Saturday, November 07, 2009


Inner smile, a hit by UK band Texas, which formed in Glasgow in 1986. And if Mr Ghost thinks it's Old Fogey Night again, the second clip takes thou back to 1580 or so. Texas prolly sounds like an incongruous name for a Scottish band but they took it reportedly from the 1984 Wim Wenders movie 'Paris, Texas'. Wenders is an artsy fartsy German film director, emphasis on f.a.r.t., and also a f*cking leftist asshat, and it's always pretty cool to hang round these guys or connect in one way or another when you're in zhe muzik biznes. FYI, another Scottish band, Travis, featured here before, are named after the lead character in Paris, Texas; yet other Scots, Primal Scream, sampled actress Natassja Kinski on one of their albums; the movie reportedly inspired the U2 album The Joshua Tree; for Kurt Cobain it was the best movie he'd ever seen... so,...

... where was I? Oh yeah, artsy movies by leftozoid directors attract cool people in the music industry. Either way, I've always liked Texas (the band). It's not that I'm that greatly impressed, but they have a string of reasonable hits. As for singer Sharleen Spiteri, it's one of those women I've been asking myself my entire life whether they're hot or not. I'm still not decided, maybe someone out there can help me with it.

Then the movie adaptation of Fantasia, an orchestral piece dating from 1910 by British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958). For the movie it was cut short to about five minutes, but normally it lasts about thrice as long. Fantasia is itself an adaptation if you want from a much earlier work, a theme by Thomas Tallis (1505-1585), an acclaimed church composer and organist in 16th century England. Tallis' talent was such that not only was he sought after by high-ranking employers, from famous abbeys and cathedrals to a series of Kings and Queens, but also that it let him survive the religious strife between catholics and protestans (from founder of the Anglican Church Henry VIII over the Catholic Queen Mary to Queen Elizabeth again). Having written music solely for churches and royal chapels, it should come as no surprise that Vaughan Williams' adaptation is 'made' to resemble church music and indeed, Fantasia, though it is to be performed by a string orchestra, 'sounds' like an organ. The string orchestra is to be divided in three parts: one a full sized string orchestra (the 'great division'), the second a single desk from each section (the 'choir division'), and the third a string quartet (the 'swell division').

As for the movie, it was quite good. Russel Crowe convinces as the tough captain who outsmarts the enemy, courageously leads his men into battle, and in a heavy storm does not hesitate to cut off rigging keeping a broken mast tied behind the ship, threatening to sink it - but in doing so he dooms a sailor thrown overboard who's still clinging to the rigging. Fantasia plays during this scene.


Friday, November 06, 2009


Unfortunately, I do not have all the names of the deadly victims of the shooting rampage. These are the ones I found:

PhotobucketMichael Pearson, 21
Amy Krueger, 29
Jason Dean Hunt, 22
John Gaffaney, 56
Kham Xiong, 23
Aaron Thomas Nemelka,19 Russel Seager, 51
Francheska Velez, 21, and unborn child

What I found especially heartbreaking was that Ms. Velez was pregnant and that her unborn child... is yet another terrible loss.

Please save a prayer for all those people and their loved ones, as well as for the wounded. This tragedy also reminds us that our countries lose brave soldiers and civilians EVERY DAY in a fight with a monstrous foe. It's not that their deaths are overlooked on this blog or forgotten, but such is the power of names and identities when that foe strikes so close that the victims suddenly get a name and a face.



Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Just a street in Puteaux, west of Paris, on a Friday afternoon...


Via François Desouche, we learn that the mayor actually gave permission for this blocking of the street. Believe it or not, this is the genuine wording of the permission:

"Nous vous informons que la prière dans la rue est possible avec l’aimable autorisation de la mairie de Puteaux, ainsi que la collaboration de la police municipale qui ferme la rue tous les vendredis pendant toute la durée de la prière. »


"We inform you that prayer in the street is possible with the kind authorization of the municipal authorities, as well as with the cooperation of the police which will close off the street all fridays for the entire duration of the prayer."

