Saturday, May 08, 2010


Always liked this song very much. Still do. David Bowie with Five Years, from the 1972 album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

The Wannadies hail from northern Sweden. In 1994 they had a hit with the You and Me Song, from the album Be a Girl. Give it some time, it ain't bad.

Kate Bush with The Sensual World.

Marvellous number by The Buoys, a US seventies prog rock band. I understand Give up your guns was never a big hit in the country of origin, but it definitely was in Europe, even twice.

From his foxhole, Outlaw Mike wishes all people of good will a healthy night's rest and if possible some good lovemakin' first.


Thursday, May 06, 2010


Curious article by Robin of Berkeley, a former lefty over at American Thinker, May 5, 2010:

"... Conservatives can mistakenly assume that liberals think like they do, in a learned and rational way. This is an exercise in futility since liberalism is not based on logic.

To become a conservative, I've had to learn a whole new language, one based on reason. If conservatives want to understand the liberal mind, they should consider becoming bilingual, too.

Liberals live in a stratosphere centered on emotions and magical thinking. If you've tried to reason with your daughter and she looks at you blankly; if your neighbor changes the subject during your compelling arguments; if your cousin says this about Obama: "I don't know why. I just like the guy"...that's why.

After I 'fessed up last week to once being besotted with socialism, a reader had an epiphany. He wrote that maybe liberals are just plain stupid.

I'm not going to disagree with this. There are innumerable examples from both the famous and the anonymous:

-- The most illustrious of all leftists, Noam Chomsky, still maintains that the Khmer Rouge did not slaughter millions of Cambodians.

-- Liberal luminaries Annette Bening and Naomi Wolf defend radical Islam, including the dreaded burqa.

-- After journeying to Cuba, members of the Congressional Black Caucus bragged about the stellar conditions there.

-- Michael Moore thinks that the Cuban health system is to die for.

-- Anita Dunn, a former special assistant to Obama, stated that Mao is one of the people she admired the most.


If these are the more informed liberals, what about Jane and Joe in the street?

-- During the primary, I asked my friend Gail why she was voting for Obama. Did she know anything about his voting record or background? She responded, "No, I don't." When I asked her why she was voting for him, she said, "I just am."

-- Last week, I chatted with Shelley, a liberal pal who voted for Obama. I asked her what she thought of him now. She said that she thought he was doing fine, but she confessed that she wasn't following the news.

-- During the election, I told a friend, George, that I thought Obama was a socialist. George responded, "Well capitalism doesn't work. Why not try socialism?" Dr. George has a Ph.D.

Are these folks "stupid"? I looked up the word, and my dictionary reads, "lacking intelligence or common sense." Going by that definition, it would be hard to argue no.

Liberals are certainly capable of intelligence. They may be adept at their careers and hobbies. But the problem is that their naïveté and a delusional way of looking at the world impedes common sense and street smarts.

Further, when liberals take the time to tune in, they get their "information" from progressive propaganda. And they don't question the Left's authority.

That's the biggest problem -- not questioning the party line even though there are obvious gaps and gaffes. A big reason for this is fear.

I had a telling e-mail exchange with a liberal friend. When I wrote that I thought Obama was a Marxist, she responded, "Don't say that! You're scaring me!"

Aside from intellectual laziness, the Fear Factor makes otherwise intelligent liberals stupidly fall into line. Liberals can scare easily.

Unarmed with either weapons or the basic facts, they have no way to defend themselves. Imagine a liberal and a conservative being dropped off in separate wilderness areas. How many days before the liberal would be no more? Meanwhile, weeks later, the conservative would still be going strong.

Many liberals know how inadequate they are, whether at hunting their own meat or throwing a baseball. It's generally the conservative they'll call on to build a fence or rewire their house or protect their families. Without conservatives, they are rendered absolutely helpless.

This may be a hidden reason for liberals' contempt for conservatives: They know that you can do stuff they can't, that you can survive when they'd croak, and that you don't need the government -- and they do.

Many conservative women -- like the intrepid Sarah Palin -- are more capable, more powerful, and yes, more a "man" than some of the liberal XY specimens. And the utter shame of this makes them despise you -- and want to render you helpless, too.

That's the universe I grew up in, that I lived in my whole life, until the mysterious winds of Fate swept me up and turned my life upside-down. For most of my life, I was a secular ignoramus, living in and for the self. I navigated the world with the Braille of feelings, and I blindly followed the leaders.

I've now spent two years exploring a different planet entirely, the more formidable and logical and spiritual one where conservatives work and play. I've parked myself firmly in your world, while I write about the other one.

