Saturday, December 22, 2018


Y & T with I believe in you. Album Earthshaker (1981).

American hard rock/heavy metal band which formed in 74 in Hayward, CA. Originally Yesterday & Today, if you wonder where the band's name comes from. Still around.

Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead. From the iconic album The Bends (1985).

From Abingdon, Oxfordshire, where they formed in 1985. Still the original lineup: Thom Yorke (vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboards, other instruments) and his brother Colin (bass), Ed O'Brien (guitar, backing vocals), and Philip Selway (drums, percussion).

Ja, slaapwel.



In the week that was, more young European women who should have known better paid with their lives for continuing to believe that islam is a religion of peace instead of an abhorrent 7th century death cult. First, via PI-News we get to know that on monday another Culture Enricher killed his BioGerman girlfriend:

"Der von den Altmedien verharmlosend als „Bekannter“ umschriebene Messermörder der 17-jährigen Flensburgerin Mireille (PI-NEWS berichtete) bekommt so langsam ein Gesicht. Er soll Afghane und 18 (?) Jahre alt sein.

Wie schon Mia in Kandel wurde diesen Montag auch Mireille regelrecht abgeschlachtet. Der Afghane muss sich in einem Blutrausch befunden haben, als er Mireille in ihrer eigenen Wohnung umbrachte. Ihr Körper war mit Messerstichen übersät. Der Notarzt war mit seinen Reanimierungsversuchen erfolglos.

Auch wurde jetzt bekannt, dass Mireille, die sich in einem Ausbildungsverhältnis befand, schon seit Monaten Kopftuch trug. Ein Nachbar dazu: „Vor ein paar Monaten ging sie dann nur noch mit Kopftuch vor die Tür und verhielt sich sehr zurückhaltend.“"


"The murderer of 17-year old Mireille, from Flensburg, described, by the old media, as an 'acquaintance' is substantiating ever so slowly. It now appears he's an Afghan and 18 years old.

Like Mia in Kandel, last Monday Mireille was butchered without much fuss. The Afghan must have been in a blood frenzy, as he killed Mireille in her own house. Her body was covered with knife wounds. The emergency surgeon's reanimation attempts proved useless.

Also, it has now become clear that Mireille, who was in a relationship with the murderer, had been covering her head for a couple of months. A neighbor: "for the past few months she was covering her head and behaving in a very reluctant manner."

Then there was of course the news of the bestial murder of two Scandinavian backpackers in Morocco, 24 year old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway. Via The Telegraph:

"Four suspects arrested over the killings of two Scandinavian university students in Morocco's Atlas Mountains made a video pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group, authorities in the country said on Thursday.

Morocco's general prosecutor confirmed the authenticity of a video circulating on social media in which the four threatened to carry out attacks for Isil and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Investigations showed that the video was made last week before the killing of the two women, Danish and Norwegian tourists who were trekking in the Atlas Mountains.

The Danish intelligence agency had earlier said the women's slayings "may be related" to the Islamic State group.

Three of the suspects were arrested on Thursday as they tried to flee Marrakech on a bus, Moroccan national security spokesman Boubker Sabik said. Another suspect was arrested on Tuesday. Authorities have said no one is being sought besides the four in custody.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen confirmed the identities of the victims, 24-year-old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, of Denmark, and Norwegian citizen Maren Ueland, 28. The University of South-Eastern Norway said both women were students at its campus in Boe, southern Norway.

"What should have been a holiday trip turned into a nightmare" for the women, Mr Loekke Rasmussen told reporters in Denmark.

The women's bodies were found on Monday in a remote region of the Atlas Mountains not far from a village that often is the starting point for treks to Mount Toubkal, North Africa's highest peak."

There is absolutely NO WAY that I would ever allow our daughter to date a muslim. Just as I would never allow her to travel to a muslim country. Here's three more silly twats who paid with their lives for being gullible about the horrific nature of the religion of pieces. That's another three who will never have children and thus do something useful about our death bed demographics, in a gay-crazy islamophilic Europe that has completely lost its mind.

I am feeling very sorry for the girls, but we cannot wrap our condolences in superfluous feel goodery talk. You import islam, or you venture out in islamic countries, be prepared for serious trouble.

Their parents deserve to be chastized and shamed.


Friday, December 21, 2018


Thug Notes for today, where Sparky Sweets, Ph.D., enlightens us on the subject of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 100 Years of Solitude.

