Saturday, November 17, 2018


No music today, because I don't feel it's appropriate. In the week that was, my uncle R., my late father's sole brother, passed away at the age of 82.

I knew his wife was quite religious, but that he himself was too, came as a bit of a surprise to me. I had never heard him utter, or seen him display, anything that hinted to Christian zeal. Yet he insisted on receiving the Last Rites, which for me is as much a consolation as it seems to have been for him. He also asked his wife and sons that a small and intimate service be held at the church depicted in the background of this painting...

The Parable of the Blind (1568), by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

... and I was glad to be able to attend, together with my family.

I know he suffered a lot, had been suffering for years actually, and especially his last months and weeks were excruciating, so his wife, my aunt, told me. He took it as a Man, complained little, and even apologized profusely to his wife for the burden that he had become - my aunt insisted on taking care of her husband herself, instead of hospitalizing him.

With my uncle's passing, an important bloodlink to my late father also disappears. Born only two years apart, it was evident that they would spend their childhood together and by all accounts, they were inseparable in that timeframe. Only later, when R. made a career in the industry, and work and marriage took him to other areas physically, did they grow apart somewhat. Yet both lived and laboured honorably, had sound marriages, and raised their offspring admirably. My cousins are the closest to the brothers I never had, and I am grateful for them.

Now R. is no more, and I wish I could say from the bottom of my heart that he is now reunited with his brother, my father. Yet at least four decades of living in a sick society where daily assaults on Christianity are the rule, have taken their toll... and I admit that right now it's hard to be assured of their being together again. Still, let us recall Pope Benedict XVI saying bravely that "doubt is the handmaiden of faith", and, regardless, I keep going back to feeling and being a Christian as if it's the most natural state in the world. I guess I should feel lucky for that.

I guess I am.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me."
~ Psalm 23:4 ~

Rest in Peace, dear Uncle, and thank you for everything. God bless.


Friday, November 16, 2018


We have touched on this all-important subject before a couple of times the previous weeks, but as DEC 10-11 draws nearer, "good men and women" must step forward more than ever. I am of course talking about the UN Migration Pact aka "Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration", to be signed by as yet virtually 95 per cent of all the world's countries in just a matter of weeks.

The most ominous word in "Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration" is "regular". In reality, this will boil down to the de facto legalization of illegal migration as soon, post the signing of the pact, massive migration flows can be expected. Naturally, they will move towards developed nations - by which I mean primarily, possibly exclusively - the ones in North America and Europe, where cohorts of self-hating politicans cannot wait to replace the original populations.

One should not buy into the ridiculous "non-binding" character attributed to this scam of a Pact. This "assurance" is merely a ploy to disguise what is in effect the first bricklaying of intergovernmental legislation which will basically give its blessing to unprecedented flows of welfare seekers which in time will utterly destroy the West.

The much maligned VLAAMS BELANG, as the only true rightwing party in Belgium, offers you the possibility to sign a petition against this monstrosity of a Pact, which should actually better be called a Diktat.

You can sign HERE.

Do it NOW! It is thirty seconds to twelve!


Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Soon now, Lauren Southern will release her new documentary "Borderless", which explores the multibillion dollar industry that mass migration has become. Hundreds of NGO's suck up unfathomable amounts of taxpayer money to employ tens of thousands of twisted individuals, otherwise unemployable, who want to heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp the wretched of the world by making them consumers of our social security systems.

Today I noticed Ms Southern released a video dealing with just such an NGO, Advocates Abroad.

I have mentioned here a couple of times the imminent signature by, alas, far too many nations, of the scam that is the UN Migration Pact. This pact will in effect be the great equalizer between legal and illegal immigration. Prosperous nations, first and foremost in the West, will be subject to a deluge of welfare seekers fleeing hellholes that are hellholes, well, in the first place because of the welfare seekers, because of their 'culture', often their 'religion', customs, lack of labor ethic etc etc

I guess that for Advocates Abroad the signing of the UN Pact, and the subsequent flooding of the West with the Third World, cannot come soon enough. And by their actions ye shall know them: in Southern's video we learn e.g. how Advocates Abroad litterally learns asylum seekers to lie in order to have their applications approved sooner.

The kind of lies? Pretend to suffer from a serious war trauma. Pass yourself off as a Christian even though you are a follower of the prophet. Ariel Ricker is currently Director of Advocates Abroad, and in this video Southern captures Ricker in basically admitting they are committing a gigantic fraud - with silly Europeans' taxpayer money, no less:

Here is the transcript of the undercover video, with "Director" Ariel Ricker proudly offering insight in AA's modus operandi:

"So we teach them how to like literally, [makes fitting noise] sometimes it's as simple as this, and then how to tell their story, how to frame it, how to literally explain it. How to keep their private emotions and private trauma private, because all of this acting is a shield.

[Q] Do you have to coach people on like, physicality? [A] Yeah, I see it like, I tell them this is acting. All of this is acting, it's all acting as though this is theatre. So for them to get through they must act their part in the theatre, and that is the refugee trauma. Because these European Asylum Support Office (EASO) officers are so fucking stupid that all they know is what is written on the paper. EASO says "This is refugee trauma, they have these characteristics". So we coach these people how to have these characteristics.

