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Garbage with Stupid Girl. From their 1995 titleless debut album.

Formed in Madison, Wisconsin in 1993 so a quarter century old this year. STILL with the original lineup: Scottish singer/guitarist Shirley Manson and Americans Steve Marker (guitar), Duke Erikson (guitar, keyboards), and Butch Vig (drums).

Pixies with Where is my mind. Album Surfer Rosa (1988).

A rather ifluential album, inspiring (a.o.) Kurt Cobain for Nevermind's sound and lyrics.




Excellent piece by Jack Hellner over at American Thinker:

"Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell, and many other supposed journalists, repeatedly write about economics as if they know what they are talking about. Problem is, they repeatedly show how ignorant they are.

Of all the things she could possibly say about the late President George H.W. Bush as his funeral goes on, she compliments the man for calling President Reagan’s tax cuts “Voodoo Economics." It's absurd. President George H.W. Bush fully embraced the Reagan Revolution as his loyal vice president and his legacy of greatness is at least partly connected to Reagan's.

But Rampell is still stuck on the campaign rhetoric of 1980, where Reagan and Bush competed for the Republican candidacy and Bush used the term 'voodoo economics' to unseat Reagan, something the voters didn't buy. Bush was apparently willing to forget about that, as he embraced being Reagan's running mate. But Rampell talks of that fleeting moment as if it were the only immutable truth. In the following column, Rampell says that it is crazy and ridiculous for anyone to claim that you could increase tax revenue by cutting taxes:

~ But Bush was end-of-an-era in another crucial way. He might well be the last Republican leader to acknowledge the fundamental fraud of Republican fiscal policy: that tax cuts do not pay for themselves.

Bush was referring to supply-side policies that claimed tax cuts for the rich would unleash so much growth they would generate enough revenue to fund themselves.

Characterizing Reaganomics as “voodoo” was colorful, yes, but it wasn’t crazy. Of course it was ridiculous to claim you could increase tax revenue by cutting taxes.

How little she remembers. The fact is, Ronald Reagan inherited an economic disaster when he came into office in 1981. We had double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates and double-digit unemployment.

When Reagan took office, he along with Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker worked to wring the double-digit inflation and double-digit interest rates out of the economy. That required double-digit interest-rate hikes and for awhile, it was bitter medicine. But he also worked to wring big government out of the economy. By 1984, he cut the top income tax rate from the punishing 70% to 28%. In fiscal year 1983, federal revenues were $601 billion. By fiscal 1989, they were $991 billion. I would say that all the people who do not acknowledge that Reagan’s supply-side, (or more derisively, 'trickle down' or 'voodoo') economics worked are the crazy ones. If not the liars.

The Bush II tax-cuts-and-government revenue example is even more recent, and possibly an even better example of supply economics at work. Rampell should be aware of that, too. Bush II inherited a recession and a collapsed stock market. In fiscal 2000, the government collected $2.03 trillion in revenues. For three straight years, revenues dropped, and by FY 2003, they were down to $1.72 trillion. Bush got his substantial tax cuts for individuals passed in May 2003 and by FY 2004 revenues were rising again. By FY 2007 they were up to $2.55 trillion. Revenues were up around 50% in four short years because of the tax cuts allowing people to keep more of the money they earned.

Why won’t Rampell and other stenographers report the truth instead of Democrat talking points?

Scroll over to 2018, which is the first year since 2005 that the U.S economy is expected to grow 3% for the year. It is not a coincidence that the results from both years occurred after substantial tax cuts. One of the best things President Trump and the Republicans did was to make the corporate tax cuts permanent to take out the uncertainty. They would have also made the individual tax cuts permanent except for the lack of support from any Democrats as the media, almost in unison, took the Democrats' position. If the Congressional Budget Office would just look at historical facts, they also wouldn’t have come up with the fictional $1.5 trillion "cost.""

While we are at it, here's some relevant theory:

... from the man himself:

There's nothing voodoo about it, just common sense.


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Lieben Deutschen, das grausame Gespenst Merkel ist immer noch Bundeskanzlerin... Sie koennen doch nicht SO bloed sein?

Via PI News.