Readers will recall that in certain neighborhoods in Paris itself, muslims did not wait for "kind authorization" and blocked the streets themselves. Either way, the result is the same. I don't know how it is with you, but upon seeing this I have a terrible case of déjà vu. It's Vichy all over again.

Most muslims you see on the photo are Algerians or of Algerian descent. While the mairie is happily granting permission to block an entire street for muslim purposes (and greatly annoy its indigenous inhabitants in the process)...

... Algeria is happily closing Christian churches, and severely prosecuting the pathetically small Christian minority there.

When you look at the following video, do this thought exercise. Imagine that Christians block an entire street in Algiers like that, and high-volume broadcast the priest's sermon and Gregorian songs via loudspeakers. Even assuming they would be able to get set up at all, in no time there would be a terrible riot, they would be viciously attacked by a muslim mob, and Algerian police would, instead of helping and protecting them, partake in the beatings and arrest as many as possible.

But in Puteaux, the reverse situation is not only permitted, but actively facilitated at the expense of genuine, native French:

The French are pathetic. Speaking of French, you don't hear it much, huh?


Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Today there was such a fucking shitload of depressing news again, a.o. the European Court of Human Rights ordering Italian schools to remove crucifixes, Russia and White Russia doing live exercises simulating an attack on Poland (included in the scenario were nukes), and the goddam scumbag of the mayor of Marseille wanting to grant a building permit to yet another giant mosque...

... that I decided to post something different lest I don't get completely nuts of it all.

The two plates below depict well-known works by American painter Sanford Robinson Gifford (1823 – 1880), a landscape painter of the so-called Luminist school. Luminism, is actually an offshoot of the Hudson River school. It is characterized by its emphasis on light effects in landscapes, and often breathe an aura of tranquility, an effect in many a case attained by depicting calm, still waters under soft, hazy skies.

Gifford traveled extensively to find scenic landscapes, both in the US's northeast and in Europe. During the Civil War, he was a Union soldier, serving as a Corporal in the 7th Regiment of the New York militia. New York City's Seventh Regiment is actually still the proud proprietor of several of Gifford's canvases. It was in New York also that this painter who was as gifted as he was prolific (he painted over 700 works) died in 1880 of malarial fever.

Kauterskill Clove (1862)

The Wilderness

Nite. Let's hope the very best for Christie and McDonnell.


Monday, November 02, 2009


Cambridge University is going to allow burkas at graduation. Via The Sun, November 3:

"Cambridge University issued a clarification to say certain items of national dress, military uniform and religious garments — including the burka — were allowed. Yesterday a spokesman confirmed burkas could be worn under mortar boards but no one had requested it yet. He said: "Religious dress and cultural observations are allowed at graduation. "If a student has a religious or cultural obligation to wear something then we absolutely respect that." Ahsan Mohammed, chairman of the Newmarket mosque committee, praised the decision as "very sensible".

We saw this coming, of course. All through 2009, the British, with the exception of BNP and EDL and a few hapless Tory outcasts, seem to be tripping over each other to transform the UK into Al-bion. A short recap, starting with an article in The Daily Mail, March 31:



"... with the fire service anxious to attract recruits of all sexes and backgrounds, it was decided that something had to be done. So yesterday the results were uneveiled, including full-length skirts, hijab headscarfs and long- sleeved shirts for Muslim women recruits. The hope is that the uniforms, designed for wearing round the station and for outings such as school trips, will be smarter and better fitting for every firefighter - even the men.

Fire minister Sadiq Khan added: 'We want the widest range of applicants to apply to join the fire and rescue service. 'To achieve this, it is important that all applicants - men and women - know that the uniform and clothing they will be issued with will not only protect them but will also fit properly and be comfortable.
'The introduction of more appropriately fitted clothing is just one initiative to help to both retain female firefighters and encourage others to consider a fire service career.' 'The uniform now available shows that cultural beliefs are being recognised, as we seek to increase the representation of ethnic minorities within service.'

... Jagtar Singh, spokesman for the Asian Fire Service Association, said: 'We are pleased to note that the fire service is now taking seriously the issues of culture and religious belief when purchasing corporate and protective clothing for fireighters.'