I read 100 Years of Solitude when I was a teen and was sold from page one. Make that sentence one; I remember it to this very day. Or so I kid myself: test, and I will look it up in two hours or so when back home: "Years later, standing before the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendia remembered the day his father took him to watch the ice."

Reading 100 Years of etc was a rollercoaster experience, an Aha Erlebnis with books I apparently encounter on average only once a year. Funny, but not one of Marquez' other books was ever able to again cast such a spell on me. Indeed, I was never able to finish, even read halfway, another one. I briefly recall starting Love in times of cholera (or was it The Colonel never gets post?) Whatever). The fizz was gone. And stayed gone once I discovered GGM was some kind of nutcase commie. Either way, I guess I'll have to thank him for one of the few bright sparks in a dreary period of my life.

Try it too. Chances are you'll be hooked just like me. And, you know? Maybe it's a good hint for a last minute Christmas present?


Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Via Breitbart:

"Belgian prime minister Charles Michel has been forced to hand in his notice after anger over the UN Migration Compact brought the country’s government down.

After four years in power, the left-liberal Reform Movement party leader offered his resignation to the Belgian monarch, King Philippe, on Tuesday night, after losing a vote of no confidence tabled by the Socialist Party and Greens.

Michel had urged lawmakers to back a minority administration following the collapse of his government earlier this month over his supporting the UN migration pact against the wishes of his ruling coalition’s biggest party — the right-leaning New Flemish Alliance (N-VA).

The 42-year-old lawyer’s decision to travel to Marrakesh last week and sign Belgium up to the UN Global Compact on Safe and Orderly Migration— which declares mass immigration to be “inevitable, desirable and necessary” — sparked huge protests in Brussels on Sunday.

Around 5,000 people took to the streets of the Belgian capital to protest Michel’s signing of the globalist agreement after the high court overturned a ban on the demonstration by local authorities."

It is true that the Michel government collapsed. And that the coalition's biggest party, N-VA, supposedly Vlaams Belang Lite, made an enormous show about the negative consequences of the UN Migration Pact. Just days before Michel was scheduled to fly to Marrakech to sign it, the N-VA pulled out, so that Michel remained with a minority government. Yet he went to Morocco, and put his signature under the damn thing.

In the days since, N-VA did everything in its might to paint itself as the sole bulwark against the 'Global Compact for orderly, safe and regulated migration'. The two mouthpieces most often heard were the party chairman and Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever, and especially the former Immigration Minister Theo Francken.

Breitbart would be dead wrong however to paint the latter as a hardcore conservative striving to keep Europe safe, while in reality, it's exactly the other way round. But one has to hand this to him: Francken is a pretend genius, even managing, earlier this year, to capture the attention of The New York Times, which helped spread the phrase "The Flemish Trump":

A misnomer if ever there was one, because in the man's four year long tenure as Immmigration Minister, he proved himself to be an abject failure. Below is a scan from the booklet "Francken Faalt" ['Francken fails'; MFBB] issued by the VB's Chairman, Tom Van Grieken:

"Since the start of this government, no less than 441,346 new immigrants entered the country legally, good for a yearly average of 136,000. For a good understanding: this number is even higher than under Di Rupo [the notorious previous socialist government, MFBB], when the yearly average was about 125,000."

The stats are not a VB fabrication - im Gegenteil, they can be found on the Belgian government's website.

For a country with a current - offical - population of 11,250,000 or so, an influx of 136,000 a year (!) of mainly Third World people is devastating. Belgium simply doesn't need such a gargantuan inflow of immigrants. "They entered legally" is, or rather was, the government's codespeak for letting throngs of social security tourists in with the naked aim of changing forever the ethnic and political composition of our country. The 'rational' rationale for this gigantic Umvolkung operation is that it is an answer to the problem of an ageing population which can't be bothered anymore to self-reproduce.

The 'irrational' rationale is the subconscious desire to self-destruct as atonement for perceived sins of the past i.e. colonialism, racism, and so many other ism isms the rich West is guilty of. Ever so often, this nihilistic desire manifests itself, and one could fill an essay with the ubiquitous examples. Make that a novel. This, e.g., is, earlier this year, Minister of State Herman De Croo, rejoycing in the prospect of the Antwerp Mayor being Turkish, Moroccan or black in two generations:

As a Conservative, I think that the most able and qualified person should have the job, and if in some distant or not so distant future the vacant post of, say, PM, would be taken by a Belgian of Uruguyan origin who happened to have the best skills for the job - provided he entered the country legally and was a model citizen - I would have no objection whatsoever.

