Saturday, September 24, 2011


Solveig's Song by Edvard Grieg.

Performance by the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra.

Franz Liszt's Liebestraum.

Performance by the Finnish Toivio siblings. Seeli, the woman, is a renowned classical virtuoso cellist (and a Doctor of Music). Her brother Kalle an accomplished classical pianist. This video was recorded in 2007 in the Basiliek van Halle (Halle Basilica), some 20 kloms south of Brussels. A must see btw, if you happen to be in the neighborhood. Try to count the cannonballs to your right, upon entering the basilica.



Thursday, September 22, 2011


I realize I'm late to the party but all through August and September I felt I had to do some post regarding the London riots; just as I still feel I should offer my take on the Anders Behrend Breivik murders.

The facts in se - widespread looting, damaging of private and public infrastructure, defiance of police officers, endangering the very lives of common citizens - are bad enough.

But once again I was powerfully reminded of the asphyxiating hold our media have over public opinion, as AGAIN the approach to the riots, offered to the man in the street via the written and televised reports, walked the perpetual, flattrodden paths of social injustice, lack of opportunity, institutionalized victimhood, racism, and of course the 'growing gap between the rich and the poor'.

'Yawn' should not be an appropriate reaction to this approach.

Anger should be it.

Anger at the cabals of leftist assholes who keep repeating the same old lies, packing it in soothing voices and larding it with designed 'interviews' of the poor rioters who 'steal to provide for their kids', all the while pointing to the glass and steel towers of high finance and to neat middle class houses, 'for whom the government does something', as opposed to them, 'for whom the government does nothing'.

I'm damn sorry that I don't have the time to provide the translation to the following video, but I'm sure the images speak bookmarks. Here you have the poor downtrodden youths who 'appropriated' themselves training gear and computer games 'for their kids' for whom they care so much. Certainly the camera will show us from time to time the interviewing reporter from Belgian/Flemish TV, who's clearly showing sympathy for the scum. And as per usual:


The caption reads: 'The government helps nobody, only the rich.'

Wow, who would have thunk it???

Miraculously, wherever Belgian TV ventures out to some disaster zone, they will just about ALWAYS find the appropriate Belgian know-it-all expat who will provide the crew with the (politically) correct explanation. And so it was that the VRT reporters, let loose in smoldering Croydon, had the good fortune to come across a certain Thomas Aelbrecht, who - surprise! - wholeheartedly shared the VRT (Flemish Television) premicrowaved opinion that the chasm between the haves and the have-nots invariably must lead to, well, tensions you know. Proletarian shopping. Wholly understandable:

If you are a rightwinger, you simply must be too stupid to understand the motives of Ahmed and Moise descending upon racks of DVD players, digirecorders, Xboxes and what not. But LUCKILY there is always Flemish television!!!

"The violence cannot be excused, but many Londoners realize that the gap between rich and poor in the [British] capital widens, and this results in tensions."

Yeah, that's really what the background voice is saying. Pure, raw, unfiltrated MarxistShit. If only our moral betters would care to explain us who those mysterious many realizing Londoners are.

As for the written media, how could we forget De Standaard, which was lightning quick to let international commentator Evita Neefs shed her light on the events. Fellow blogger Hoegin, a Flemish engineer working in Norway, has a marvellous piece on this depraved personage, who - fasten your seatbelts - blames the London riots on Cameron's conservative government, which has cut back welfare!

Never mind that Cameron has been in charge for only one year, that the cuts his government is allegedly preparing have not taken effect yet, and moreover, that Britain is just now emering from a ten year stint under Labour! Hoegin makes the astute remarks that a.) it's wondrous how Cameron's mere talking about welfare cuts has apparently within a year thrown back these downtrodden people to the lowest ring of the social ladder, and,

b.) that nevertheless the sorry life of 29-year old Mark Duggan, the guy whose death sparked the riots and who was 'unemployed his whole life', apparently cannot be blamed on ten years Labour.

How a newspaper like De Standaard keeps pretending that it's the Low Countries' equivalent of a 'fair and balanced' newspaper is beyond me.

My two cts about the whole business can be summed up as follows: it's the Left's fault. It's a simple answer but most genial answers are. It's a.) they who have purposefully broken down the core social fabric of society aka the family. The scum that you see rampaging in London's streets has not grown up in normal families. Normal, as in a married heterosexual couple lovingly raising kids and teaching them the virtues of hard work and decent manners. Btw, maybe you noticed that most rioters have, ah, how shall be put it? That they have a nice tan. Here's a hint tanned ones. Try to commit to one partner instead of fucking your way thru life and let your penis be your compass. Sorry - or not - but black people need to acknowledge the basic fact that their promiscuous behavior is not the best guarantee for their offspring's a harmonious upbringing. Yesterday I was in the home of a white woman client who a couple of years back had the brilliant idea of marrying a black man. I knew they had two kids, and it had been some time since I had been there. First thing I notice, the kitchen wall sports numerous photos of the lady and her two kiddos. Daddy nowhere to be seen, neither in real life nor on celluloid. It wasn't until I was checking out electrical stuff in the room adjacent to the heater that I found a photo of the, I think Senegalese dad. Tucked to the wall BEHIND a rack. Well, that was clear enough. The lady's is a single mom now, daddy is having fun elsewhere.

Then this week I overheard my mom telling me about her sister's daughter, who is an accomplished international volleyballplayer, how her former black lover from a couple of years back still owes her - the volleyballplayer - stacks of money which she foolishly lent him to refurbish his house. Btw, with former I meant it's been over for some time, the love I mean. Not that his state of being black is over of course, although some apparently use wondrous soaps.

Does this mean that all black men are untrue? It doesn't. But the ones who jump from hole to hole like rabbits, giving a flying fuck for what becomes of their seed, are far more numerous than the ones who stay and try to be decent dads. Period. And if you disagree with me you're either nuts or live in a parallel universe.

Where was I? Oh, b.) It's also the left which has opened the floodgates of an unbridled immigration, letting loose on the UK's soil legions of incapable fuckwads who can barely read and/or write and are then expected them to find decent jobs.

Oh well. The person who summed it up best is probably Pat Condell:


Sunday, September 18, 2011


Smashing Pumpkins with Tonight, tonight.

Keane. Somewhere only we know.

Yeah, it's actually a Sunday Night Music. Was reading Koontz' Cold Fire on the couch yesterday night. Then I woke up at 6am this morning.