Friday, May 10, 2024


I am against EVs for several reasons, and the most obvious ones are in all likelihood the ones that spring to mind right away: limited autonomy and charge stress, depletion of rare metals, damage to the environment primarily during the mining operations needed to extract Lithium, Cobalt etc.

Now, while all that is true in the current EV development state, these issues will probably have been solved ten years hence, what with the introduction of new battery technologies (graphene, solid state...).

No, the REAL reason I am against EVs is because widespread usage of this type of transport will make countries extremely vulnerable for any disruption in the generation and/or distribution of electricity. In our everyday lives we are already completely dependent on electricity. Imagine if on top of that we would all be driving EVs too: in the blink of an eye so to say, a country could be rendered deaf and blind. In the late nineties, NATO used graphite bombs to short-circuit the Serbian power grid and the results were devastating: no lighting or electrical appliances; no electrical trains; factories, hospitals, schools unable to function; no traffic lights, no computers, no internet, no air traffic control etc...

...but at least the Serbs were able to drive their cars.

You can see why it would be an extremely bad idea to completely rely on electricity for road transport too. Imagine that in a not too distant future Russia launches a two-pronged offensive in Western Europe with graphite bombs delivered by drones launched from the North Sea on the one hand, and hackers on the other hand. In a matter of hours, large swaths of Europe are without electricity! Now imagine, too, that greens have unfortunately had their way and we are all driving EVs...

No, if we are to phase out ICE engines using fossil fuels, we should not replace them with EVs; at least not EVs that derive their juice from a power grid. We should switch to hydrogen-powered cars, trucks and buses.

And then two options present themselves: vehicles using hydrogen in a combustion engine, or vehicles using hydrogen in fuel cells.

This chap explains why the latter option *seems* by far the best...

...until you compare the price tag, of course. While it's true that fuel cell powered hydrogen cars are roughly twice as efficient as their ICE counterparts burning H2, they are also far more expensive. Which is why there probably will be a market for the two versions. Time will tell how it will all pan out. Nite.