Monday, June 26, 2006


Last Saturday, June 24, a 54-year old passenger on a commuter bus in Antwerp, Guido Demoor, was beaten to death on a bus by six Moroccans of which several were underage. The reason? The six were running amok and damaging the bus' interior. When Mr. Demoor in a non-agressive tone (according to witnesses) asked them to stop it, the six mercilessly started to kick and beat him. The victim died on the spot from heart failure. Mr. Demoor was a bus driver himself on his way to work. Pray for him.

Although the bus was full of native Belgians, not one interfered. The six young criminals pulled the emergency stop and fled. Although fairly precise descriptions of the perpetrators were broadcast by radio and TV nobody from the Moroccan community stepped forward. On Monday three (some sources speak of five) of the murderers were arrested by officers of the SIE (Speciale Interventie Eenheid - Special Intervention Unit) in an Antwerp North neighborhood barely a few hundred meters from where they boarded the bus, no. 23, on Saturday.

Dendermonde is a sleepy town to the southwest of Antwerp. It appears that the sleepy days are over though. On the edge of town is a housing complex known as "De Serbosblokken" (the Serbos blocs), although some prefer to call them "Klein Chicago" - Little Chicago. Five concrete monsters with 192 flats and 429 inhabitants, white as well as colored. It may not be nice to say it, but the non-white blocs are notorious for drugdealing. Segregation is a fact, and tensions were known to be rising. Last week, afaik for the first time in Dendermondes recent lovely multicultural history, there were violent riots between the two groups, resulting in four wounded, of which one was for some time in mortal danger. Interestingly, all four of them whiteys. The reason? The non-whites were armed with knives, baseball bats and metal rods, the whites only had their bare hands. It appears the flame that lit the powderkeg was an incident whereby a black boy harassed the inhabitants of one white bloc by frantically and simultaneously ringing all apartment bells on the access audio/video unit in the entrance hall, upon which the unit caught fire. Thereupon a fight broke out, but apparently one side was better prepared.

Also last week, bus drivers on the trajectory Antwerp-Recreational Domain De Ster near Sint-Niklaas, roughly between Antwerp and Ghent, went on strike because they feel they can no longer cope with the violence of youngsters of Moroccan origin who board their buses by the tens, terrorize the passengers, and damage the interior. The incident that caused the strike occurred two weeks ago, when a bus driver was once more spit at, insulted, and physically assaulted. The local Christian Union (ACV - Algemeen Christelijk Vakverbond) demands that the Sint-Niklaas City Council implements measures first to guarantee the safety of passengers and bus drivers.

However, according to the tolerant, democratic bigshots of the ruling poitical class and their lackeys in the media, the entertainment world and the countless government organizations meant to "reach out" to the immigrant community, the real danger comes from the xenophobic, hatemongering Vlaams Belang, which should be demonizing our immigrants. The posters below however, with to the left Uncle Adolph and to the right VB-strongman Filip Dewinter, show us that when it comes to demonizing, the PC cabals have nothing to learn from the VB.

What is not immediately confirming the ruling theories about the VB as a racist party is the fact that lately one can observe a greater appeal of the VB towards... immigrants. One of these is Aisha Van Zele, a 21-year old student of Sri Lankan origin from Lokeren, northwest Flanders. She was active in the liberal VLD party (just as my immigrantbabyblooddrinking myself) and recently shifted her allegiance to the Vlaams Belang. Miss Van Zele motivates this step as follows: "I am very interested in politics, but in the VLD I got the feeling I only had to be pretty and keep my mouth shut. I have a clear opinon on safety and migrants and in the VB I am allowed to bring it forward.” Miss Van Zele said too, however, that what finally made her do what she had been considering for some time was the fact that Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht had called ALL the VB voters responsible for a racist murder in Antwerp one month ago, whereby an 18-year old lunatic killed a toddler and her Malinese nanny and severely wounded a Turkish woman.

After outing herself as a VB member, Miss Van Zele, who worked part-time in a fashion shop, was fired. Probably not because the shop owner is himself hostile to the (business-friendly) VB, but because having an adherent of a party that has been stigmatised for almost 30 years as Nazis might harm sales you know.