But that is not the spirit of De Croo's proud prophecy.

With De Croo, as with basically the entire political class EXCEPT Vlaams Belang, it is emphatically not about taking the best candidate for the job regardless origin, gender, religious affiliation or age. There is, au contraire, a immensely suspicious and troubling desire to self-wipe out, an almost pathological condition tracing its origin to a dark witches brew of bad Frankfurter school philosophy, civilizational ennui, leftist falsehoods regarding Western imperialism, third wave feminism, and a nihilistic desire to 'protect' Mother Earth. The example above, with Mr De Croo feverishly looking forward to the day the neat Flemish farms nestled among the rolling, wooded hills around his haunt Brakel, South East Flanders, will have been replaced by mud huts of the Niger variety, is no exception - it is basically the rule.

But back to our golden boy Theo Francken. Just days prior to Charles Michel calling it quits, he expressed his support for the Anti Marrakesh demo which took place in Brussels:

Theo Francken (N-VA) supports 'March against Marrakech': 'I share the anger and frustration'.

Really, Theo, really? REALLY? Funny, that's not what I recall from your visit to Marrakesh in May this year, where you went to nod your approval of the UN Pact's draft:

What a G*dforsaken LIAR and hypocrite! Francken, the man who tried to profile himself as 'tough on immigration' for sending back five Sudanese while simultaneously sluicing in 136,000 others, was all hunky dory to sell out Belgium! 'The Flemish Trump', just ridiculous! Danish Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg makes ten of this poseur. Actually, no, correction. Can't be, cause 10 times zero still equals zero. As I wrote two weeks ago:

"N-VA made a bold stance which almost led to the fall tout court of the government, which would have been far better than wat played out now. It should however be remembered that the ONLY reason N-VA profiled itself so anti-UN Migration Pact is because Vlaams Belang threw the issue on the table in Parliament and the many disadvantages to the ordinary Belgian citizen (and the non-existence of any advantage whatsoever) became suddenly clear.... again, check out the poll above). In the same breath, the Vlaams Belang exposed the hypocrisy of N-VA since their Immigration Minister, Theo Francken, a man notorious for tough tweets and soft nonactions, had earlier this year been to Morocco for the pact's draft and was in complete agreement with the text. As mentioned before, the stellar performance of the Vlaams Belang in the recent municipal elections has obviously frightened N-VA (especially with the federal elections in May at the horizon), which for its mere relevance relies on the votes it siphoned off the typical VB electorate."

And a short while later:

"... This is all true, but I would put it another way. N-VA is not focussing anymore on (belatedly) stopping the pact because it doesn't think it is possible. No, N-VA isn't focussing anymore on that because it judges that it has made its show. For at heart, N-VA WAS NEVER AGAINST THE PACT. As mentioned yesterday, the N-VA Minister for Immigration, Theo Francken, was in Morocco last May where he read the draft (or even contributed to it) and APPROVED of it. It was only because VB called out N-VA that the latter party made a sudden U-turn, fearing backlash in the federal elections in May. And rightly so feared, courtesy the stellar score of VB in the recent municipal elections.

N-VA calculates that it has now convinced the population that it has fought tooth and nail to stop the UN monstrosity and that this will suffice to persuade the voters next year that they'd better stay with them instead of casting their votes for VB again (both parties are fishing in the same pond)."

In short, it is VLAAMS BELANG which takes credit for toppling the disastrous Michel government. Had not the party and in particular Filip Dewinter highlighted the many disadvantages and zero advantages of the UN 'Global Compact', Michel and Francken would have signed the treasonous document on DEC 11 without a fuss and have the country deal with the disastrous fallout in the years to come. As things turned out, VB threw the issue on the table - months ago already, but OF COURSE our MSM was not interested in letting us know about it. Only after a sharp intervention in parliament a month ago the issue started to be noticed by the population, and in the blink of an eye N-VA made a U-turn.

Vlaams Belang has fought long and hard to stop the Pact. In the end, it did not succeed. It's attempt to have the Council of State revoke it on the grounds that as a caretaker government, "Michel II" was not entitled to sign anything of international magnitude failed. And what passed for Belgium ratified the sham today, DEC 19, in New York.

But I take consolation from the fact that the events have shown that Flemings, or at least part of them, STILL have a backbone. What happened is unique.

