Saturday, May 04, 2013


As you may or may not know, leftozoid Airhead/Bubblehead Matt Damon made an anti-fracking movie, Promised Land (2012), in which he plays an oil company's land acquisitioner whose task is to persuade Pennsylvanian farmers to cheaply sell their lands so that they can be used for fracking. So in most of the movie, he's actually the 'bad guy'. Only towards the end learns he that, in his talks and meetings with PA villagers, he was deliberately kept unaware that an environmentalist who at one point almost managed to get the villagers not to sell but was revealed to be a fraud, was in fact also employed by his boss, to make Damon's character, and thus the oil company, look more trustful.

In other words it's them mean old capitalists again, read 'fracking industry bosses kill babies!!!!!!'. Come to think of it, killing Pennsylvanian babies is actually the realm of others, but you can be absolutely sure Damon won't make a movie about that.

Anyway, Phelim McAleer, an Irish director who made the pro-fracking documentary FrackNation, in the next video exposes media darling Damon as a clueless fool (at best), when he confronts him with the fact that one of the funders of Promised Land is a Middle Eastern media company wholly owned by the United Arab Emirates, an OPEC-member.

Also, DON'T miss this video of the same Phelim McAleer asking Josh Fox, director of Gasland, the anti-fracking documentary, why he didn't include in his documentary that there were reports of people being able to light their tap water on fire in 1976 or even 1936, in other words long before fracking started, since one of the anti-fracking top shots in Gasland was namely Pennsylvanians lighting water coming from the tap:

Oh oh oh oh oh lefties and watermelons. NEVER let arguments and naked facts come in the way of Pure, Raw Emotion!

McAleer: "Most people watching your film would think lighting your water started with fracking. You said yourself people lit their water long before fracking started, isn't that correct?"

Fox: "Yes but it's not relevant."

Hmmmmm. Sounds a lot like Fake but Accurate to me. Don't miss the décolleté of the young lady in the Bad Idea T-shirt ad on that page, she drives me completely bonkers everywhere I come across her.


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