Saturday, October 03, 2015


The Doobie Brothers with China Grove. From the 1973 album The Captain and Me.

American rock band from San Jose, CA. Have been around since the early seventies.

Tame Impala with The Less I Know The Better. From the 2014 album Currents.

Aussie rock band from Perth around Kevin Parker. Hot newcomers, though they formed in 2007 already.

Belgium says goodnight to YOU.



An omen of things to come: FOCUS Online reports how the offer of a real estate agent in Bad Kreuznach, western Germany, who was eager to help a family of Syrian "refugees", was flatly turned down - because she was a woman.

"Aline Kern already sold over 1,000 properties. She's a real estate agent in Bad Kreuznach, in the Rheinland-Pfalz region of western Germany, independent for three years. "Something like this I haven't come across yet", says the 33-year old woman. A refugee family refused her help - because she's a woman.

"I was underway in my car, when I got a call on my cell", Kern describes what took place to FOCUS Online. A man introduces himself. In broken German he tells her, that a Syrian refugee family is looking for a house. He specifically mentions "Grosser Not" [urgent help needed - MFBB], so Kern recalls.

As it happened, the real estate agent had a house on offer. Four rooms, cheap. "We can meet at the house in 15 minutes" she tells the man over her cell phone, and hurries up towards the rendez-vous.

Once there, she meets the middleman, to whom she had spoken on the phone, and the family, consisting of two men in their late thirties, a veiled woman and three children. Looking back after the event, Miss Kern now doubts whether they really came from Syria. The mood was comical from the get-go, she recalls. "The middleman started to furiously debate with the men".

 photo Aline_Kern_zpsgg73te6o.jpg

After a heated discussion, the middleman then turns to her. "He told me, that the family did not want to inspect the house anymore, because I was a woman and blonde with blue eyes. Moroever I had looked the men in the eyes, and that's not done", says Kern. One can still discern the anger in her voice, when she recalls the incident. "The (real estate) company should have sent a male agent, they said."

"Islam is a part of Germany", eh Angela?


Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Don't miss Mark Steyn's latest.

And while we are at it, this is Malmo AD 2015:

Some fleshing out later tonight. Hopefully.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This speech is, especially towards the end, full of money quotes. A memorable line is "leaders in Brussels have put the cart before the horse", when Mr Orban points out that Europe's quote plan, requiring every member state to take in a specified number of "refugees" relative to that member state's capacity, only addresses the consequences of the immigration crisis and not the "root causes".

Mr Orban omits one crucial point and that is that THE root cause is not "war", or "collapsed economies" or "lack of will to operate democratic institutions".

The root cause is, of course, ISLAM. And I think that, in his heart, Mr Orban realizes this full well. Even more so as a Hungarian, as a citizen of a country which in the past has had its share of muslim suppression at the hands of the cruel Ottoman Empire.

But I suspect that, as bad as the immigration crisis is, it is still not bad enough to finally break the ultimate silence and tell the truth with two simple syllables: IS-LAM.

Indeed, all the countries in turmoil he mentions there in his speech, ALL OF THEM, have one thing in common: their religion. The vile, disgusting, monstrous political system in a religion's disguise called "islam".

Islam is a SPECTACULAR FAILURE as a societal model. Only where islamic rulers have had the benefit of sitting on tremendous natural resources, which has allowed them to buy grudging obedience in return for basic monthly incomes (think KSA, Qatar, UAE) or where they can still rely on sizeable non-muslim segments of the population to keep the economy running (think Malaysia), or where a modicum of benevolent western influence was accepted by marginally more enlightened rulers (think Jordan and its Hashemites)... there is no turmoil, there is no mayhem.


I fear that the world will see a lot more bloodshed before spineless, principle-less, dark-hearted leftist monsters in the circles of power in far too many western states, will have been banished to the political periphery and/or obscurity, thus finally paving the way for a cure. One cannot seriously start to heal a brain tumor until one stops to pretend it's just a headache.

Until that hallowed day comes along - if it ever comes along - sensible political leaders have but one option and that is the Hungarian approach:

Protect the borders and ensure the safety and identity of one's own people.

Mr Orban, I congratulate you on your brave and principled stance, your statesmanship, and your love for your people and country.



At the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the motoons' appearance, a memorable speech in defence of freedom of expression, given by Mark Steyn in the Landsting Hall at the Danish Parliament.

In Belgium, the balless creeps at De Standaard are singing in chorus 'Nya Nya Nyaaaaaaaaa Mark Steyn does not exist!!!!'.

But they did give a forum to a neomarxist from MO*, a commie magazine regularly issued together with Knack (another PC-to-the-death publication, appears weekly), John Vandaele, who lauded pope (with a small p) Franciscus for "finding the correct tune" during his speech before the UN.

It would be laughable, were it not so tragic.