Tuesday, December 04, 2018


Since some ten days Belgium is in political turmoil, and there is a serious risk of the government collapsing, as the Flemish coalition partner N-VA is claiming it won't go to Marrakech to sign the UN Migration Pact, while the Walloon "liberals" MR - the party of PM Charles Michel - and their Flemish counterparts Open VLD insist it is necessary. Via the Washington Post, no less:

"By Raf Casert | AP December 4 at 3:51 PM

BRUSSELS — Belgium’s center-right government is fighting for its survival this week after the largest coalition party broke away from its three partners and said it would not back a global U.N.-backed migration pact.

The right-wing N-VA party started a social media campaign against the migration pact Tuesday, more than two months after Prime Minister Charles Michel pledged he would sign the pact for Belgium at a meeting next week in Marrakech, Morocco.

Instead of a coalition breakup, Michel announced late Tuesday he would take the issue to parliament for vote in the days to come.

“I want parliament to have its say,” Michel said, staving off an immediate collapse of the government that has been in power for three years. “I have the intention to go to Marrakech and let the position of the parliament be known.”

Michel’s statement came at the end of a hectic day dominated by an anti-pact social media campaign by the N-VA, of the biggest coalition partner.

The in-your-face campaign featured pictures of Muslim women with their faces covered and stated the U.N. pact focused on enabling migrants to retain the cultural practices of their homelands.

The party quickly withdrew the materials after the campaign received widespread criticism.

“We made an error,” N-VA leader Bart De Wever told VRT network.

De Wever apologized for the pictures of women wearing face-covering niqab in western Europe, but immediately added “these pictures are not fake. You can take pictures like this every day in Brussels. It is the stark reality.”

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel pledged at United Nations headquarters in September that he would go to a meeting in Marrakech, Morocco where the U.N.’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is to be signed next week."

Is this a case of N-VA suddenly being mugged by reality? Bart De Wever, N-VA Chairman and Antwerp Mayor and Theo Francken, federal immigration minister, in the nick of time discovering they have balls as well as a duty towards BioBelgians?


Thank Vlaams Belang instead. In particular, thank this man:

The same old indefatigable Filip Dewinter, early in November interrogating PM Michel in Belgian parliament about the government's intention to go sign a suicide pact without the population suspecting anything at all, at least at that moment.

After that interrogation, things went crescendo, and N-VA suddenly turncoated 180 degrees, to the extent that they now vehemently oppose the UN's "Global Compact for Safe , Orderly and Regular Migration".

I say 180 degrees, and that's not a word too much. BECAUSE half a year ago, prior to summer recess, WHO do we find in Morocco, after having read the draft of the UN Pact and approving it, and cheering along with ministers and dignitaries of a host of African nations ? Praising à volonté the beneficial effects of said pact? Why, Theo Francken, N-VA! The following scans are from VB-Magazine, AUG/SEP edition and they speak bookmarks. Francken is the thirtysomething bald guy in the photos, and as you can see at that point in time he had no qualms whatsoever ratifying a sham of a pact, which boils in effect down to throwing the doors of Western Europe WIDE OPEN to the Third World and allowing human flotsam from Mauritania to Pakistan to go shopping for free in our social security systems!

So what happened??? Why the sudden N-VA U-turn?


The October municipal elections.

In which the Vlaams Belang made a BIG comeback, doubling its score compared to the 2012 ballot. Courtesy N-VA voters coming back to the real thing.

Indeed, it was a big comeback, not only by attracting new sympathizers, but primarily by convincing former VB voters to abandon the N-VA again and return to the stable. N-VA is a Janus party, supposedly VB Lite but in reality hypocrites on steroids. Saying one thing, doing the exact opposite behind the screens. In too many dossiers to sum up, N-VA simply threw its 2012 promises in the trashcan and thought it could get away with it. Well, it seems like the old adage that you can't fool a lot of people all the time still holds up.

And next year there will be federal elections. If the results of the municipal elections are anything to go by, N-VA is slated to lose even more voters to the VB.

Thus, the sudden change of heart of the N-VA as regards the UN Migration Pact.

And the ball got rolling because of... Vlaams Belang.

There is no way to tell whether the Michel government will or will not, in the end, head for Marrakech and sell out the country. These traitors are capable of anything.

But one thing is for sure, I for one am MIGHTY PROUD of my party, the VB. Excluded from Belgian politics for three decades by the wholly undemocratic 'cordon sanitaire', having had to endure forty plus years of smear, slander, falsehoods, outrageous lies, baseless accusations, media blackouts and kangaroo courts...

... and yet still capable of throwing a serious wrench in the works and plans of a globalist government which had every intention to betray its population.