Note that the UK's Fire (and Transport) Minister is a Sadiq Khan, a sunni muslim born and raised in London. He coincidentally belongs to the Labour Party. He is friends with terrorism suspect Babar Ahmad, but that too must be a coincidence.


Britain's Muslims welcome coverings for female police (Al-Arabiya).

The United Kingdom’s female police force will soon have to don the Muslim headscarf if they enter mosques or places of worship while on the job in the force’s latest efforts to respect the religious practices of the country’s religious communities. Avon and Somerset Police has issued two types of head coverings to its female officers so they can enter mosques while on duty. Embroidered with the West Country force's name and logo, the scarves come in to colors to match two types of uniforms.The blue is designed for the Police community Support Officer uniform while the black headscarf matches the uniform of the standard police officer.

“This is a very positive addition to the Avon and Somerset uniform and one which I'm sure will be a welcome item for many of our officers," Jackie Roberts, Assistant chief Constable for Avon and Somerset, said told the Times online.

The Metropolitan police, the largest and most diverse U.K. force, said the new uniform addition was adopted after consultations with the British Muslim community in a joint project with the Aklima and Mosque Initiatives, which focus on working Muslim women. Rashad Azami, imam of Bath Islamic Society, was pleased with the move, saying it was the right step towards building trust between British Muslims and the U.K. law enforcement establishment.


Assistant Chief Constable Jackie 'This is a very positive addition to the Avon and Somerset uniform' Roberts.


A Jew with a View writes:

"Two of the policewomen covered their faces completely hijab headscarves and niqab veils, leaving only narrow slits to see through. The third opted for Muslim dress and a headscarf showing her face."

The officers who took part in this madness, Sergeant Deb Leonard, Sergeant Deb Pickering and Police Community Support Officer Helen Turner, all from Sheffield, were accompanied by four Muslim women to help them learn more about the Islamic faith on a tour of the city. In return, the Muslim women were shown around South Yorkshire Police’s custody suite and CCTV office and learned about the day-to-day duties of a police officer. A spokesman for the force said the exercise, called ‘In Your Shoes Day’, was designed to help officers interact better with the Muslim community across Sheffield. But she was also forced to acknowledge that there are no plans for police officers to spend the day dressing up as Hindus, or Sikhs, or Jews, or Catholics or indeed any other faith."



Everyone should fast for a day ‘to understand Muslims’, says Boris Johnson
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:07 PM on 04th September 2009
London Mayor Boris Johnson today encouraged people to undergo a day of fasting to help understand their ‘Muslim neighbour’.

He said Muslims in the capital were ‘challenging traditional stereotypes’ to show they wanted to be part of the mainstream during a visit to the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre. Mr Johnson’s visit coincided with the holy period of Ramadan in which participating Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. Boris Johnson arrives at the East London Mosque with his Director of Communication Guto Harri this afternoon where he talked about the need for greater understanding of Muslims
He said: ‘Whether it’s in theatre, comedy, sports, music or politics, Muslims are challenging the traditional stereotypes and showing that they are, and want to be, a part of the mainstream community. '

The howler is that Boris Johnson... is a Conservative.

Jesus Christ.


Sunday, November 01, 2009


From Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws, October 28:


A Moroccan koranic reader, a certain O.G., has been arrested for the murder of 18-year old Layla Hachichi. Three weeks ago the girl's severely burnt body was found in her parents' house in Antwerps Dam neighborhood. Neighbors say the girl, who was lesbian, was the victim of a ritual murder.

According to O.G.'s lawyer however, NOTHING is wrong:

"Koranic reader O.G. services had been sought by Layla's parents to help her with her psychological problems. He has several times read exerpts from the Koran at the girl's home, but never performed any ritual purification. The man has nothing to hide. Besides, he reported himself at the police precinct."

The name of the lawyer? Abderrahim Lahlali. Koinsidens of course.

And what is the explanation of the parents for the gruesome death of their daughter?

That she had burned herself accidently while showering. In the bathroom an electric waterboiler was found.

Yeah right.


PS: pray for this girl, one of hundreds of millions of victims of muslim barbary throughout the ages.