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The world seems to be fucked up to no end these days and it doesn't seem like it's gonna get better anytime soon, quite the contrary. But it's Valentine's Day - can't let the bad stuff rule our lives too much. Two songs for you and your sweetie:

Tina Turner with Two People.

From the 1986 album Break Every Rule.

Welsh singer/songwriter Donna Lewis with I love you always forever.

From the 1996 album Now in a minute.




I'm sorry for her parents and even for her.

But we must start calling a spade a spade and PRONTO.

Kayla Mueller was not only one of those countless do-gooder types choosing the wrong side to "help" - muslims - but she was actively aiding and abetting Palestinian terror groups.

Over at Arutz Sheva, Lee Kaplan sheds some essential light on Kayla Mueller:

"Kayla Mueller was a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who spent at least two years working with that terrorist support group. She was involved in demonstrations against the Jews in Sheikh Jarrah (part of East Jerusalem) after a 20 year long court decision recognized the Jews' legal rights to homes they were chased from in earlier wars launched by the Arabs. She also participated in demonstrations to interfere with the IDF demolishing the homes of terrorists and suicide bombers after the courts okayed the demolitions.

Just as with Rachel Corrie, the press tries to paint Kayla as a selfless volunteer helping poor Arab refugees. She may have helped injured Arabs in "refugee" camps, but she was working to support the goals of Palestinian irredentists and to interfere with the IDF on behalf of terrorist groups.

As an ISM activist she was a tool for the worldwide jihad.

A letter she wrote which appears on the ISM’s website describes the usual ISM claims of atrocities that never occurred, but were fabrications worthy of Pallywood.

First, she lived and rioted with other ISM activists with an Arab family that refused to vacate a home they were squatting in after a legal case that took 20 years established it was stolen from the Jewish owners.

She wrote propaganda letters for the ISM website:

“Just the next year in 2009 Ashraf’s brother, Bassem Abu Rahma, was participating in the demonstration and was attempting to communicate with the IDF soldiers telling them to stop shooting the steel-coated rubber bullets as an Israeli activist had been shot in the leg and needed medical attention. Not soon after an Israeli soldier illegally used a tear gas canister as a bullet hitting Bassem in the chest, stopping his heart and killing him instantly,” she wrote.

Of course, the Arab propaganda rag Al Jazeera told the story that way. This really occurred during one of the weekly riots in Bi’ilin in the West Bank where the Arabs demonstrate “nonviolently” by throwing rocks at the IDF soldiers as well as incendiaries. Kayla was there with the ISM to participate. Kayla admitted to being present at the weekly riots.

She was also a human shield in support of terrorists. She wrote:

“I could tell a few stories about sleeping in front of half demolished buildings waiting for the one night when the bulldozers come to finish them off; fearing sleep because you don’t know what could wake you. . . . I could tell a few stories about walking children home from school because settlers next door are keen to throw stones, threaten and curse at them. Seeing the honest fear in young boys eyes when heavily armed settlers arise from the outpost; pure fear, frozen from further steps, lip trembling.”

Most Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria are religious Jews. Many are professionals who wish to lead quiet family lives. They do not generally engage in violence, except for an aberrant few who sometimes engage in non-life threatening vandalism and are severely castigated by the rest. The ISM hit on a strategy of accusing the Jews in the 'West Bank' of what the Arabs do continually to Jews: throw stones, attack school children, destroy produce etc.

Another ISM strategy is to try and disable Israeli security tactics. One of the newer ones is to try and suggest that when the IDF uses tear gas to avoid lethality in controlling weekly Arab rioters, the gas is really deadly and must be stopped altogether. The real reason for this inversion about tear gas is the Palestinians and their ISM lackeys hope they can make it impossible for the IDF to control the weekly riots such as in Bi’ilin, riots Kayla was a part of.

