Saturday, March 14, 2009


Pixies. Ana.

The Pixies, Forefathers of Grunge, were one of those things that helped me through the last two excruciating years of my student career. I first got to know them by watching MTV where - IIRC - the first hit to make it on my radar was Here comes your man, from the album Doolittle. It was an easy listen but made no big impression on me. Only about one year later I got to know how much potential this Massachusetts-born band had (it originated in Boston in 1986), since I found myself with a roommate, a guy from Antwerp, who was an early Pixies aficionado. Via him I got to know the albums Come on Pilgrim, Surfer Rosa and especially Bossanova, imho their best album. Perhaps not surprisingly, Bossanova was the album in which frontman Black Francis assumed almost total control. From it I drew Ana, for its sheer textual simplicity and crystalline sound, but there are several other darn good songs. I'm told that Pixies reunited again in 2004, even with the original crew - Black Francis, Joey Santiago, Kim Deal and David Lovering. If so, I'm sorry to have failed to notice any new material. Ana's video is amazingly good, and you know how that comes - George Bush the First was POTUS.

Great music from a weird, short lived UK band, The Babys. What one could call a three hit wonder. I suppose Mark formerly from Colorado would label Everytime I think of you and Isn't it time as cheesy songs, possibly stinky cheesy songs (although I can stomach them), but Piece of the Action might find mercy even with our number crunching man who programs in Microsoft Access for Databases for fun and for free.

Yes I know, singer John Waite looks like an androgynous wimp. Live with it.

Time for an great musician, the film and theater music composer Philip Glass. Perhaps what mostly rings a bell are the themes he wrote for Koyaanisqatsi and Powwaqatsi, and more recently for The Hours. He also performs with his own group, the Philip Glass Ensemble. For this "Saturday Nights..." I chose a little known theme from the war movie Hamburger Hill, honoring the sacrifices of a battalion of the 101st Airborne during the assault on Hill 937 in the Ashau Valley in Vietnam, in 1969. The video shows the first eight minutes of that film. When the theme's gone, skip the rest. Or not. Whatever. Hamburger Hill wasn't too bad, at least less melodramatic than Platoon.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Just a couple of rather disturbing developments:


A massive bomb attack in an IKEA in Amsterdam has been foiled at the last moment. Via Spitsnieuws:

"The bomb alarm in Amsterdam South East had a terrorist angle. Police has rounded up seven persons. One of them was related to one of the terrorists responsible for the attacks in Madrid in 2004, said Justice Chief Bolhaar Thursday evening on a press conference in Amsterdam. The suspects are six men and one woman ranging from 19 to 64 years. They are Dutchmen with a Moroccan background, he said.

During the night of wednesday to Thursday police got a phone call claiming that three men wanted to place explosives in shopping malls. According to Corps Chief Bernard Welten the tip came from Brussels. The caller said where the terrorists could be found. He also gave a vague description of what they looked like.

After briefing with the AIVD [Dutch state security, MFBB] police proceeded to make the arrests. In Brussels too, police took action. The first arrest happened around noon, the last one at quarter to six. All suspects are being charged with preparations for terrorist actions.

Amsterdam's Police thinks that with the arrests concluded, the direct threat is gone. "Following the arrests we think we may lower the terror alert level but we cannot exclude anything yet, said Welten. The investigation is still going on. It is still unclear when the shops will open again."


One quarter of the city of Malmo, Sweden, is now muslim. Crime rates are soaring, harassing indigenous girls is bon ton, and the frightening dynamic towards a partly unconrollable Malmo is a study in microcosm of typical muslim usurpation of power through sheer demographics alone. Watch the video and shiver.


Via The Brussels Journal's Tiberge, who actually lives in the States and who runs Galliawatch:

There is an article, with numerous links, posted by Joachim Véliocas at his website Islamisation. It concerns the Turkish population of Metz, capital of the Lorraine region in the northeast of France, and its hope for a giant mosque of its own, despite the many prayer rooms that already exist in the city. The article is based on a report in the daily Républicain Lorrain, dated February 20, that discusses plans for the mosque, focusing on comments made by the leaders of five Turkish associations of the city of Metz. Each of these associations hopes to manage or co-manage the projected mosque. One of the associations is the Islamist Milli Görüs party, whose founder, the former prime Minister of Turkey Necmettin Erbakan, was forced out of power in 1997 by the Turkish military and by the constitutional court that found him too radical.

