Saturday, January 10, 2015


Dutch rightwing website (they do exist) De Dagelijkse Standaard (no connection whatsoever with the fuckwads at Belgium's De Standaard "newspaper") reports that in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish deli shootings a website 'NIET MIJN ISLAM' (NOT MY ISLAM) has been put online, obviously to offer those bazillions of peace loving, terrorism-denouncing muslims who just want to go on with their lives an outlet to make it be heard that the Kouachi Brothers have nothing to do with the real teachings of the prophet.




This is what 'NIET MIJN ISLAM' looks like:

And in just three day, NOT MY ISLAM collected around 12,000 likes!!!




Dutch muslims overwhelmingly denounce terrorism after all!!!!! Look for yourself on their first page, Mohammeds and Aishas and Mehmets and Fatimas liking and liking and liking and licking and liking and kiling, erm liking etc etc etc:

A fine sample of the Dutch ummah:

Frauke Van Der Veek,
Maureen de Vries,
Coen van Zantvliet,
Hedwig Mooren,
Peter Flevoland,
Judith Lensink,
Stephan de Wit,
Janine Cobelens,
Manon Gloudemans,
Roene Rooyens,
Maartje de Puy,

PHEW!!! For a moment there, I feared that the Dutch muslims would stay silent! If that does not convince you that islam is a religion of peace after all I don't know what can.


Monday, January 05, 2015


Dumb & Dumber in French is spelled François Hollande. The supertax, originally meant for all Frenchmen and -women earning one million EUR, is going, not with a bang, but a whimper.


"...It beggars belief that with so much evidence on the outcomes, really dumb economic decisions keep getting repeated. But French socialist President Francois Hollande’s 75% supertax on high earners set a new high watermark for insanity – one definition of which is the act of repeating the exact same thing but expecting a different result. Economic realities have forced Hollande to quietly shelve the supertax. Too late, though, to assist his low popularity among the same voters who loved the idea when it was mooted ahead of his election.

By Eric RANDOLPH of Agence France-Presse

Once a flagship policy of French President Francois Hollande, the 75-percent “supertax” on top earners limps into its final weeks this month having sparked plenty of controversy but few economic results.

It was no surprise that the policy, which expires on February 1, would be quietly dropped: it was only ever slated to last two years and the Socialist government has for months declared it would not be renewed.

The tax had also been watered down until it was barely a shadow of the “exceptional contribution to solidarity” proclaimed by Hollande when he came to power in 2012.

France’s top court had declared as unconstitutional the original plan to levy the tax on all individuals earning one million euros ($1.2 million).

The government came back with a version that made companies pay the 75-percent rate only for the portion of employees’ salaries above the million-euro ceiling.

But by then, it had already become a symbol of France’s opposition to big business and attracted high-profile derision.

Actor Gerard Depardieu stormed out of the country in a huff over the tax and took up Russian citizenship in 2013. It was reported he only paid six-percent tax in his new home.

“I am leaving because you consider that success, creation, talent — anything different — must be punished,” he wrote at the time..."

 photo FrancoisHollande-Lrsquo-idiot-du-village_zps82667fd9.jpg

And because it worked SO WELL in France, the Belgian Parti Socialiste is now proposing... a millionaire tax too!!! Granted, the levy would be less. So let's call them instead of dumb just a little bit short on furniture in the attic.