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Since some ten days Belgium is in political turmoil, and there is a serious risk of the government collapsing, as the Flemish coalition partner N-VA is claiming it won't go to Marrakech to sign the UN Migration Pact, while the Walloon "liberals" MR - the party of PM Charles Michel - and their Flemish counterparts Open VLD insist it is necessary. Via the Washington Post, no less:

"By Raf Casert | AP December 4 at 3:51 PM

BRUSSELS — Belgium’s center-right government is fighting for its survival this week after the largest coalition party broke away from its three partners and said it would not back a global U.N.-backed migration pact.

The right-wing N-VA party started a social media campaign against the migration pact Tuesday, more than two months after Prime Minister Charles Michel pledged he would sign the pact for Belgium at a meeting next week in Marrakech, Morocco.

Instead of a coalition breakup, Michel announced late Tuesday he would take the issue to parliament for vote in the days to come.

“I want parliament to have its say,” Michel said, staving off an immediate collapse of the government that has been in power for three years. “I have the intention to go to Marrakech and let the position of the parliament be known.”

Michel’s statement came at the end of a hectic day dominated by an anti-pact social media campaign by the N-VA, of the biggest coalition partner.

The in-your-face campaign featured pictures of Muslim women with their faces covered and stated the U.N. pact focused on enabling migrants to retain the cultural practices of their homelands.

The party quickly withdrew the materials after the campaign received widespread criticism.

“We made an error,” N-VA leader Bart De Wever told VRT network.

De Wever apologized for the pictures of women wearing face-covering niqab in western Europe, but immediately added “these pictures are not fake. You can take pictures like this every day in Brussels. It is the stark reality.”

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel pledged at United Nations headquarters in September that he would go to a meeting in Marrakech, Morocco where the U.N.’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is to be signed next week."

Is this a case of N-VA suddenly being mugged by reality? Bart De Wever, N-VA Chairman and Antwerp Mayor and Theo Francken, federal immigration minister, in the nick of time discovering they have balls as well as a duty towards BioBelgians?


Thank Vlaams Belang instead. In particular, thank this man:

The same old indefatigable Filip Dewinter, early in November interrogating PM Michel in Belgian parliament about the government's intention to go sign a suicide pact without the population suspecting anything at all, at least at that moment.

After that interrogation, things went crescendo, and N-VA suddenly turncoated 180 degrees, to the extent that they now vehemently oppose the UN's "Global Compact for Safe , Orderly and Regular Migration".

I say 180 degrees, and that's not a word too much. BECAUSE half a year ago, prior to summer recess, WHO do we find in Morocco, after having read the draft of the UN Pact and approving it, and cheering along with ministers and dignitaries of a host of African nations ? Praising à volonté the beneficial effects of said pact? Why, Theo Francken, N-VA! The following scans are from VB-Magazine, AUG/SEP edition and they speak bookmarks. Francken is the thirtysomething bald guy in the photos, and as you can see at that point in time he had no qualms whatsoever ratifying a sham of a pact, which boils in effect down to throwing the doors of Western Europe WIDE OPEN to the Third World and allowing human flotsam from Mauritania to Pakistan to go shopping for free in our social security systems!

So what happened??? Why the sudden N-VA U-turn?


The October municipal elections.

In which the Vlaams Belang made a BIG comeback, doubling its score compared to the 2012 ballot. Courtesy N-VA voters coming back to the real thing.

Indeed, it was a big comeback, not only by attracting new sympathizers, but primarily by convincing former VB voters to abandon the N-VA again and return to the stable. N-VA is a Janus party, supposedly VB Lite but in reality hypocrites on steroids. Saying one thing, doing the exact opposite behind the screens. In too many dossiers to sum up, N-VA simply threw its 2012 promises in the trashcan and thought it could get away with it. Well, it seems like the old adage that you can't fool a lot of people all the time still holds up.

And next year there will be federal elections. If the results of the municipal elections are anything to go by, N-VA is slated to lose even more voters to the VB.

Thus, the sudden change of heart of the N-VA as regards the UN Migration Pact.

And the ball got rolling because of... Vlaams Belang.

There is no way to tell whether the Michel government will or will not, in the end, head for Marrakech and sell out the country. These traitors are capable of anything.

But one thing is for sure, I for one am MIGHTY PROUD of my party, the VB. Excluded from Belgian politics for three decades by the wholly undemocratic 'cordon sanitaire', having had to endure forty plus years of smear, slander, falsehoods, outrageous lies, baseless accusations, media blackouts and kangaroo courts...

... and yet still capable of throwing a serious wrench in the works and plans of a globalist government which had every intention to betray its population.

You can still sign the VB petition agains the UN Migration Pact HERE.



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