Saturday, December 15, 2007


From AINA (Assyrian International News Agency):

Örebro, Sweden (AINA) -- Dr. Fuat Deniz, a renowned lecturer and Ph.D researcher in the field of sociology at Örebro University, was pronounced dead today by Örebro University Hospital; Dr. Deniz was stabbed in the neck by an unknown assailant on Tuesday. The murder of a teacher during day time and in his own workplace has shocked the community in Örebro, a mid size Swedish town. There are no witnesses to the stabbing and no suspect yet. Police are working to secure forensic evidence, survey the victim's daily routine and his circle of acquaintances.

Sweden's equivalent to the FBI, the Swedish security police (SÄPO), have announced they are looking into this case because the attack could have a political motive. SÄPO noted that Mr. Fuat Deniz dedicated much of his research to Assyrian identity and the Turkish genocide of Assyrians. His masters thesis, A Minority's Odyssey: the Assyrian Example, was praised for its way of describing developments in social identities among Assyrians...

So far, so good. But then it comes:

Dr. Fuat was to participate in an international conference on Assyrian identity and the Turkish Assyrian genocide at the University of Leiden in Holland on Friday 14 December.

Sweden being what it has degenerated into, there is no mention in its journals or televised reports about the identity of the attackers or their motives, but I am 100% sure Dr. Fuat Deniz was murdered by muslims because of the great work he has been doing in exposing the hitherto little known Assyrian Genocide. Take into account also that he was murdered by slitting his throat, an appropriate method for followers of a certain religion, especially during Ramadan when knife-wielding hands are loose. Gates of Vienna thinks so too.

Perhaps no other people live in such a far stretched diaspora as the Assyrians, who are essentially the descendants of the inhabitants of the ancient Assyrian Empire, which itself emerged from the Akkadian Empire founded by Sargon of Akkad. The most famous Assyrian rulers were Tiglath-Pileser III, who ruled in the 8th Century BC, and Ashurbanipal. Eventually, the Assyrian Empire was overrun by Babylonia (most famous king Nebuchadnezar II) with the sacking of Ninive in 612 BC (note that by that time, the most common language in Assyria was Aramaic, whcih was the native language of Jesus Christ).

TheAssyrian Genocide took part in the same time frame as the Armenian Genocide, on which we reported earlier, and must be seen in the same context. The Ottoman Empire, where the "Young Turks" fraction under Enver Pasha had assumed a major political role just prior to Wordl War I, actively started wiping out its Armenian and Assyrian minorities (and chasing away its Greek minority) on the pretext that they were a fifth column. The mass slayings took the form of wholesale murder on the spot or deportation to the Syrian desert in death marches. While the Armenian Genocide is well documented, the Assyrian Genocide is far less due to the fact that Assyrians, by the beginning of the twentieth century, were but a small people dispersed over several countries in the region. One of the key witnesses of the horrendous events was a certain Reverend Joseph Naayem, an Assyro-Chaldean priest from Urfa in Turkey's southeast. Urfa, now Sanliurfa, is one of those many places throughout the Middle East where the ancient Christian population has vanished under the relentless assaults of the so-called "Relgion of Peace" (present-day Turkey numbers less than 100,000 Christians, down from 2 million a century ago). In 1921, Reverend Naayem wrote a book on his experiences, titled Shall this nation die?. This is an exerpt from it:

'One day the Moslems assembled all the children of from six to fifteen years and carried them off to the headquarters of the police. There they led the poor little things to the top of a mountain known as Ras-el Hadjar and cut their throats one by one, throwing their bodies into an abyss.'

If you would have thought this was the worst, you'd be mistaken. Another chilling account is from the hand of yet another reverend, Father John Eshoo from the district of Khoy, now in western Iran. In 1918, Ottoman troops arrived in Khoy and started to massacre its Assyrian inhabitants:

At the same time, the Assyrians, who were residing in the suburb of the city, were brought together and driven into the spacious courtyard of a house [...] The Assyrian refugees were kept under guard for eight days, without anything to eat. At last they were removed from their place of confinement and taken to a spot prepared for their brutal killing. These helpless Assyrians marched like lambs to their slaughter, and they opened not their mouth, save by sayings "Lord, into thy hands we commit our spirits. [...]

The executioners began by cutting first the fingers of their victims, join by joint, till the two hands were entirely amputated. Then they were stretched on the ground, after the manner of the animals that are slain in the Fast, but these with their faces turned upward, and their heads resting upon the stones or blocks of wood Then their throats were half cut, so as to prolong their torture of dying, and while struggling in the agony of death, the victims were kicked and clubbed by heavy poles the murderers carried Many of them, while still laboring under the pain of death, were thrown into ditches and buried before their souls had expired.

The young men and the able-bodied men were separated from among the very young and the old. They were taken some distance from the city and used as targets by the shooters. They all fell, a few not mortally wounded. One of the leaders went to the heaps of the fallen and shouted aloud, swearing by the names of Islam's prophets that those who had not received mortal wounds should rise and depart, as they would not be harmed any more. A few, thus deceived, stood up, but only to fall this time killed by another volley from the guns of the murderers....

As you can see above there was coverage of this terrible tragedy in US newspapers, the copy above being from the Washington Post. Dreadful as the context is, it may be cheering up those patriotic Americans who are constantly reminded by their moral betters at home and abroad that their country is evil and imperialist.

No one has to tell me what the motives were for the murder of Dr. Fuat Deniz. Being killed in a typical manner just days prior to his giving a lecture on the tragedy that befell his people, while he had been made a name for himself on the subject, is just too much coincidence. If you think I'm jumping too fast at conclusions, how about this exerpt from the Dutch Nederlands Dagblad:

According to the Swedish journalist Patrik Ekstrom, who follows the matter for Svenska Dagbladet, the situation in Sweden is still very tense. "I spoke with a colleague of Fuat Deniz, Professor David Gaunt. He is a Swede of English or American descent, but he too mentions people who claimed to be journalists on symposia or lectures, but who photographed all those present. He found that very threatening, and he told that Deniz was constantly subject to this kind of intimidations."

A Dutch scientist who wishes to remain anonymous, confirms that. "I felt the eyes of Turkish spies in my back during a couple of lectures I gave in Holland." This scientist does fear to be at risk and therefore publicly speaks out as little as possible about the Assyrian Genocide."

The lesson to be learnt from this is that someone out there is trying to teach a lesson: shut up, or else! Well, here's another lesson motherfuckers. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Know that we know that islam's strength has always been the weakness of its adversaries. Know that the tide is turning and that once we here in the West get our act together, you stand no chance.

In the meantime, let us pray for the wonderful citizen and human being that Dr. Fuat Deniz was. Let us pray for his wife and two children, of which one, his daughter, just turned three last Monday. This little, lovely girl will never know her father. What kind of a diabolical swine full to the brink with stinking shit do you have to be to deprive an innocent girl of her daddy in such a callous way???

Religion of Peace, my fucking ass. Religion of genocide, inhuman treatment and general megabackwardness, yeah.


P.S.: sorry for my French, but sometimes I have to get things off my chest. Rest in Peace, Dr. Deniz. You will not be forgotten.