It's even unique on a global level.

Today, 152 countries signed the UN Pact. In the likely recipients of the coming migration flows, the developed countries - chief among them those in the West - the signing took place WITHOUT consultation, support or approval of the population. In Belgium for instance, a staggering 73 per cent DISAPPROVED:

In spite of this clear rejection, the remnants of the Michel government flipped the population the finger - as did other traitors to their constituents. The message in NY will not fall on deaf ears and has undoubtedly been eagery anticipated in every shithole on the planet. We'd now better brace ourselves.

I have another message to Vlaams Belang and it is this: let the country know the extent of the hypocrisy of N-VA. These pathological liars do not deserve to win in the elections in May.

But even though Vlaams Belang did not succeed in its main goal, stopping this dangerous nonsense, it did succeed in killing the Michel government. In spite of my severe disappointment I have at least the satisfaction that the bastards who sold out our country were toppled. To the best of my knowledge, this has happened NOWHERE ELSE. The Germans despite AfD, the Dutch despite their highly visible Wilders and his PVV, the Brits, the French (where were the Gilets Jaunes?), the Canadians, the Spaniards..., they all sleepwalked into disaster without a peep. Not so in Belgium, or, more correctly, not so in Flanders.

The globalist establishment stabbed us in the back.

We lashed back:

And we toppled the bastards:

Happened nowhere else. Of course, for the grand majority of signatories there was no need to revolt in the first place. Mauritanians, Gabonese, Zimbabweans, Senegalese, Bengalese et al just got the green light to go collect welfare checks in Brussels, Oslo, London, Paris, Amsterdam etc etc etc, so why should they protest? And their governments? They are eagerly looking forward to the money that will slosh back, wired by the expats they are glad to be rid of. A win/win if ever there was one. It's easy to understand why the black officials on the photo above are smiling. What is not easy to understand - what is even incomprehensible - is why Jambon and Francken are also smiling, even more enthusiastically.

But what I wanted to imply is that a government being toppled because of the migration pact happened nowhere else in the developed world. Not in a single country that's bound to be a destination for millions of welfare seekers. And THAT is a source of satisfaction. Enough to smile - grimly - and continue the fight!


Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Via PI-News:

"Miły wieczór z przyjaciółmi przerodził się w najgorszy koszmar. Pochodzący z Katowic, a od 20 lat mieszkający w Strasburgu, Bartosz Niedzielski 11 grudnia wybrał się na koncert ze znajomymi. Na papierosie przed klubem zauważył terrorystę z karabinem maszynowym, który zmierza w kierunku klubu. To Niedzielski z grupą znajomych odcięli mu drogę do środka! Do niedzieli walczył o życie w szpitalu. Po południu podjęto decyzję o odłączeniu go od aparatury podtrzymującej życie. Bartosz zmarł ok. godz. 18. Był piątą ofiarą zamachowca.

– Bartek razem ze znajomym dziennikarzem z Włoch i dwoma muzykami stali przed wejściem. Wyszli zapalić. Wtedy zobaczyli zamachowca z bronią. Od świadków wiemy, że rzucili się, żeby go powstrzymać. Dzięki nim drzwi zostały zamknięte, sprawca nie wszedł do środka. Inaczej doszłoby do masakry. Byłoby jak w paryskim klubie Bataclan, gdzie terroryści strzelali do ludzi jak do kaczek – mówią dziennikarce „Gazety Wyborczej” Renata i Bogusław Bojczukowie, znajomi pana Bartosza.

Bohaterowie zatrzymali zamachowca, ale za swój czyn ponieśli olbrzymią cenę – zostali ranni. Włoch zmarł w miniony piątek w szpitalu. Niedzielski z raną postrzałową głowy trafił do szpitala, gdzie walczył o życie. Jego stan jest był krytyczny. Bliscy otoczyli go opieką i modlą się o cud!

– W modlitwie siła i tak naprawdę, to jedyne, co można zrobić. Pomodlić się za Bartka, ale też za wszystkie osoby ranne i te które zostały zabite w zamachu – mówiła dla Radia5, Marta Ornet, ciotka Polaka.