Monday, September 28, 2015


In German refugee camps, muslim asylum seekers have begun to harass the few Christians housed in the same dwellings. In the German daily Die Welt, Freia Peters reports:

 photo DieWelt_muslims_attack_christians_zps1jqqaqdi.jpg

The gist of the story was translated via, amongst others, Breitbart:

"In the German state of Thuringia, Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow, one of the multiculturalists driving and celebrating the migrant crisis, has been forced to initiate a policy of separating and segregating different cultures as soon as they arrive in Europe.

“In Iran, the Revolutionary Guards have arrested my brother in a house church. I fled the Iranian intelligence, because I thought in Germany I can finally live freely according to my religion,” says Said, a Christian who fled persecution in his native country.

“But I can not openly admit that I am a Christian in my home for asylum seekers. I will be threatened,” he told Germany language paper Die Welt.

This year Germany prepares to absorb a million people in just twelve months – one per cent of its entire population – from numerous, diverse and alien cultures.

“We must rid ourselves of the illusion that all those who arrive here are human rights activists,” says Max Klingberg of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), who has worked with refugees for 15 years. “Among the new arrivals is not a small amount of religious intensity, it is at least at the level of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.

Said is living in an asylum centre in southern Brandenburg, near the border with Saxony. “They wake me before dawn during Ramadan and say I should eat before the sun comes up. If I refuse, they say I’m a kuffar, an unbeliever. They spit at me… They treat me like an animal. And threaten to kill me.”

“… They are also all Muslims,” he adds.

Gottfried Martens, a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Trinity in Berlin-Steglitz, has around 600 Afghanis and Iranians in his church, most of whom he baptised himself. “Almost all have big problems in their homes,” says Martens. “Devout Muslims teach their view, that here [in Germany] there is the Sharia, and then there is our law.”

He told Die Welt that the Christian refugees are often stopped from using kitchens to prepare food in asylum centres, and are constantly bullied for not praying five times a day to Mecca. Martens continues:

“And [the Christians] ask the question: What happens when the devout Muslim refugees leave the refugee center, must we continue hiding ourselves as Christians in the future in this country?”

Said’s fear is not unfounded. On the 14th of September German police in the town of Hemer revealed in a statement that an Eritrean Christian and his wife – who was eight months pregnant – had been hospitalised after being brutally attacked with a glass bottle by Algerian Muslims. The man had been wearing a wooden crucifix, which had “insulted” the Algerians.

In September, Syrian refugees rioted in the town of Suhl when an Afghan man tore a few pages out of the Koran. Last week during Ramadan, in Baden-Württemberg Ellwangen, there was a mass brawl between Christians, Yazidis and Muslims, and just this weekend migrant violence erupted as hundreds fought in the city of Kassel, leaving 14 injured.

A young Syrian from Erstaufnahmelager in Giessen, who has reported threats against him, said he is concerned that among the refugees are followers of the Islamic State (IS): “They shout Quranic verses. These are words that IS shouts before they cut off people’s heads. I cannot stay here. I am a Christian,” he said

Die Welt even reports a case of a Christian family from Iraq who was housed in a refugee camp in Bavarian Freising. The family lived like “prisoners” in Germany, they said, so returned to Mosul in Iraq. The father told a TV crew how Syrian Islamists had attacked them in Germany: “You have my wife yelled at and beaten. My child they say… We will kill you and drink your blood.”

Simon Jacob of the Central Council of the Eastern Christians said that stories like this no longer surprise him: “I know a lot of reports of Christian refugees who are under attack. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

“The number of unreported cases is high. We must expect further conflicts that bring the refugees from their homeland to Germany. Between Christians and Muslims. Between Shiites and Sunnis. Between Kurds and extremists. Between Yazidis and extremists,” he said.

More from Bayernkurier with Sharia in Germany - Muslims attack Christians in asylum center:

 photo bayernkurier_muslims_attack_christians_zpscsluazx3.jpg

The caption underneath the photo reads:

"Riots in Suhl's asylum center: numerous muslims, most of them from Syria, went after an Afghan who would have torn pages out of a koran. As the Afghan fled in a waiting room, the Syrians demolished the door leading to the waiting room, the furniture, as well as the main entrance door. Seveneen people were hurt, among them six police officers."

"Islam is a part of Germany", eh Angela?


Sunday, September 27, 2015


More precisely in and near Durbuy and around Tellin and Resteigne.

 photo durbuy_zpswlxzkgsk.jpg

Photo of Durbuy along the Ourthe river, western Ardennes. Taken from the Belvédère, actually a rather crudely designed concrete tower on a ridge overlooking "the world's smallest city" (pop. 400). Mind you, NOT my photo. When my daughter and I had climbed the ridge it appeared that the Belvédère was closed.

 photo Tellin1_zpsmho3szps.jpg

Then it was off to Tellin for a walk of about 11 kloms. This photo was taken some 4 kloms from Tellin's centre, on a small terrace overlooking the Lesse valley.

 photo Tellin2_zpsonfpoh9j.jpg

Rock wall in a quarry near Resteigne.

 photo Tellin3_zpsc5pzw4tn.jpg

Walking along the Lesse near Resteigne...

 photo tellin4_zpsbogolmns.jpg

Lesse close up.