According to Véliocas, Milli Görüs, is spreading with impunity throughout France, while the Interior Minister does nothing to stop it:

"The term "milli görüs" means "national religious path" and the movement is classified as "fundamentalist Islam" by German intelligence services. The former minister from Lower Saxony, Sigmar Gabriel, places it in the same category as Hamas, and says that it counts among its members Bin Laden supporters. An internal memo from Milli Görüs, discovered by the German Interior Ministry in 1999, reads:

"The Community (i.e. the Turkish community) is a means working for an end – the end being to Islamize (German) society."
"Milli Görüs is a shield that protects our compatriots from European barbarity."
"Democracy is a Western error."

The Milli Görüs logo looks ahead to the future: a white crescent on a green background - color of hope and of Islam - that covers the map of Europe. Their plan is to restore the Caliphate... in Metz!"


Sunday, March 08, 2009


I'm sorry, especially for the ladies, but multiculti insanity like this drives me completely and utterly mad. So, who the f*ck is Guusje ter Horst? She's Dutch Interior Minister... and she just refused to appoint the best qualified candidate for the vacant position of Police Corps Chief in South Holland on the grounds of ... his being white and male...


Grand ceremony cancelled
- by John van den Heuvel and Bert Huisjes

Police: Being an immigrant more important than qualifications
AMSTERDAM - An inauguration ceremony for a new corps chief in South Holland has been cancelled at the last moment, after a discussion on the appointment of "yet another white man" in the police top.

Interior Minister Ter Horst did not issue the requested and expected approval for this appointment. For Teun Visscher's [the officer in question - MFBB] inauguration ceremony the Kunstmin Theater in Dordrecht had been booked already, next Tuesday. Now the Police Corps had to cancel the reservation.

Ter Horst's Ministry says such a ceremony has been planned "far too early". During an informal meeting this week several corps chiefs openly stated that Ter Horst is obstructing things. For instance, she has firmly requested that Visscher shall be "the LAST white man" to make it to the top of the police hierarchy. The next one absolutely has to be a woman or be of color - regardless of whether there are better qualified candidates.

"The corps staff have agreed with the ministry that 50% of the police top has to be either a woman or an immigrant", says a spokesman for the ministry. "If now a white male corps chief fills the post, the next one cannor be a white male."

The corps in South Holland has been without a chief for almost one and a half year now. For the vacant post two women were approached. But either they couldn't, or were not qualified. Thereupon Visscher was proposed.

Ter Horst also wants to ward off "white males" from the subtop. This hierarchical layer has to be composed of at least 30% women or immigrants. There's a lot of scathing remarks among officers about this decision. Fine officers are being overlooked, while the requirements are lowered because there are barely female and immigant candidates. E.g., in North Holland-North a female corps chief was appointed, who came from City Oversight in Amsterdam [this warden service does not belong to the police, but its members are allowed to fine owners of wrongly parked cars - MFBB]. The promotion is very controversial."


This is no male chauvinism of mine. You pick the best candidate and that's it. Whether that candidate is male or female, has a third eye on his forehead, or is very fond of Engelbert Humperdinck. Once you go down the road of "Minister" Ter Horst, you are on a perilous path that with mathematical certainty will lead to higher crime rates involving, invariably, theft, robbery and murder. "Minister" Ter Horst is literally PLAYING WITH LIVES and in case you still think "cunt" is over the top, I'm sorry, but if you play with lives you forfeit ANY right to a decently held disagreement.

But calling her names would be too easy. A person like Ter Horst who is WILFULLY HARMING THE INTERESTS OF THE SUBJECTS SHE IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT....

...should RESIGN.

Ter Horst is a prominent member of the PvdA (Partij van de Arbeid, Labor - MFBB], one of the two socialist Dutch parties.

However, I suppose that does not really surprise you anymore.