Saturday, June 14, 2014


DowneastBlog's 2,200th post opens with Sunrise Avenue's Fairytale gone bad.

Finnish blokes from Espoo.

Lana Del Rey with Summertime Sadness. From the 2012 album Born to Die.

She is kind of a femme fatale.


Monday, June 09, 2014


Throughout 2013, every day 5 Belgians met their end through euthanasia. This is a link to Het Nieuwsblad, but many more Belgian sites carry the news.

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'In our country, five people die every day through euthanasia. That much is clear from data obtained by VTM News [a private TV network; MFBB]. The taboo is slowly receding, say specialists. At least among patients. Because hospitals and doctors often refuse a request. Instead they propose palliative sedation: they then administer so much narcotics the patient doesn't wake up anymore'.

Makes we wonder: what's the difference?

I hope I'm wrong, but I fear this is just the beginning.

Leftists who pushed through Belgium's euthanasia legislation, one of the most far-reaching on the planet, have such a fetish for laws that they absolutely must have them to regulate even matters of life and death.

Rightwingers believe in People, and trust that in those cases where insufferable pain is involved, competent medical personnel will be available to (help) make the final decision. No laws needed, thank you very much.

We put our trust in basic common sense and human dignity. Not so our moral betters.

I fear that the slippery slope we have entered here in Belgium with regards to euthanasia will develop a dynamic very similar to what we have all been able to witness with abortion. The legislation for that was also meant for 'cases'. Instead it's overwhelmingly being used for murder.

Our attitude, our belief in the sanctity of human life and sound decision making by the experts who are directly involved, cultivates the best that Man has to offer with regards to accompanying our dying brothers and sisters towards the afterlife. Simultaneously it suppresses the worst - the vile greed that may be involved in those cases where an attractive inheritance is waiting.

The Left's attitude is the exact opposite. Their laws will render an inhuman mechanization to the dying process, while simultaneously they will offer a fertile ground for said greed.

So it was five cases of euthanasia a day in Belgium in 2013. Twenty years from now, if you're a seventysomething and in bad health, you might want to check your back.