Monday, May 08, 2006


This is again a couple of days old, learned about it via LGF naturellement, and it blew me such that I felt I had to spill some words on it. I'm talking about that Zarqawi blooper video, which most of us have seen, isn't it? If you haven't yet, here is the link. Zarkman being unable to operate a SAW is one thing. But reading how a NYT correspondent, C.J. Chivers, runs to his defense is another. I couldn't believe it. And the guy - Chivers - is even a former Marine! The following is an excerpt from hisarticle in the New York Times:

Not All See Video Mockery of Zarqawi as Good Strategy

Published: May 6, 2006

An effort by the American military to discredit the terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi by showing video outtakes of him fumbling with a machine gun — suggesting that he lacks real fighting skill — was questioned yesterday by retired and active American military officers.
The American military, which said it captured the videotapes in a recent raid, released selected outtakes in an effort to undermine MISTER Zarqawi’s image as leader of the Council of Holy Warriors, formerly Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, and suggested that his fighting talents and experience were less than his propaganda portrays. But several veterans of wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, as well as active-duty officers, said in telephone interviews yesterday that the clips of MISTER Zarqawi’s supposed martial incompetence were unconvincing.
The weapon in question is complicated to master, and American soldiers and marines undergo many days of training to achieve the most basic competence with it. Moreover, the weapon in MISTER Zarqawi’s hands was an older variant, which makes its malfunctioning unsurprising. The veterans said MISTER Zarqawi, who had spent his years as a terrorist surrounded by simpler weapons of Soviet design, could hardly have been expected to know how to handle it.

Golly yeah, MISTER Zarqawi. Good God. The way that Chivers guy is talking about Al Qaeda in Iraq's ceo makes you wonder what they put in the coffee machines over at the New York Times. Now, I ain't a Marine and I never operated a SAW, or, I'm sorry to say, whatever gun anyway - although that may change soon. But what I do know is that Z-Man is the guy who ordered his creeps to blow themselves up among schoolchildren - amongst others - and Jesus, when it comes to using the prefix "Mr." for adressing members of that motley crew of Baathists, Sadrists, Badrists, al Qaedists and other sadists, Mr. Baghdad Bob is about the sole individual I'm willing to bestow the honor. Well guess what Mr. Chivers? Luckily for MISTER Zarqawi there are other weapons which are less complicated to master, and even though they are old, when they malfunction it's actually surprising. I'm talking about rusty scimitars e.g.. Like the one a compatriot of yours, Mr. Nick Berg from Philadelphia, was beheaded with. Guess you had forgotten about that when you talked about Zarkman the way you'd talk about your son-in-law.


Sunday, May 07, 2006


IT WAS A POLE, CAPICE??? He was POLISH!!!! He came from POLAND!!! Got that? PO-LAND!!!! The country between Germany and Belarus, OK? North of Slovakia, south of the Baltic! POLISH. He was P-O-L-I-S-H. MFBB was WRONG!

What the heck am I talking about? You may recall that, just prior to leaving for Poland (of all places), in my April 14 post, I briefly mentioned the murder of 17-year old Joe Van Holsbeeck:... And, a tipsy more south, in my own beloved Belgium's Brussels Central Station, 17-year old Joe Van Holsbeeck was stabbed to death by a Moroccan teenager because he did not want to give the young fuckface his mp3-player....

These were my words. I don't think the brutal stabbing of a 17-year old boy scout during rush hour in Brussel Central made headlines on the other side of the pond, but here it did - and not only in Belgium. The BBC was on it too, certainly when an 80,000-strong silent protest march was held in Brussels on April 23. Well, it didn't turn out to be a young Moroccan. It was a Pole. MFBB was wrong. Why was MFBB wrong? Because Joe's friend himself, standing next to the victim thought the murderers were North Africans. Because every witness on that day in Brussels Central thought they were North Africans. Because the office of the public prosecutor in Brussels, already the day after, officially accused two North Africans. Because because because... because North Africans make up around 60% of detainees in Belgian prisons. Because criminality in all Belgian cities with significant North African minorities is rampant.

But, in this case, it turns out the murderers were Poles. Now, look at that pic. It's a scan from the first page of the leading Belgian daily "De Standaard", April 25 edition. Now, what struck me is that you really can't miss it was a Pole, huh? The only thing that lacks is a big fluorescent red arrow pointing to "Pool" and a map of the country. Btw, the photo to the right of the article in question is NOT Joe's murderer, it's another one, the crazy fuck who said that Israël will be wiped off the map and was rewarded for that by an invitation from German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble for the FIFA 2006 World Cup. The big caption underneath that photo is a quote by the man: "No Worries, nothing will happen." - referring to the Iranian president's estimation of how serious he sees the threat of UN sanctions. I suppose "De Standaard" wanted to reassure its readers. But I digress.

Anyway, take my word for it: if, in reporting criminal actions in Beljun, "De Standaard" does not mention any nationalities involved and the perps are "youths", consider it a 90% certainty they were Moroccans certain people from the-northern-part-of-an-unspecified-continent-south-of-Europe. That's just how it is. If, on the other hand, the nationality involved is from a western country, be sure your average De Standaard reader on the Fiji Islands will know it.

Now, while all Belgian media a couple of days after the crime reluctantly began to hint the perps were indeed "North Africans" - though without splashing it all over the front page like above - once it came out it was Poles all the politically correct elites, hitherto rather silent - suddenly came out of the woodwork with fiery sermons against the Belgians' prejudices:

"We are much less critical than we think" - Bart Dobbelaere, De Standaard editor
"A number of people has stigmatised a certain community. They are now confronted with their conscience" - Laurette Onkelinckx, Belgian Justice Minister
"Is asking excuses too much?" - Walter Zinzen, former VRT journalist
"We have let us seen from our weakest side and masks have fallen" - Patrick Loobuyck, philosopher, University of Ghent
"Stigmatising is tempting" - Abdelhay ben Abdellah, Muslim Executive member

Harumph. Time for some MFBB reality check. Just picking up, at random, some chips from De Standaard from the same period, April 24 and April 25. Not on the front page, mind you. Somewhere buried between a Club Med ad and the many advantages of using broccoli in your daily dish.