“Oppression greets us from all angles”, she wrote. “Oppression wails from the soldiers radio and floats through tear gas clouds in the air. Oppression explodes with every sound bomb and sinks deeper into the heart of the mother who has lost her son. But resistance is nestled in the cracks in the wall, resistance flows from the minaret 5 times a day and resistance sits quietly in jail knowing its time will come again. Resistance lives in the grieving mother’s wails and resistance lives in the anger at the lies broadcasted across the globe. Though it is sometimes hard to see and even harder sometimes to harbor, resistance lives. Do not be fooled, resistance lives,” Kayla concluded in her letter.

 photo kaylamueller_zpszuuamnbf.jpg

Kayla Mueller, leftozoid idiot and aider and abetter of Paleostinian terror groups. Mueller was not the heroine MSM made her out to be. Mueller was part of the problem.

This certainly doesn’t sound like a tireless “aid worker”. Instead, it connotes a supporter of Palestinian Arab terrorist groups. Her praise of the muezzin calls and “resistance” suggests she’s on the side of the worldwide jihad, not viewing all human beings, even Jews, as having the same rights.

Kayla Mueller made it clear she was involved in the weekly riots in Bi’ilin. She wrote of Arabs who died at the hands of the IDF, due to non lethal tear gas usage as if that resulted in several members of the same family who she roomed with dying. Rachel Corrie did the same thing, creating a story for the ISM of protecting an Arab family from IDF bulldozers. One family daughter Kayla guested with died in her own home, not at a demonstration. The fact was the woman was very ill, with leukemia and other internal infections. As in good ISM tactics, her corpse then became another propaganda tool. But like any good ISM activist, Kayla Mueller didn’t let this stand in the way of her propaganda letter home:

“And now just today, the daughter of the Rahmah family, Jawaher, has been asphyxiated from tear gas inhalation. Jawaher was not even participating in the weekly demonstration but was in her home approximately 500 meters away from where the tear gas canisters were being fired (by wind the tear gas reaches the village and even the nearby illegal settlement often). There is currently little information as to how she suffocated but the doctor that attended her said a mixture of the tear gas from the IDF soldiers and phosphorus poisoned her lungs causing asphyxiation, the stopping of the heart and death this afternoon after fighting for her life last night in the hospital. The following is a clip from today showing hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis and international activist carrying her body to her families (sic) home where they said their final goodbyes.”

The IDF doesn’t use phosphorous in the West Bank. The ISM always claims it does. It’s good for propaganda.

“This family has a tragic story, but it is the story of life in Palestine. Thank you for reading. Ask me questions and ask yourself questions but most importantly, question the answers. Forever in solidarity, Kayla”, she concluded.

Kayla Mueller came from Prescott, Arizona where she once volunteered at a women’s shelter. Instead of continuing to help those who needed it in America, she chose to take the ISM’s revolutionary path and to embrace part of the worldwide jihad and she died for it, tragically. But she was no true altruist. She sought “freedom” working to support fascist groups that provide just the opposite for their people and she paid the ultimate price for that choice."

 photo kayla_hypocrite_zpsmiseg6jk.jpg

Our media will NEVER present it as such, but Kayla Mueller has simply joined the ever growing row of wannabe world betterers abused by extremist muslim organizations who tricked the doofuses to their untimely deaths as expendable pawns in their anti-western propaganda efforts. The best well known do-gooder of these is of course Rachel Corrie, but there are quite a few others. One of them was a certain Vittorio Arrigoni, an Italian communist and "peace" activist. Like Mueller, he was a member of the International Solidarity Movement. Tremendously upset as he was with the Gazans' plight, he went there in 2008 and on his blog, Guerrilla Radio, lamented their situation and glorified their "martyrs". It does not seem to have occurred to him that if the Gazans, after the IDF in 2005 forced Jewish settlers manu militari from their homes in the Gaza Strip, had set about building a workable society instead of attacking yet again the Jewish State, there would not have been a "need" for his presence. Anyway, one day Arrigoni was kidnapped by salafist extremists, tortured, and murdered. Hamas did arrest 4 salafists, and a "court" sentenced two to life imprisonment. But already in February 2013 this was reduced to 15 years. Despite the fact that Arrigoni had been brutally strangled, "lawyer" Mohammed Zaqut "asked in our appeal for the conviction for murder and abduction to be dropped to only abduction". Call me a nasty person, but I fear those 15-year sentences are as likely to run their full measure as Kim Kardashian to grow a brain.

 photo vittorio_arrigoni_zpsq3pmpxc6.gif

Vittorio Arrigoni, like Kayla Mueller a brainless twat who paid for his idiocy with his life.

