Saturday, May 04, 2013


As you may or may not know, leftozoid Airhead/Bubblehead Matt Damon made an anti-fracking movie, Promised Land (2012), in which he plays an oil company's land acquisitioner whose task is to persuade Pennsylvanian farmers to cheaply sell their lands so that they can be used for fracking. So in most of the movie, he's actually the 'bad guy'. Only towards the end learns he that, in his talks and meetings with PA villagers, he was deliberately kept unaware that an environmentalist who at one point almost managed to get the villagers not to sell but was revealed to be a fraud, was in fact also employed by his boss, to make Damon's character, and thus the oil company, look more trustful.

In other words it's them mean old capitalists again, read 'fracking industry bosses kill babies!!!!!!'. Come to think of it, killing Pennsylvanian babies is actually the realm of others, but you can be absolutely sure Damon won't make a movie about that.

Anyway, Phelim McAleer, an Irish director who made the pro-fracking documentary FrackNation, in the next video exposes media darling Damon as a clueless fool (at best), when he confronts him with the fact that one of the funders of Promised Land is a Middle Eastern media company wholly owned by the United Arab Emirates, an OPEC-member.

Also, DON'T miss this video of the same Phelim McAleer asking Josh Fox, director of Gasland, the anti-fracking documentary, why he didn't include in his documentary that there were reports of people being able to light their tap water on fire in 1976 or even 1936, in other words long before fracking started, since one of the anti-fracking top shots in Gasland was namely Pennsylvanians lighting water coming from the tap:

Oh oh oh oh oh lefties and watermelons. NEVER let arguments and naked facts come in the way of Pure, Raw Emotion!

McAleer: "Most people watching your film would think lighting your water started with fracking. You said yourself people lit their water long before fracking started, isn't that correct?"

Fox: "Yes but it's not relevant."

Hmmmmm. Sounds a lot like Fake but Accurate to me. Don't miss the décolleté of the young lady in the Bad Idea T-shirt ad on that page, she drives me completely bonkers everywhere I come across her.


Friday, May 03, 2013


You will forgive me the BS. Oh, it's not too bad. Tak full screen for the best effect.

Just for the record, I love my country. It's the Belgian State I loathe.

Hat tip my oldest sister.


Thursday, May 02, 2013


On May 2nd, 2011, my father died.

You are not forgotten pa, and sorely missed. Thank you for everything.

God bless.


Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I'm trying to be optimistic, and luckily there's some ground to be. Treatment has been good overall, my response was every time they checked positive. I am now in the last phase of the treatment, for the time being at least, since the kind of cancer I have cannot until now be cured completely, i.e. as things stand now it can always recommence. However, the young and competent Dr. F. here at a particular University Clinic near Brussels has assured me I should be able to look forward to, say, perhaps 5 years without worry of it breaking out again. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that in five years research has advanced sufficiently to enable complete healing. By the way, you should know that MASSIVE research IS being done day and night all over the world, covering the entire spectrum of all known cancers, and great inroads are made - I could see that for myself by comparing articles written in 08 to ones written as recently as autumn 2012. I actually think the War against Cancer is being won - slowly but surely.

Thing is, in this final leg of the cure I have to take the utmost care to avoid infection of all kinds, since my immune system is as good as down, courtesy the last chemo. That also means severe restrictions on food in my case. I have to make do with prepackaged sterile bread and yoghurts and one spartan warm meal of only a handful of ingredients. Urgh.

And the weird thing is....

... I find myself thinking of and longing for all day long for... PIZZA.

Sheesh! Never knew I could almost litterally be dying (no pun intended) for pizza so much. Not that spongy stuff they sell you in a Pizza Hut, thank you not so very much. But a REAL, GENUINE PIZZA they actually bake for you right under your nose in the oven in a veritable pizzeria. Up until now I never bothered too much about pizza's names, read I wouldn't be able to identify them judging by their toppings. When ordering some, I always took the one with at least 75 per cent of the toppings I liked.

And now it turns out the sought-for Ideal Outlaw Mike Pizza does not exist!!! Time for adding an annal to the History Of.

Searching the web, and knowing I like, apart of course from the tomato sauce and/or the chopped canned tomatoes, also sweet green or black olives, anchovy (a must), finely sliced ham, and mushrooms and mozzarella, it seemed to me the pizza that came closest to my ideal was the Pizza Quattro Stagioni. However it CAN'T be complete without an egg smack in the middle, and a real FAT, glittering, huge bulbous egg sunny side up at that.

People being dumb the world over in alarming numbers, I of course found no one who had ever had this Groundbreaking Idea of adding the fried egg in the middle before. This also means the accompanying pic is but an effort to convey my important invention to you:

 photo pizza_zpsb4b15a86.jpg

In honour of the Italians - thank God he created them darn spaghettis, and accidents like Belgium's PM Elio Di Rupo happen anyway, otherwise we'd live in a pizzaless world - I have decided to apply a fully Italian name for my invention, so it's not gonna be Pizza Four Seasons with Egg according to Outlaw Mike but Pizza Quattro Stagioni con uovo secondo Fuorilegge Michele. A New Birth of Pizza!!!

No thanks please.

Apart from that, drifting in and out of sleep images of Poland's most famous soup also keep spooking my fuzzy brain. Like with the pizza, it's gonna be at least another ten days before I will taste it again courtesy severe hygienic (pfah!) restrictions on OM's menu. What soup am I talking about. It's called Zurek.