You can still sign the VB petition agains the UN Migration Pact HERE.



Monday, December 03, 2018


Again, via PI News:

Gates of Vienna has the "goods":

"A 19-year-old has confessed to killing a 17-year-old from Rhineland-Palatinate. Investigators had found the body on Sunday evening in an urban shelter for refugees and homeless people in Sankt Augustin in North Rhine-Westphalia. “The accused admits to exercising violence against her,” said the Bonn Attorney General Robin Faßbender on Monday. Because of manslaughter, a judge issued arrest warrant against the 19-year-old, who has the German and Kenyan citizenship."

As per usual, translation from German news sources by MissPiggy, subtitles by Vlad Tepes. Many thanks for your indispensable work!

Transcript of the video:

"00:00 The corpse of the 17-year-old girl is being transported after being found by the police.
00:05 They found her body around 8pm at a refugee housing facility in St. Augustin, Germany.
00:11 Most likely she was murdered. The investigators have one man in custody under suspicion —
00:15 according to research by WDR, a 19-year-old man from Kenya.
00:20 It appears that the victim and her murderer knew each other. The police were led
00:24 to the perpetrator through messages over social media.
00:28 Apparently the victim misled her parents by telling them she was meeting a girlfriend.
00:34 Investigators were collecting evidence throughout the night at the refugee housing facility.
00:38 The teenage girl was registered by the police as missing person on Friday afternoon.
00:42 The police and fire department were searching for the 17-year-old with more than 150
00:46 emergency personnel, divers, a helicopter, thermal cameras and rescue dogs.
00:52 The girl left her hometown of Unkel on Friday and was expected to meet
00:58 a girlfriend in St. Augustin. She never arrived. On Sunday afternoon, around 5pm, pedestrians
01:04 discovered the clothing and handbag of the girl near the Sieglarer lake.
01:09 Three hours later, the tragic news. The lifeless body of the 17-year-old
01:12 was found about two miles away from lake."

Another foolish German girl irresistibly attracted to exotic "southerners". A fat lot of good it did her.

Also, very likely a single child, so another Biogerman bloodline meeting its untimely end.

But okay Bundeskanzlerin Merkel, more of the same please! Hurry up to Marrakech, go sign that UN Global Compact for Migration, Germany obviously needs more Kenyans, Somalis, Mauritanians and Afghans! Schnell, schnell, schnell, SCHNELL!!!


Sunday, December 02, 2018


Via PI News:

Göttingen: 28-year old killed by four 19-year olds of foreign extraction

"Von LUPO | Vier Männer mit Mihigru (Migrationshintergrund), aber mit deutscher Staatsangehörigkeit, stehen im Verdacht, einen 28-Jährigen in der Göttinger Innenstadt erschlagen zu haben. Die Polizei nahm die Tatverdächtigen aus Göttingen, die bereits unter anderem wegen Drogendelikten polizeilich in Erscheinung getreten sind, am Sonntagvormittag fest. Alle vier sind 19 Jahre alt und werden zur Zeit vernommen..."

"BY LUPO - Four Mihigru men (Migrationshintergrund - lit. migration background), but with German nationality, are suspected of having killed a 28 year old man in Goettingen's inner city. Police arrested the suspects, who are already known for a.o. illegal drugs possession, on Sunday morning..."


„Allahu Akbar!“ Muslem wielding axe threatens Christmas Marketgoers

"Am Samstagabend gegen 20.30 Uhr gingen bei der Polizei mehrere Notrufe verängstigter Bürger der nordhessischen Kleinstadt Witzenhausen ein. Am örtlichen kleinen aber feinen Weihnachtsmarkt liefe ein offenkundig äußerst aggressiver Mann herum, der ein Beil schwinge und „Allahu Akbar“ schreie. Davor war der im Polizeibericht als „ausländischer Staatsbürger aus Bornhagen“ beschriebene Moslem bereits in der zum Weihnachtsmarkt führenden Fußgängerzone aufgefallen."

"On Saturday evening around 8.30pm police in the small town of Witzenhause, North Hessen, received several emergency calls from frightened citizens. In the town's small but nice Christmas Market a very agressive man walked hither and yon, wielding an axe and shouting "Allahu Akbar". Before the incident the muslim, described in a police report as a "foreign national living in Bornhagen", had already alerted passersby by his uncanny behavior."

Danke Frau Merkel, danke!!!