But as cruel as it may seem, even if Mueller had lived, the rest of her life would probably haven't been a rosy experience either. Check out this article about sexual exploitation by "idealistic" leftist western women and feminists (prolly an oxymoron) who discover what a real 'War on Women' looks like:

"...Numerous other leftist Western women who have come to the West Bank to protest Israel’s security fence and to confront Israeli soldiers and police have also been sexually abused and molested by the very Palestinians they came to support. A leftist local blogger reports that these Western women are raped by the Palestinians “day after day, night after night.”

The embarrassing secrets of Palestinian molestations of their Western solidarity supporters are coming out of the closet. The radical Left has been hiding the reports of sexual abuse, lest they blemish the terrorist cause. In a report published by one radical activist: “Roni Aloni Sedovnik, a feminist activist, penned an article in News1 – an independent website run by respected investigative reporter Yoav Yitzchak – under the heading “The Left’s Betrayal of Female Peace Activists Who were Sexually Assaulted.” She goes on to describe the molestation as: “A dark secret that threatens to smash the basic ideological values upon which the demand to end the occupation of the Territories rests.”

Aloni Sedovnik stressed that these are not isolated incidents, but an ongoing general pattern of abusive behavior by Palestinians against the very Western women who have come to support them. Sedovnik also accused radical Israeli feminists of sweeping the information about the abuses under the rug, lest it diminish world support for the Palestinian cause beloved by those feminists.

According to the local leftist blogger cited above:

It is not a matter of rape to satisfy lust. They are done systematically in order to impregnate the girl, and then to marry her, after she converts to Islam. Of course, we know about this method from girls who underwent a similar process inside Israel and escaped to Europe, but it is hard to escape from the [Palestinian] territories. Sometimes these women, some of whom are already older women, are not allowed to leave their homes unaccompanied, in order to prevent their escape. If someone doubts my words…please, check the statistics for entries and departures, and you will discover that a large portion of female leftist activists did not leave the country. Everyone knows about it, but nobody dares to talk about it…I ran into a few Norwegian girls married to Palestinians. They are not happy. Their lives were destroyed. Their families have broken off contact with them. They have no place to return to. They are deep in the raising of children and wish to die."

Is my opinion harsh?

It is.

But in case you didn't notice it yet, there's a war going on, long cold but now getting hotter by the day, and we won't win it by being nice.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Yesterday we were talking about the assault on freedom of speech and expression at the hands of our muslim "compatriots". But who needs muslims when we got the police? Mark Steyn's take, as indispensable as always:

"...Well, Turkey is hardly anyone's idea of a crucible of liberty. But what are we to make of England, mother of the free? The other day Wiltshire Police went to a local newsagent and demanded that, in the interests of "community cohesion", he hand over the names of every customer who bought a copy of Charlie Hebdo:

Mrs Keat, a self-confessed news junkie, ordered the magazine from a local newsagent in Corsham, Wiltshire, a week after the 7 January attacks in Paris. Two days after she bought her magazine, she learned that an officer had been back to ask for the names of the buyers.

The names and addresses of the buyers were added to an intelligence note and fed into a police crime and intelligence system, police confirmed. The force deleted the note after details of the visit came to light in a letter that Mrs Keat wrote to The Guardian and warned of the potential ramifications after seeing an advert for Je Suis Charlie badges...

What really is the difference between Charlie Hebdo's killers and Wiltshire Police? The anti-Charlie crowd made it clear years ago that they knew where the offending cartoonists were and one day they would get them. The Wiltshire Police are not so subtly telling Charlie's English readers that they know where you are - just in case one day they need to get you:

"Wiltshire Police would like to apologise to the members of public who may be affected by this. Information relating to this specific incident has been permanently and securely disposed of," it said... "Wiltshire Police are confident that the police officer's intention was purely around enhancing public safety and ensuring that the newsagent was advised appropriately." (following pic from Express co uk):

 photo Wiltshire_Police_Creeps_zpsdqn5cf6w.jpg

Wiltshire Police 'officers' wanted to know the names of the buyers of the 'survivor' Charlie Hebdo issue. HOW ABOUT WE GET THE NAMES OF THE WILTSHIRE POLICE OFFICERS HMMMMMMMM? Can you hear me, creeps?(*)

You can get away with anything when you smother it in blather about "enhancing" public safety and "advising appropriately". But the fact remains that, a few days after the hideous opportunist Cameron was marching under the #JeSuisCharlie banner in Paris, his coppers were ordering newsagents to cough up the names of anyone who bought the magazine. This is Mother England in 2015: You can still read samizdat literature, but your name will be entered in a state database.

