Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This speech is, especially towards the end, full of money quotes. A memorable line is "leaders in Brussels have put the cart before the horse", when Mr Orban points out that Europe's quote plan, requiring every member state to take in a specified number of "refugees" relative to that member state's capacity, only addresses the consequences of the immigration crisis and not the "root causes".

Mr Orban omits one crucial point and that is that THE root cause is not "war", or "collapsed economies" or "lack of will to operate democratic institutions".

The root cause is, of course, ISLAM. And I think that, in his heart, Mr Orban realizes this full well. Even more so as a Hungarian, as a citizen of a country which in the past has had its share of muslim suppression at the hands of the cruel Ottoman Empire.

But I suspect that, as bad as the immigration crisis is, it is still not bad enough to finally break the ultimate silence and tell the truth with two simple syllables: IS-LAM.

Indeed, all the countries in turmoil he mentions there in his speech, ALL OF THEM, have one thing in common: their religion. The vile, disgusting, monstrous political system in a religion's disguise called "islam".

Islam is a SPECTACULAR FAILURE as a societal model. Only where islamic rulers have had the benefit of sitting on tremendous natural resources, which has allowed them to buy grudging obedience in return for basic monthly incomes (think KSA, Qatar, UAE) or where they can still rely on sizeable non-muslim segments of the population to keep the economy running (think Malaysia), or where a modicum of benevolent western influence was accepted by marginally more enlightened rulers (think Jordan and its Hashemites)... there is no turmoil, there is no mayhem.


I fear that the world will see a lot more bloodshed before spineless, principle-less, dark-hearted leftist monsters in the circles of power in far too many western states, will have been banished to the political periphery and/or obscurity, thus finally paving the way for a cure. One cannot seriously start to heal a brain tumor until one stops to pretend it's just a headache.

Until that hallowed day comes along - if it ever comes along - sensible political leaders have but one option and that is the Hungarian approach:

Protect the borders and ensure the safety and identity of one's own people.

Mr Orban, I congratulate you on your brave and principled stance, your statesmanship, and your love for your people and country.


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