Niestety, Bartka nie udało się uratować. Jak udało się dowiedzieć Fakt24, w niedzielę po południu podjęto decyzję, o odłączeniu Polaka od aparatury podtrzymującej go przy życiu. Informację o jego śmierci potwierdził w emocjonalnym wpisie na facebooku jego brat. „Mój brat Barto Pedro Ornet-Niedzielski właśnie nas opuścił. Dziękuję wam za waszą miłość i siłę, której mu dostarczyliście. On zawsze będzie tam czuwał nad nami i nadal przynosił nam radość. Dziękuję wszystkim”. Dorota Orent, matka Bartosza Niedzielskiego w rozmowie z dziennikiem „Le Monde” powiedziała, że „serce Bartka przestało bić po godzinie 18”."

This is the gist of the Polish text:

"A pleasant evening with friends became the worst nightmare. With some friends, Katowice native Bartosz Niedzielski, who for the past 20 years had been living in Strasbourg, visited a concert.

While having a smoke in front of the club he noticed the terrorist with his machinegun (sic), heading in the direction of the building. Thereupon Niedzielski with his group of friends blocked the entrance!

In hospital, he fought for his life till Sunday. In the afternoon, it was decided to decouple him from the life-saving equipment. Bartosz died at about 6 pm. He was the perpetrator's fifth victim."

Again, Poles succcesfully stood in the way of muslim invaders and again, they paid a blood price. And the photo suggests that Mr Niedzielski leaves behind a partner and at least one child. What makes this tragic loss even more bitter is the knowledge that while Bartosz was still clinging on to life, in his place of birth Katowice, our treacherous political class busied itself force-feeding costly - and insane - climate scare measures down the western taxpayer's throats, which will in the end amount to nothing more than a giant socialist redistribution scheme solving just nothing.

And not only that, but simultaneously the same leacherous politicians basically legalized mass immigration from the Third World into Western countries, an absolute folly bound to cost many more brave citizens like Mr Niedzielski their lives.

These are immensely sad times.

Prayers are asked for Bartosz and his loved ones.

God Bless.


Sunday, December 16, 2018


Today, DEC 16, was March Against Marrakesh Day, a demo orchestrated by several Flemish nationalist youth movements a.o. Vlaams Belang Jongeren, KVHV (Katholiek Vlaams Hoogstudenten Verbond), NSV (Nationalistische Studentenvereniging), Schild en Vrienden and Voorpost (although the latter is in fact a Dutch/Flemish organization). Brussels Mayor Philippe Close and Minister President of Brussels Capital Region Rudi Vervoort, both Parti Socialiste, had vetoed it earlier this week. However, Filip Brusselmans of KVHV on Friday had his lawyer appeal at the Council of States with a judicial emergency procedure and on Saturday the Council ruled that the demo could proceed - as a static one however, on Schuman Square. Fair enough. I wrote earlier that the Council of State is a decent judicial body.

Even had the Council's advice been negative, I would have participated in the demo. There's simply too much at stake. Every legal means to stop the Belgian government from ratifying the UN Pact on DEC 19 at the UN in New York must be pursued, including moves that can topple the government. Something which, thus far, nearly succeeded. But as it was, with the Council of State's green light, I needed not worry about being apprehended (or so I thought). After an uneventful ride I arrived in the Capital at about 1 pm, parked my car on the parking lot of the Cinquantenaire, and walked down the centre axis of the park towards Schuman Square. As I arrived at the roundabout, everything seemed quite calm, though I could hear jeering and now and then rather large petards in the distance. To the right on the photo you see the Berlaymont Building, which is the European Commission's "HQ". The Commission itself is spread over give and take 60 (!) other buildings, but "The Berlaymont" is the nominal seat of the President of the European Commission and his College of Commissioners. Apart from that, the X-shaped building houses the following departments: the European Political Strategy Centre, formerly known as the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA), Human Resources and Security (HR), the Brussels Office of Infrastructure and Logistics (OIB), Communication (COMM), the Secretariat-General (SG), and the Legal Service (SJ).

Advancing along the Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi. Everything still calm. The weird building "behind" the Flemish Lion flag is the Europa Building, the seat of the European Council and Council of the European Union. The EU is not short of buildings in Brussels, I think there's at least 80.

