Monday, March 10, 2003

Tom, the worst part is that we are now at the "triple dog" resolution (re: your post on the 15 of Feb) , and we're one of the authors of it! Did you ever think that it would come to this? Actually, don't answer that.......
Check out IPetitions. On there you will see a petition against celebrities that are speaking against our President and his policies abroad. 87,000 signatures so far. I agree with this one, if these people were any more informed than I, say if they were Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell, or a Senator on the intelligence committee I could see asking their opinion. Otherwise, I don't see anyone going around to ordinary American's doors and asking theirs.

Both this link and Scrappleface have posts to support our troops as well. They need all of the support that they can get, as well you can "adopt" a deployed person's family and help out by contacting your local Naval, Army, National Guard, Marine, or Air Force base. These guys and gals are gone while their spouses are carrying on the families alone with an unimaginable amount of stress. The least that we can do is to help care for their families while they are protecting our lives and liberties.