Equally disturbing was a recent English court judgment re the Home Office ban denying Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller entry into the United Kingdom. Their Lordships' appalling decision essentially extends the heckler's veto to Her Britannic Majesty's immigration policy:

A British Court of Appeal handed down its judgment dismissing our appeal challenging our ban from entering the United Kingdom. The key element of its decision is its emphasis on the fact that "this was a public order case where the police had advised that significant public disorder and serious violence might ensue from the proposed visit." In writing that judgment, Lord Justice Tomlinson (with whom Lord Justice Patten and Lord Justice Floyd agree) has only made it clear that the British government has decided to set aside established law and the freedom of speech in order to appease violent Muslims.

No serious person thinks Spencer and Geller are any threat to "public order". They speak without incident all over not only the United States but also the Dominion of Canada, and without unduly stressing the Queen's Peace. So, if they can't speak without incident in the United Kingdom, that is a reflection not on them but on Britain. What Lord Justice Tomlinson means by the prospect of "serious violence" is that, if you're booked to give a speech in Oxford and some Islamic grievance-mongers threaten to go bananas over it, your speech has to be forbidden in deference to the crazies. The decision thus incentivizes those who threaten violence. As Laura Rosen Cohen likes to say, "security concerns" are the new "shut up".

And, if you think David Cameron's ministry has grown far too comfortable with using state power to restrain the opinions of a free party, wait till the other fellows take over:

The shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, will on Monday unveil a strategy to tackle the UK's soaring rise in antisemitism, Islamophobia, homophobia and abuse of people with disabilities. The package includes making homophobic and disability hate crimes an aggravated criminal offence, ensuring that police treat such offences in the same way as racist hate crimes.

Cooper will outline changes to the criminal records framework whereby such offences will be clearly marked on the criminal records of perpetrators. Currently, records checks do not highlight homophobia, disability or transgender identity as a motivating factor in a conviction, and do not automatically appear in police data used for vetting applicants in sensitive vocations, such as those working with vulnerable people, including the disabled.

Labour's move comes as a new breakdown of police figures reveals an escalation in hate crimes since 2012, with a steep rise in abuse reported by the transgender community alongside the well-documented rises in antisemitism and Islamophobia.

As that grab-bag suggests, right now the leftie sexual identity groups are happy to make common cause with the Islamocrazies because they're both about shutting people up. For example, the feminist comedienne Kate Smurthwaite is already in Britain so, unlike Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, she can't be turned back at Heathrow. But she apparently holds insufficiently "respectful" attitudes to "sex workers", so she had her speech at Goldsmiths College canceled because of - what else? - "security concerns". The topic of her talk was, of course, free speech.

Professor Jonathan Turley says:

Western leaders have increasingly spoken out against the dangers of free speech. For politicians, free speech is an abstraction, the consequences of free speech tend to be more tangible in the form of riots and murders.

You don't have to be a politician to think "free speech is an abstraction". Robert Spencer might want to give speeches about Islam, and Mrs Keat might want to read Charlie Hebdo, but most people don't want to give any speeches at all and are content to read Hello! or People or whatever's filling the rack where Charlie Hebdo used to be. In some ways, it's the easiest right to surrender, particularly to regimes that smother the expansion of state regulatory power in soothing twaddle about "enhancing public safety" to protect "vulnerable people".

Speaking of "vulnerable people", how about this headline from The Daily Mirror?

