure that it was well understood that the 'C' would no longer stand for 'Chrétien' (Christian), but for 'centriste' (centrist).

A move that did not surprise me in the least, since from the moment I got to know her, in the late eighties, when she was the poulain of the then PSC president Gerard Deprez, I instinctively knew that she was as much a christian as your average camel is a quantum physicist.

Anyway, Madame Non's facial features are honed by decades of bitching and obstruction vis-à-vis her Flemish counterparts in the plethora of negotiations necessary to keep the Belgium construction afloat.

However, there are times when she shows she IS capable of smiling:

 photo milquet_iliass_azaouaj_zpsc7e9db1f.jpg

For once, Madame Non is Madame Oui on this photo, where she is flanked by the radical salafist imam Iliass Azaouaj. On the latter's twitter account he boasts proudly of his Al Qaeda membership, and laments he the death of UBL. Around two months ago, a video appeared in which he lauded AQ, adorned with an explosives belt and an assault rifle. He is also known as one of the fellas threatening terror attacks on Belgian soil, this probably following the scrapping of welfare checks for the relatives of 'Belgian' youngsters fighting in Syria. Indeed, it seems Belgium is at the forefront when it comes to provide the 'rebels' in Syria with foot soldiers, and scores of young muslim males have left their homes in Antwerp, Vilvoorde, Ghent and other cities to fight Assad's regime.

Imam Azaouaj's outburst in all likelihood followed the removal of the wife and children of a known Syria fighter from the list of welfare recipients in Antwerp by the Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever, a move which was highly criticized by the greens by the way.

Back to Joelle Milquet. Her defense for posing with this salafist asshole? "The photo was taken during an event where several people asked to pose with her and she did not know who he was". "When I am surrounded by hundreds of people I can't ask all of them to ID themselves".


We wonder what kind of event that was?

A Club Med conference?

A Climate Change meeting?

A Gay Pride show?

Questions questions questions guestions.....