Zurek is basically a sour rye soup made of soured rye flour (comparable to sourdough) and meat (usually boiled pork sausage which the Poles call kielbasa, or pieces of smoked sausage, bacon or ham). The soup itself, though not clear, is quite liquid, certainly not viscous, and, unlike basically all western salt-based soups, tastes sour. You got to like it - I certainly do. Add morsels of boiled potato and halved hard-boiled eggs, and it's delicious. From our travels to Poland I recall that around Zakopane we sometimes ate żurek in an edible bowl made of bread!

Anyway... try it if offered the chance. You're bound to become an aficionado.

 photo zurek_zps16a81468.jpg

Nite. It can't be crazy rightwing stuff all the time.


Monday, April 29, 2013


Panic in Brussels!!! The commercial TV broadcaster VTM had an item about a milestone of paramount importance that has just been passed, namely 400 ppm CO2! VTM's news anchors pissed their pants because never before has there been more CO2 in the air!!!

Notice the shameless presence - again - of the thoroughly discredited hockeystick graph.

While alarmingly rising sea levels are forcing the VTM staff to escape to Belgium's 'roof', the High Fenns (and I figure on the Baltia Tower, alt. 700m, there's just enough room for Jill Peeters and cronies, we will now listen to retired Professor Don Easterbrook from Western Washington University, who on March 26, 2013, gave a devastating testimony before a Washington State Senate Committee against the belief that human induced CO2 is causing global warming. Via American Thinker:

"Although many greens in Washington State were earlier trying to use lower snow packs in the Cascade Mountains as evidence of global warming, such arguments have fallen by the wayside as the snows of Rainer have returned and continue to mount since the late 1990's after a 20 year period of mediocre snowfalls (1976-1996). In early April 1999, Paradise Ranger Station on Mt. Rainier (+14,411) recorded a whopping 280 inches of snowpack on the ground -- which is over 23 feet. That same year, Mt. Rainier's twin sister to the north, Mt. Baker (+10,750), broke the all-time snowfall record for one year with 1,140 inches (95 feet -- snowfall does not record snowpack, only the accumulation of each particular snow event) at its ski resort. The previous all-time record for snowfall in one year was held by the Paradise Ranger Station itself when 1,122 inches of snow fell in the winter of 1971-72. By mid-April of 1972, there was 302 inches of snow on the ground at Paradise, which is over 25 feet. That Washington State snow is very wet and heavy also indicates that such deep snowpacks are profound indeed. In other words, the Washington Cascades are some of the snowiest mountains on earth. Though the Cascades are certainly localized to the Pacific Northwest, they are still important weather barometers.

Throughout the 20th century, Paradise Ranger Station (+5,400 feet) was known for its absurdly high consistent snowfalls and snowpacks. Between 1920 and 1980, Paradise usually recorded a snowpack greater than 200 inches (almost 17 feet) 4 to 5 times out of each decade. In particular, the decade of 1945-1956, and then again from 1966-1976, were characterized by very deep snowpacks. The average snowpack between 1945-1956 was an incredible 231 inches, and then 225 inches between 1966-1976, far surpassing the average snow packs of the 1930s, which was 188 inches. In comparison, even the very snowy 1920s only averaged 200 inches of snow.


However, the great snows between 1945-1976 came to an abrupt end by the spring of 1977 in which Paradise only had 126 inches of snow on the ground, barely over ten feet. More modest snow packs continued on up until the spring of 1996. Between 1976-1996, the Paradise Ranger Station surpassed the 200 inch mark only twice -- in the springs of 1982 and 1984. This was a very marked change from previous decades.

As such, the 1997 hefty spring snowpack at Paradise of 258 inches (almost 22 feet), was actually a harbinger of much snowier winters to come. Since 1997, Paradise has surpassed the 200-inch mark eight times. Even this last winter, which was very quiet for Pacific Northwest standards, Paradise still showed a snowpack of 197 inches in mid-April -- just 3 inches shy of that exceptional 200 inch mark.

Since 2006, Paradise has averaged a very snowy 205 inches of snowpack each year, compared to only 168 inches between 1976-1996. Even more incredible, on June 1st 2011, Paradise still had a snowpack of 201 inches -- it is off the charts to have so much snow on the ground so late in the year. Since 1996-97, Paradise has averaged 196 inches of snow pack each year, which is actually a very high number because such consistency spans almost two decades. The snows of Rainier have thus been perfectly consistent with Easterbrook's contention that 1940-75 represented a cooling trend, and that the warming trend of 1976-1997 was halted by the present cooling trend that began in 1998.

In other words, in spite of the fact that global warming advocates have been complaining that the weather of the 21st century has so far been the warmest on record, it is simply not true. According to Easterbrook, such hand-wringing is not based on original raw data, but has been created from computer model adjustments that artificially elevate the warmth of this last decade and purposefully devalue the truly warm decade of the 1930s -- the Dust Bowl years. Easterbrook states 1936 was the hottest year as far as modern records are concerned, but he also pointed out that in ages past, the earth was far warmer than it is now. Easterbrook went on to say the planet is still in the process of coming out of the Little Ice Age (1300-1850), and that the warm-up began long before human induced CO2 could have been the culprit."

SO sad that I have to watch day after day after day how our gullible population is being spoonfed on a daily basis data which are at best one-sided and at worst downright fraudulent.

The NERVE of VTM to come up with an item like this after such a long and severe winter, for Belgium at least.