The snippet to the left speaks of a petition organised by Borgerhout citizens (Borgerhout, more commonly known as "Borgerokko", is a suburb of Antwerp, and as the nick suggests has a fairly large number of people of Sri Lankan origin). The petition aims at asking police to take measures against a gang of (very) young criminals, suspected of eighty robberies, a great deal of them over last Christmas time, and apparently active in Borgerhout again. During the Easter weekend gang members would have attacked people.

Snippet to the right "Jongeren slaags met politie" reports about violent riots during the weekend of 22/23 April in the city of Ronse, whereby some fifty "youths" attacked police and threw beer glasses, bottles, stones and other projectiles, wounding two officers. Btw, Ronse is the place where there are - according to a client of mine who lives nearby - secret arms stacks, and not from the local pigeon milker's club.

Just an unimportant item, to fill up some corner you know, "Congolese victim of blind agression at tanking station". In late April, in Zellik near Brussels, a Mr. Constant Bwanassani, after having filled up his tank and having paid in the adjacent shop, quickly wanted to wipe something from his windshield first. Thereupon the driver behind him immediately started honking and hurling racist remarks at him. When Mr. Bwanassani got in, the driver suddenly came over, administered twenty beatings and threw his car door closed with the victm's leg still outside the car. The hothead was arrested by police, and after coffee and tea released. He was from Schaarbeek.

What do these three pissy-patoot news items have in common? The naughty guys come from Borgerhout, Ronse and Schaarbeek. All three localities house large numbes of North African immigrants. Borgerhout - I told you how it is better known. Ronse - I'm sometimes wondering if it is still a Flemish town. And Schaarbeek, well, that's actually become Schaarbeekistan, a bit like that other mini Islamic republic Molenbeek. Furthermore, in none of the three articles, any nationality is mentioned. Hey, but I'm not suggesting anything.

Those who know me from up close, know I'm not a racist. Hell, I'm doing business with Moroccans. But it's one thing being a real racist, and another one not being shy to point out some nasty facts about certain communities. Let's for a moment not debate about the causes of these nasty facts - subject for another post. But shuffling them under the carpet DOES-NOT-HELP. What we have seen with the aftermath of the Joe Van Holsbeeck tragedy is an exercise in bad policy. Even though The Brussels Journal's Paul Beliën, a known conservative editor who reported on the story early on, and the Vlaams Belang party which kept a surprisingly low profile during the whole affair, were by far not the only ones who thought the crime had been committed by North Africans - in fact, everybody assumed it was so, the North African community itself included - and were quick with correcting themselves, it was them who had to bear the brunt of the PC barrage once it became known the gangsters were Poles, not Moroccans. The result? Any debate about the very serious issue of rampant criminality among North African youngsters is now immediatly brandished a disgusting xenophobic hatemongering racist even more.

It all reminds me very much of an incident which took place in early 2004 in France, whereby a young woman sparked nationwide outrage because she accused six North Africans of tearing up her clothes, drawing swastikas all over her and tipping her 13-month old baby from its pram. The case led to widespread condemnation, including from Chirac himself, amid concern over the growing number of racist and anti-Semitic attacks in France. Shortly thereafter, it appeared it was all a hoax. She admitted having drawn the swastikas with the help of her boyfriend. What on earth made her doing it is unclear to this day. What's sure is that any debate about criminality among maghrébiens was no longer bon ton.

We will now even skip what happened in France during last fall.

On New Year's Day 2006, a train en route in the Nice/Cannes area in southern France was hijacked by tweny North Africans. What followed for the 600 passengers was an hourlong nightmare during which the "youths" systematically terrorised them, stole wallets, nank cards, jewelry, cell phones, hurled insults, administered beatings, sexually assaulted young females, damaged the train's interior etc etc.

As the excellent French blog No Pasaran! dryly remarks:

Never mind the "droit de retrait" of the guards, and the cops waiting inside the station while the girl being molested, think about it: 20 aggressors, 600 passengers. That's 1:30. But I bet the passengers made use of their national right to surrender.

The gang of 20 got away with it. Somewhere between stations, they pulled the emergency stop. French police kept sleeping on. And the victims? Well, they could go fuck help themselves. So: do keep shuffling away news that is not to the taste of certain cabals of godforsaken ivory tower "academics", snug "elite intellectuals" and a leftist establishment desperately trying to lure immigrant votes to make up for the ones they lost to parties who DO have the guts to call a spade a spade.

When I look at the pitiful conglomeration of hypocrites who time and again get a forum in our hyper PC'd media outlets, it doesn't surprise me a bit that sane voices of reason start to come from concerned North Africans themselves. Said Fouad Ahidar, a Flemish MP of Moroccan origin who also was the driving force behind the 80,000 strong Brussels march:

"I am relieved that it's two Poles, because I think the Vlaams Belang will now capitalize less. But we must not pretend as if there is no problem with agression and criminality among young immigrant youths in the cities."

For showing more courage than the whole spineless native PC crowd taken together, I will forgive Mr. Ahidar his smearing remark about my party.


N.B.: and if someone has news from Dutch Disease Report, still dead, let me know. And, if out there there is any relative or acquaintance of poor Joe Van Holsbeeck who feels that I have not treated his tragic story in a respectful manner, I will be glad to offer my apologies. But only to relatives and acquaintances.