Tuesday, February 10, 2015


A chilling article in HLN, Brussels regional edition:

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"Three weeks ago, in the third week of January, on a Tuesday, A technical school in Anderlecht, Brussels, the Royal Atheneum Leonardo da Vinci.

Younes B., a student car mechanics, said during French courses that he would like to shake hands with the terrorists who had killed the Charlie Hebdo staff.

One day later, the history teacher declared in front of class that Charlie Hebdo cartoons or the like should never, under no circumstances, justify terrorist attacks.

Younes B. did not exactly like that statement and started a petition in which he demanded that the teacher history be removed from school.

Of 20 classmates, 18 signed that petition.

Two did not: a certain Amadou, and another one.

When Younes tried to force Amadou to sign the petition, the latter defended his history teacher. The Monday after, things escalated. Younes asked Amadou, an amateur boxer, to fight with one of his comrades. When Amadou refused, Younes gave him an uppercut. Thereupon Amadou retaliated.

And the day after that, all hell broke loose. Amadou: "comrades had already warned me Younes wanted to take revenge. After school time ten youngsters I did not know cornered me on a little square. Three or four of them had baseball bats. For minutes, they kept beating me with them, and they took especially aim at my head. So hard that two bats broke in pieces.

Police arrived and Amadou was brought to hospital with severe wounds. For five days he was unable to work. The Atheneum did not want to react, but let it be known Younes B. was no longer welcome. The perpetrators are being sought."

We can learn quite a lot reading this story. I will sum it up for you.

1.) The name of the main perpetrator, Younes B., and the fact that 18 out of 20 signed that petition, leads one to believe that this class was practically 100 percent muslim.

2.) They are OK with terrorists murdering a magazine staff because the magazine in question published cartoons of their "prophet".

3.) If that isn't proof of their disdain for freedom of expression, they wanted to remove a teacher from school for speaking out against the terrs.

4.) Proof upon proof: those who don't agree, like Amadou, must be punished.

5.) Their propensity for violence is staggering. OUR boys are being feminized, these rascals have no qualms using violence which could have led to the death of Amadou.

6.) These monsters have networks: Younes B. was able to gather in a very short time a gang with no connection to the school.

7.) That gang was prepared to use extreme violence on behalf of Younes B.

We, the authochtons, the native Belgians, and the well-integrated immigrants, have to live with the consequences of the disastrous open-door immigration policy deliberately orchestrated by the socialists and the greens to thwart the phony threat of Vlaams Belang.

It is THEY who imported hundreds of thousands of backward muslims and made "Belgian" citizens of them, via insane family reunion laws, the Quick Citizenship Bill, and more.

Muslim immigrants constitute a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the rest of the population, and thanks to the "efforts" of said reds and greens our future is in peril. The parameters have been put in place to ensure that this whole thing will ultimately lead to civil war and destruction of our once prosperous society.

I can only hope that the monsters behind this disastrous scheme may one day pay their fair share for destroying our children's future.


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