Frankly, I like your hemisphere better, and have settled in for good. I feel more safely ensconced with the earth beneath me and the heavens above me than I ever did in Outer Space."

A frequent AT contributor, Robin is a recovering liberal and a psychotherapist in Berkeley.

It looks like David Cameron won in the UK, be it not enough to have an absolute majority. Greece will get a 120 billion EUR rescue bailout (two thirds of will come from the other EU countries, and one third from the IMF) on the condition it will implement stringent and radical budget-cutting measures, but no sane person believes this is possible.

Nite all.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Tomorrow's general elections in the UK.

It is very simple.

Here is a handy summary.

Gordon Brown is a crook.

David Cameron is a traitor.

Nick Clegg is an idiot.

And if you prefer this message fleshed out a bit, listen to this man:

I only wish he'd had the guts to endorse the BNP by name.





From the this takes my breath away department: The Times, May 4, 2010:

First Clinton:

The US revealed the size of its nuclear arsenal last night in an unprecedented attempt to galvanise efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, announced the declassification of one of the Pentagon’s most closely guarded secrets at the opening day of a critical international meeting on global disarmament.

The Pentagon’s figures show that the US stockpile consists of 5,113 nuclear warheads and “several thousand” more retired warheads that await dismantling. The figures reveal an 84 per cent reduction from the historic peak of 31,225 warheads in 1967 at the height of the Cold War.

“Beginning today, the United States will make public the number of nuclear weapons in our stockpile and the number of weapons we have dismantled since 1991,” Mrs Clinton told the UN review conference on the Non-Proliferation Treaty. “So for those who doubt that the United States will do its part on disarmament, this is our record, these are our commitments and they send a clear, unmistakable signal.”

They send a clear, unmistakable signal that you've completely lost it, cunt. Then Hussein:

"We will see whether nations without nuclear weapons will fulfil their obligation to forsake them,” Mr Obama wrote. “Nations that pursue this path find greater security and opportunity as an integrated member of the international community. Nations that ignore their obligations find themselves less secure, less prosperous and more isolated. That is the choice nations must make.”

You complete fuckwad stinker. Barely have hundreds of the citizens you were supposed to protect escaped death and maiming, NOT by adhering to your fucking lofty ideals but by SHEER LUCK, or there you are revealing top secrets while a country that's deliberately pursuing nukes for mass murder won't disclose an iota.

If, GOD FORBID, next time a suitcase nuke goes off on Times Square and you are still around, I hope they hang you naked on the nearest lamppost you blistering idiot.


Hat tip Western Heart.


Monday, May 03, 2010


Compelling article in The American Thinker, May 3, 2010:

"... At the end of 2008, the publicly held debt of the U.S. government stood at 40.2% of GDP. In the four years of the Obama administration, the debt will increase $5.7 trillion (equal to the entire debt incurred by the United States since its inception up to and including 2008). This will result in the country having a debt to GDP ratio of 72% by 2012, a mere two years from now.

It has been acknowledged by a consensus of economists that unemployment, as a result of the Obama agenda, will remain in the double-digit range over the next three to four years. This government refuses to recognize the need for spending reduction, opting instead to adopt new entitlement programs and, as part of its war on wealth, dramatically raise any and all taxes on the citizens and the private sector. That component coupled with the massive new regulations already passed and proposed will result in inflation adjusted negative or stagnant GDP growth.

Without significant repeal of the Obama tax and regulatory policies and changes in the entitlement programs and overall reduction in government expenditures, the current spending proposals and impact of the trillions needed for ObamaCare, Social Security, and Medicare and interest payments will result in the debt-to-GDP ratio exceeding 100% by 2019.

Recently the bond ratings of Greece, Portugal, and Spain have been downgraded (Greece to junk bond status). Not only is the entire European Union threatened with collapse because of the excessive debt and budget deficit policies of these countries, but so is the entire world economy. In the case of Greece, the debt-to-GDP ratio is 125%, and the annual budget deficit is 13.6% of the GDP. Greece can no longer borrow money (except at excessively high interest rates) and must turn to the European Union for a bailout in order to pay debts due within the month.

By comparison, the United States, if it remains committed to the Obama agenda, will experience a debt-to-GDP ratio of 104% and an annual budget deficit of 9.7% of GDP by 2019. This nation will become the next Greece...."


With every passing month, I understand less and less how a majority of Americans could ever elect an anomaly like Hussein. I was right. 30 seconds in 2004 sufficed for me to see him for what he was. A creature of smoke and mirrors. A void - morally, intellectually, spiritually. A non-identity. Catapulted by mechanisms I do not understand into a position from which he is able not only to destroy the US economy, but indeed the entire world economy.

How was this possible?