Child sex abuse gangs could have assaulted ONE MILLION youngsters in the UK

That's according to Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Champion. Who knows if it's true? On the one hand, Britain is so alert to "paedos" that, if some cheesy old Radio One disc-jockey is alleged to have grabbed the passing breast of a 15-year-old teenybopper on "Top Of The Pops" in 1973, he'll be dragged through the courts and publicly ruined. But vast, systemic, industrial-scale 21st-century paedophilia by Muslim grooming gangs aided and abetted by law enforcement and local government will be ignored and hushed up - essentially in the interests of (what was that expression again?) "community cohesion". It turns out free speech isn't that "abstract". When you so hedge in free expression with political correctness, you make it impossible even to raise certain subjects, and thereby facilitate real, non-abstract evil. The loss of free speech brings other losses, too.

Yet, looking at the ease with which governments of some of the oldest, freest societies on earth are shackling and restraining the right to speak, to read, to think, the obvious question to ask is what rights will they go after next? After all, if 300 years of free speech can be rolled back in the interest of "enhancing public safety", why not property rights, due process, freedom of association, freedom of religion or even (gasp!) sexual liberty? Why think that statist restraints on core liberties will confine themselves to just one right?"


(*) PS: Winston Churchill would have made sure you were shoveling horseshit on St Kilda by the end of the week you a-holes. Oh, you don't know who Winston Churchill is? Why doesn't that surprise me?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


A chilling article in HLN, Brussels regional edition:

 photo amadou_02022015_zpsf1wz5ztv.jpg



"Three weeks ago, in the third week of January, on a Tuesday, A technical school in Anderlecht, Brussels, the Royal Atheneum Leonardo da Vinci.

Younes B., a student car mechanics, said during French courses that he would like to shake hands with the terrorists who had killed the Charlie Hebdo staff.

One day later, the history teacher declared in front of class that Charlie Hebdo cartoons or the like should never, under no circumstances, justify terrorist attacks.

Younes B. did not exactly like that statement and started a petition in which he demanded that the teacher history be removed from school.

Of 20 classmates, 18 signed that petition.

Two did not: a certain Amadou, and another one.

When Younes tried to force Amadou to sign the petition, the latter defended his history teacher. The Monday after, things escalated. Younes asked Amadou, an amateur boxer, to fight with one of his comrades. When Amadou refused, Younes gave him an uppercut. Thereupon Amadou retaliated.

And the day after that, all hell broke loose. Amadou: "comrades had already warned me Younes wanted to take revenge. After school time ten youngsters I did not know cornered me on a little square. Three or four of them had baseball bats. For minutes, they kept beating me with them, and they took especially aim at my head. So hard that two bats broke in pieces.

Police arrived and Amadou was brought to hospital with severe wounds. For five days he was unable to work. The Atheneum did not want to react, but let it be known Younes B. was no longer welcome. The perpetrators are being sought."

We can learn quite a lot reading this story. I will sum it up for you.

1.) The name of the main perpetrator, Younes B., and the fact that 18 out of 20 signed that petition, leads one to believe that this class was practically 100 percent muslim.

2.) They are OK with terrorists murdering a magazine staff because the magazine in question published cartoons of their "prophet".

3.) If that isn't proof of their disdain for freedom of expression, they wanted to remove a teacher from school for speaking out against the terrs.

4.) Proof upon proof: those who don't agree, like Amadou, must be punished.

5.) Their propensity for violence is staggering. OUR boys are being feminized, these rascals have no qualms using violence which could have led to the death of Amadou.

6.) These monsters have networks: Younes B. was able to gather in a very short time a gang with no connection to the school.

7.) That gang was prepared to use extreme violence on behalf of Younes B.

We, the authochtons, the native Belgians, and the well-integrated immigrants, have to live with the consequences of the disastrous open-door immigration policy deliberately orchestrated by the socialists and the greens to thwart the phony threat of Vlaams Belang.

It is THEY who imported hundreds of thousands of backward muslims and made "Belgian" citizens of them, via insane family reunion laws, the Quick Citizenship Bill, and more.

Muslim immigrants constitute a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the rest of the population, and thanks to the "efforts" of said reds and greens our future is in peril. The parameters have been put in place to ensure that this whole thing will ultimately lead to civil war and destruction of our once prosperous society.

I can only hope that the monsters behind this disastrous scheme may one day pay their fair share for destroying our children's future.