Saturday, November 05, 2011


A French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, a household name in France, had its offices torched after it published a motoon accompanying an article about the real nature of the so-called "Arab Spring".


I'm too tired and have no time to spare. Check out Atlas Shrugs for the story:

Charlie Hebdo Offices Firebombed After It Joked About The Prophet Muhammad (Pictures) Puff Ho (hat tip Paulo)

The Paris office of the satirical French Magazine Charlie Hebdo has been firebombed and its website has been hacked. It follows the announcement that the magazine would be 'guest edited' by the Prophet Muhammad.
It has been reported that the office was gutted by fire at around 1:00am Paris time, but there were no injuries.

Patrick Pelloux, a witness to the attack, told the AFP news agency that a molotov cocktail was thrown through the window.

"Everything was destroyed," he said.

According to the Associated Press the director of the magazine said “the material damages are large”.

On Tuesday the magazine said that the Prophet Muhammad would be editing the magazine in "honour" of Islam's role in this year's uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and other Islamic countries.

"In order fittingly to celebrate the Islamist Ennahda's win in Tunisia and the NTC (National Transitional Council) president's promise that sharia would be the main source of law in Libya, Charlie Hebdo asked Muhammad to be guest editor," the editorial team said in a statement.

On Wednesday morning the magazine's website had also apparently been hacked by an Islamist group.

There have been several cases in Europe of cartoonists, journalists and publishers being threatened or attacked after depicting cartoons and pictures of the religious figure.

Charlie Hebdo was taken to court in 2007 by two Muslim groups for reprinting those cartoons, but the suit was thrown out.

In Belgium, we are now flooded daily with stories of how our marvellous - cough - cultural enrichers from mooslim shitholes wreak havoc upon autochtons.

On the 23rd of October, a real Belgian man of 86 living in Borgerhout, an Antwerp suburb, tired of being harassed and confronted for the sixth time with muslim robbers inside his home, stabbed a 16-year old Moroccan. The latter fled, accompanied by his accomplice (also a Moroccan of course), but died one kilometer further.

Check out this video.

So you have worked all your life and saved for a cozy old day. Alas the socialists and the muslim voting cattle they imported caught up with you. You have managed to live to the ripe old age of 86, even still have your wife, but now your neighborhood is transformed beyond recognition.

The muslim ape who broke inside the man's home was 16 and had committed 43 CRMINAL ACTS OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS.

Yet according to the genetically degenerated father of the criminal, his son was a good boy and always quick with a laugh.

As I have stated so many times, when we whites learn of a white criminal being cut down, we say 'good riddance'.


Not so muslim subhumans. When their worst offender is killed, watch out for his legions of sympathizers from among the 'great majority of respectful and law-abiding muslim citizens'.

The 86-year old man and his spouse can kiss their normal life goodbye. Never again will they be able to live in peace in their home, which is under police surveillance because you can bet your sweet *ss it will be torched or vandalised.

Islam is a cancer for Europe and whatever other place it takes root. You must cut away cancers in time or they will ultimately kill you.

Islam must be cut away.