Saturday, June 30, 2012


Gordon Lightfoot with Sundown.

Immortal ballad, eh?

Lana del Rey with Born to Die.

Born a New Yorker, she was raised in Lake Placid, NY, a village near the lake of the same name in the Adirondack Mountains. Definitely looks like a place I'd like to visit once.

Goede nacht dear or less dear audience. I hope you like Augusto.


Friday, June 29, 2012


Just another day in al-Fwance...

Fifty 'devout' muslims riot and affront police officers, wounding one, at the 'Grande Mosquée Mohammed VI' in Saint-Etienne, on account of its popular imam Mohamed el Adly, recently recalled (to Morocco!) reportedly on account of his radicalisation.

In other news, two female police officers near Toulon were murdered...

This is the perpetrator, need we say it, yet another young buddhist Finn:


See? A True Finn. Blonde, blue eyes, six feet tall. On his passport it reads Mikko Nurmi, erm, I mean Abdallah Boumezaar. Not that you would know that from Sky News, which hastens to add that the killer was 'drunk'. Phew! What a relief!

One of the police officers, who btw was shot with her own service weapon, leaves behind a husband and two young daughters aged 5 and 13.

In yet other news, in Rennes, Brittany, a 13-year old native French boy by the name of Kylian was assassinated by a 16-year old, whom Le Monde, that paradigm of fair and balanced euronews, chose to rebaptize 'Vladimir':

Only later did it turn out the killer's name is in fact Suleyman. He's a Chechen muslim. Le Monde deliberately chose to rebaptize him so as not to invoke 'islamophobia'.

Yes, you read that right. From Robert Ménard's blog:

"Il aura fallu plus de 48 heures pour que la « grande presse », comme on dit, fasse allusion à ce qu’on pouvait lire partout sur Internet : le jeune garçon de 16 ans qui a tué Kylian, 13 ans, dans un collège de Rennes, est le « fils de réfugiés politiques tchétchènes ». Il est musulman. Les journalistes – du moins l’immense majorité d’entre eux – ont donc préféré passer sous silence ce « détail ». Pour le présenter, Le Monde a choisi, expliquant que « [son] prénom a été changé », de le rebaptiser Vladimir… à consonance russe mais, c’est l’essentiel, pas musulmane. Il ne s’agirait pas d’alimenter « l’islamophobie ». Du coup, c’est exactement l’inverse qui se produit."

Nothing to worry about. The REAL DANGER is those Extreme Rightwingers!!!


Sunday, June 24, 2012


"... They bring tens of millions of 7th-century Muslim immigrants to 21st-century Europe and then clamp down on Europe for resisting the unnatural graft.

They bring tens of millions of subliterate irredentist Mexicans to American territory conquered from Mexicans and then call “racist” those who notice that the Mexicans are subliterate irredentists.

They funnel 200 different peoples onto the same already-crowded patches of Europeans’ (or ex-Europeans’) land insisting that we are all the same and then invent multiculturalism and voting in 25 languages.

They import grasping poverty from the Third World and then are perplexed when the poverty grabs what it can purloin from its hosts’ public treasury.

They pillory Enoch Powell in 1968, only to wake up to smoldering England and bands of “youths” beating, stabbing, and robbing Britons in 2011.

They see who the “youths” are and then write headlines such as, “Is technology to blame for the London riots?”


Had this FOOL Iain Mackenzie been a Beeb columnist in 1940, he would have blamed World War II on Panzers, Stukas and radar.

They force women on the Army and Navy and then panic that there is a “rape epidemic” in the Army and 19% of the female sailors are pregnant.

They encourage sodomy and are mystified when a Sodom-like medical plague breaks out.

They force the sodomites on the Marines and then court-martial the Marines who don’t approve of forced sodomizing.

They recruit five-foot grandmothers for sheriff’s deputies to escort violent felons twice their size and half their age and then pass bills honoring the grandmas after they were squashed by said felons. To secure the homeland, they ignore the known knowns and harass the unknown unknowns.

They let through swathed Allahu Akbar followers but corral white Christians to shuffle through naked scans shoeless, beltless, and presumed-innocentless.

They plea-bargain and parole millions of violent felons and then blame crime on guns.

They sell guns to violent criminals in Mexico who use them to shoot Americans, then blame crime on guns in American citizens’ hands.

They build China’s military from scratch with American dollars and American technology and then notice in bewilderment that China’s military has become a towering menace. If American, they arm, train, and sponsor tribal jihadis all over the Muslim world and then are dumbstruck when the jihadis turn all that on their infidel benefactors. If European, they genuflect before and pay jizya to aggressive Muslims, then blame “right-wing extremists” when aggressive Muslims slap them in the face.

They fight al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, support it in Egypt and Libya, and import it to every Western country. If Jewish, they live like WASPs, vote like blacks, and lobby like La Raza—and then complain that many don’t like them. If Christian, they vote socialist and then discover the unknowable secret that socialists hate Christians.

They bind Northern Europe’s productive countries in the same currency with the sunny South’s freeloaders and then are stunned when the euro is in danger of collapsing.

They export America’s industrial base to Asia and then debate why there is unemployment.

They pump trillions of conjured dollars into an economy staggering under a crushing burden of conjured dollars and then assert with a straight face that trillions more conjured dollars are needed because “recovery” has stalled.

They lend to the banksters at 0% and then borrow from them at 4%. Prattling of a “strong dollar,” they convert the world’s strongest currency into history’s largest Ponzi scheme and a cautionary tale told to Chinese children.

They put a black commie rabble-rouser in the White House and then are shocked when the economy tanks and their pet minorities along with it.

They hail the black commie rabble-rouser as The One Who Will Bring Us Together and then do the three wise monkeys when the Second Coming leads to Beat-Whitey Fridays all over the land.

They build $100-million schools for 85-IQ blacks in Harlem and $578-million schools for 89-IQ “Hispanics” in Los Angeles and then moan that the “achievement gap” continues and trillions more must be spent.

They bring down every public institution to the level of black achievement and then hire Ph.D.s to opine why every public institution is not achieving and America is lagging.

There is no end to the madness, nor to the mad schemes to deny the madness and to hunt down and silence those who notice the madness.

A combination of stupidity, lunacy, and gnostic malfeasance on this scale is unprecedented in history. The scope of the ultimate catastrophe to which this is leading may also be unprecedented—which is saying much, because the precedents include the fall of Rome and the fall of the Weimar Republic...."


Photo: the lunatic socialist politician Kristin Halvorsen, a possible posterchild for the 'They' in Seiyo's column. However barbaric and gruesome Breivik's murders were, the damage this woman is inflicting upon Norwegian society is far, far, far worse.

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