Between the Berlaymont Building and the adjacent Karel De Grote/Charlemagne Building (which houses the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, the Directorate-General for Trade and the Internal Audit Service of the Commission), the Karel de Grote Avenue crosses underneath the Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi. I noticed that the crowd was looking out over the concrete shoulders of the latter towards a scene playing out in the Karel De Grote Avenue:

Sure enough, there was some turmoil. I was quite confident that the demonstrators would heed the calls of Tom Van Grieken and Dries Van Langenhoven, VB and Schild en Vrienden chairmen respectively, to remain disciplined and protest peacefully, but in every demo there are hotheads. While personally I witnessed nobody damaging public property or one of the ubiquitous EU buildings, there's footage of at least one bunch trying to bust windows. But either way, all in all the crowd wasn't too unruly. Despite this, I could make out a police truck engaging demonstrators with its water cannon:

I got somewhat closer and could look out over a crowd confronting the cops in the Karel de Grote Avenue. For all the bruhaha of Close and Vervoort claiming that this would be a "Brown March", I failed to notice types with optics commonly associated with neonazis (skinheads, black leather jackets, combat boots, tattoos etc). The demonstrators seemed to be overwhelmingly men in their 20s, 30s and 40s in 'normal' attire.

Then Police suddenly fired tear gas slugs. It's the first time I witnessed such a thing firsthand. A cluster of some 6 or 7 real small projectiles landed at the incoming end of a faint arc not seven meters away from me...

... and suddenly my view of the Karel de Grote Avenue looked like this:

This event marks the first time in my life I've been 2-chlorobenzalmalononitriled. Some would say I was teargassed (info here, in case you're interested), and it AIN'T funny. After a couple of seconds I had to back away; the stinging in the eyes and the difficulty in breathing was too much. I crossed the Wetstraat, climbing over a couple of traffic barriers, until I could breathe more freely:

I now noticed that from the West, where the Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi leads to Parliament (the Belgian one, not the EU one ha ha), another part of the demo also backed away, pursued by police firing tear gas canisters:

An atmospheric shot with protestors taking a rather laid back attitude. The high rise in the background is the Karel de Grote/Charlemagne building:

But soon the gas concentration became too much to bear. It was obvious the cops were pushing us due east along the Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi, in the direction of the Cinquantenaire:

Back at the Schuman Square roundabout. All quiet on this front.

Looking north along the Archimedesstraat, I noticed a platoon of mounted police take up positions:

A closer look:

Looking West again. Police wasn't short on gas, apparently.

Soon enough, it became clear that they were cleaning up da neighborhood from those pesky, EVIL neonazis. Look for yourself, all those types could, if asked, start their working week tomorrow in Bergen Belsen and Auschwitz/Birkenau. Brrrr!

"They won't tame him, the Proud Flemish Lion". Notice the Vlaams Belang sweater. I actually saw very few pieces of garment identifying this or that person's affiliation. There were two Voorpost chaps I could identify as such, a few VB... Here and there, individuals had draped themselves entirely in the Flemish Lion. I myself was wearing a pink tutu. And a pussy hat.

Okay, I admit it. I made that last one up. It was too cold for that. By now the Schuman Square roundabout became rather gassy, too.

Personally, I am of the opinion that the Belgian Police bought their tear gas canisters on Black Friday. And people say that it's US the gas chamber guys!

Don't they realize all that tear gas may ALSO have a greenhouse effect??!? What Belgian Police fired today may very well raise the planet's temperature by 2 degrees! To-tal-ly irresponsible!!!

Archimedes Street was still calm. But it was obvious that soon, the cops would also charge in from that direction, squeezing us Brown Deplorables toothpaste tube-wise further and further east.

Suddenly I noticed Dries Van Langenhoven, Chairman ofSchild en Vrienden.

This really was the man's moment du jour. FINALLY, he came eye to eye with the famous Outlaw Mike! I do have to admit though, that he was dressed smarter than me, myself and I combined.

More shots of neonazis. The girl to the left must be the grand grand niece of Helga, She-Wolf of the SS.

It was time to wrap up my humble part in this demo. Today I learned that my small company's yearly 90,000 EUR Social Security contributions, 6,000 EUR 'bedrijfsvoorheffing', a plethora or real estate, corporate, environmental and whatev taxes I'm just too scared to add up, some 6,600 EUR private social security contributions, personal income tax (this year but a measly 2,000 EUR), 500 EUR municipal tax etcetc etc etc earned me being teargassed for expressing my opinion in a peaceful manner. Progress!!!

Together with some chaps from Limburg, I headed back thru Cinquantenaire Park and the monument, where I had parked the Outlaw Mobile. As we approached the Cinquantenaire, the welcoming committee was taking up position. Luckily (for them), not one had the guts to arrest me:

And that was that, Adventures in Belgistan!