So like there's a formula we came up with (...). It's like significant events, date and location, answer all the questions in the same way. [Voorbeeld] In December 2017 in Izmir, Turkey, I was threatened for being a Christian, because my boss jumped me when I was leaving church, this is the Bible they tried to tear up, this is the crucifix I was wearing they tried to tear and it made me feel unsafe as a Christian in Turkey, Ba-Boom. And that way you have the event, date and location, so yo've given them a very specific answer (...), it's much harder to refute, because you have all the elements in there. (...) Consistency is the most important thing, even if you find yourself in a position where you have to lie, it's best to just stick with what you've just said.

They put in the decision whether or not you were acting with emotion, so you have to be like [sighing and crying] or crying or stopping or throwing up or asking for a break, so it's becoming an actor. You have to tell people to ask to take a break? Oh we do, we actually do role play. We prepare for them a folder, so like the first role playing activity we do is like us being them, and they're the officer. And then we flip around after they've had some practice to see how I should walk into the officie, how should I introduce myself? How should I give them the folder, and then how do I sit down, and then when do I stand up? When do I show them how to pray?

Why would you need to show them how to pray? Because it's a good way to show honesty. This is done in other places too, like not good places, to see if you're truly what you say you are. If you can't show how to pray... If you're actually a Christian? Mhmm. Oh, so if you're saying you're fleeing persecution? Then you should probably know how to be, you know, praying that way. They also ask like what's your favourite holiday, but we explain you can't just say this because it's not a sufficient answer. You have to say this in a certain way which is like December 25th, which is Christmas which is the birthday of our Lord and Saviour."

Pass this on. The faster people know about this the better.

PS: the video makes it once again clear that rightwing women are far hotter than leftwing ones.


Sunday, November 11, 2018


Today, I have chosen not to dwell on the run of the mill commemmorations of Armistice Day, since most ceremonies have been hijacked by globalist traitors. Instead, I give you the wonderful celebration of Poland's Independence Day, which coincides with Armistice Day. Indeed, 11 November 1918 was the day Poland rose from its ashes as the Second Polish Republic after a 123 year-hiatus from the European geopolitical scene. 123 years, because in 1795 the country was partitioned between Russia, Prussia and Austria.

A jubilant crowd of 200,000 plus Poles, including President Andrzej Duda, PM Mateusz Morawiecki and Chairman of the PiS party Jaroslaw Kaczynski, marched through the streets of Warsaw singing the national anthem:

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with love of one's own country as long as you do not deny the same right to citizens of other nations. Perhaps no other people illustrate this better than the modest Poles, most of whom identify emphatically with their beautiful land between Odra and Mazury, and/or between Morze Baltyckie and Góry Tatry; yet can under no circumstances be accused of the evils our globalist moral betters bestow on nationalism.

In France, the vicious, barren and synthetic gnome who passes for Président de la République, dishonored the memories and sacrifices of millions of poilus who a century ago fought and died for la France, most often in the most miserable circumstances. Indeed, this non-man and POS abused the ceremony in Paris to heap praise on the EU and UN, and exclaim litterally that "Nationalism is treason". 1,600 kilometers to the East, hundreds of thousands of Poles were proving him wrong. And while France is dying, precisely because its citizens are being told day and night that they should be ashamed of themselves for being... French...

... Poland, whose leaders openly denounce the globalist lies and falsehoods, and have no qualms about waving the red and white flag, is thriving and moving forward!



Just like in Germany the majority of muslims are Turks and in France Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians, so the followers of the prophet in the UK are majority Pakistanis. Apparently the British government is scared that a certain decision might upset their multiculti goldcoins. Via Breitbart:

"The British government has turned away a Pakistani Christian who faces mob justice after a death sentence for blasphemy against Islam was overturned, allegedly to appease “certain sections of the community” at home and Islamist terrorists who might be inclined to attack British embassies abroad.
Asia Bibi languished on death row for years after a blasphemy conviction for drinking from the same vessel as two Muslim women, recently quashed by Pakistan’s supreme court.

Huge mobs of Islamic hardliners have taken to the streets since the ruling, however, demanding her execution and threatening to kill her themselves — prompting the woman, her family, and her lawyer to seek refuge abroad.

“I am requesting the Prime Minister of the UK help us and as far as possible grant us freedom,” pleaded husband Ashiq Masih in an appeal to the country’s former colonial power.

The British government has reportedly rejected this plea, despite having previously signed up to take large numbers of migrants claiming to be children from France, as well as from refugee camps near Syria — although these were 100 percent Muslim in the early part of 2018, with all Christians rejected."

Almost thirty years ago, in December 1988, following the publication of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses, there were demos and bookburnings by angry muslim mobs - mainly pakistanis of course - in Bolton and Bradford. On 9 April of the following Spring, Collets and Dillons, two large bookstores in Charing Cross Road, London, were bombed. In May, similar bombings took place in High Wycombe and again in London, this time on Kings Road. Also in London, Liberty's, a shopping mall, was targeted, becasue it contained a Penguin Bookshop where The Satanic Verses were on display. Another Penguin shop in York suffered the same fate shortly after.

Now, that was three DECADES ago. Now that the paki segment of the population has grown dramatically in number, is even far more fanatical than back then, and has shown utter contempt for the UK's laws, let alone security services, who knows what might happen should the goverment grant asylum to Asia Bibi, is it not? Better not stir things up, eh?

And so...

A pedo muhammad follower/paki subhuman.

... One hundred years ago this day, Great Britain forced the army of the Kaiser on its knees.

Today, Small Britain is capitulating without a shot for subhuman pakistani muslim mobs.

There is nothing to celebrate today, because all the sacrifices made a century ago have been in vain.