Saturday, April 16, 2011


For a second there it looked as if there wouldn't be a Saturday Night Music tonight, and possibly for some time. Whatever YouTube or Vevo music video I checked out, there was no Embed button anymore. Then I got the idea that maybe the knob was still there in the right click menu and bingo, it was. I just hope YouTube won't play me a trick like iTunes did. I burn CD's not very often, but last time I tried it, iTunes did not sport the burn button below anymore... and there wasn't a possibility either in any rightclick menu or whatever.

Anyway, for the moment it seems I can post this li'l video with Kim Carnes' Draw of the Cards, from the 1981 album Mistaken Identity.

Jesus, are the eighties really that long ago?

I don't know what the Genesis band members took in the seventies. Still, they produced a gem now and then. Like Time Table on the album Foxtrot:

You gotta give it some time, then you may discover it's lovely, subtle and elegant.

Clocks by Coldplay:

Goede nacht.



Curious phenomenon in the Spanish Catalan town of Salt, where authochtons have taken to the streets to protest the first dead at the hands of marauding muslims. Catalonia is one of Spain's seventeen autonomous communties. Actually, now that we are at it, you'd better not address a Catalan as 'Spaniard'. Anyway, check out this video, and pay attention to the woman complaining that females cannot get safely out in their own village after 8pm anymore:

Now that Salt has appeared on my radar, I discovered it is actually the homebase of a salafist, a certain Mohammed Attaouil, who's expanding his local caliphate from there. There's this chilling article, unfortunately in Spanish, but you can get an idea of what it says here. Warning, it's an automated translation so you'll still have to figure some things out for yourself.


Street view in Salt, Catalonia, not that far from Barcelona. The future of Europe?

One last thing. The mayor of Salt is Yolanda Pineda, of the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC).

But, I suspect you suspected that already.

Hat tip Observatoire de l'islamisation.


Thursday, April 14, 2011


From Gazet Van Antwerpen, April 7, 2011:


"The City of Antwerp eyes a storage complex on the Noorderlaan as a fitting location for a supermosque. At the intersection of the Noorderlaan and the Michiganstraat on the Luchtbal (well-known high-rise neighborhood in Antwerp's north - MFBB) lie the former GM buildings. These are now the property of one family. "We want to hire the complex in order to provide for a mosque", says Monica De Conick (SP.a), Town Selectwoman for Diversity [SP.a = Flemish Socialist Party - MFBB]. "The huge mosque should provide a solution for the many ill-equipped mosques in Antwerp, which sometimes cause trouble." The grand mosque in Luchtbal must provide room for hundreds [sic - meant is thousands. - MFBB] of faithful and is, according to Monica De Conick, situated perfectly. "There is sufficient parking space and there's a tramway. The plan is of course that the moslim community pays everything" [what a howler - MFBB]. "As a city, we only help in the search for a suitable spot. In Antwerp's south we also look for a place for a grand mosque".

PhotobucketMonica De Coninck is, like her boss Patrick Janssens, the mayor of Antwerp, a prominent member of the socialist party in Belgium's most important port. Like every good socialist, she has been groping in the taxpayer pot for her own benefit. Nine years ago, she was chairwoman of Antwerp's OCMW (Openbaar Centrum voor Maatschappelijk Welzijn - Public Welfare Center) and as such, she managed to siphon 9,172 EUR away from the OCMW's funds to pay for a shower in her private home. Two years later, and with Monica De Coninck still chairwoman, news leaked that the OCMW's books showed an inexplicable deficit of 50 million EUR, for which De Coninck had no explanation other than that "no one had bothered to do the OCMW's accountancy for the past three years". When our son was born in 2007, we paid a visit to a dear uncle and his German wife in Kapellen, an affluent town perhaps ten kloms north of Antwerp, and I recall that during this visit my uncle confided to me that at that moment Antwerp counted 36 mosques already. So when the article above states that currently, there are 43 mosques, it means that in just four years, another 7 have been added. And now De Coninck is actively lobbying for not one, but TWO supermosques. One in Antwerp's north, one in Hoboken, Antwerp's south. WITH the full backing of mayor Patrick Janssens of course. As in the rest of Europe, the most ardent supporters of the continent's islamization are the socialists. And the tactics employed differ not significantly from one country to another. First local mosques spring up everywhere, whereby the mosquegoers deliberately cause a lot of trouble to the neighborhood. In central Antwerp, in one case two prayer houses were installed on either side of a house inhabited by an autochton couple. After a while, the couple, thorughly terrorized and intimidated by the yelling and chanting, had to sell their house - for a bargain of course. The net result was a local mosque organized on the premises of three houses. With the massive and orchestrated influx of muslims, every year more room has to be provided so that the newcomers can actively profess their faith. And so, cliques of muslim representatives, either handwringing or with a smug smile on their face, or both, head to the City Council to "propose" a fitting solution: a HUGE mosque has to be built somewhere to accommodate all the faithful. The current Antwerp situation is a fine study in microcosm of this process, as it has been repeated, is being repeated, and will be repeated a thousandfold all across Europe. Right now, Mrs. De Coninck assures us that "the city will not pay for the mosque, the muslim community has to finance it itself, the city is only 'helping' to find a suitable location". In practice however, a huge part of the dough will doubtlessly come from the indigenous Antwerpian taxpayer, and the rest will be provided by Pakistani or Saudi Arabian madrassahs, or by the Turkish DITIB organization. But if you thought that the 43 "small" mosques in Antwerp's inner city will subsequently will be abolished, I have a bridge across the river Scheldt to sell you. Here are some of the current ones:

- El Mouslimin mosque (Moroccan), Jan Palfijnstraat, 2060 Antwerpen: capacity: 2,868 persons (1,426 m2);

- Imam Buhari mosque (a Diyanet-mosque), Everaertstraat, 2060 Antwerpen: capacity: 2,350 persons;

- Mehmet Akif mosque (Turkish), Dendermondestraat 34, 2018 Antwerpen, capacity: 1,500 personen (840 m2). Recently announced it will enlarge, planning is already well advanced

- Attaqwa mosque (Moroccan), Van Duyststraat 35-37, Deurne, capacity: 900 persons;

- Mohsinien mosque (Moroccan), Sint-Lambertusstraat 68, Berchem, capacity: 800 persons;

- Noor Ul-Haram mosque (Pakistani), Van Kerckhovestraat, 2060 Antwerpen: capacity 550 (655 m2).

It can be stated, with mathematical certainty, that the building of two supermosques north and south of Antwerp's center will NOT lead to the disappearance of the mosques in the inner city. Naturally, ONLY ONE party opposes the relentless islamization of Flanders' most important city. As per usual... the VLAAMS BELANG. The VB's leader in Antwerp, and candidate for the post of mayor in next year's elections, is Filip Dewinter. This is Dewinter on the proposed supermosques:

"It is unacceptable that the City Council keeps collaborating with islam and is actively cooperating in the buildup of a Flemish islam pillar. Antwerp is a Flemish and Christian city; a city of cathedrals and belfries, not of mosques and minarets. The City Councl is now signing up for a complete islamization of Antwerp. Town selectwoman Fatima De Coninck capitulates for islam."

"The construction, with the cooperation of the City Council, of two supermosques has nothing to do with guaranteeing the right to freedom of religion, but everything with the 2012 municipal elections. It is a stunt of the SP.a [Flemish socialist party - MFBB] to flatter Antwerps' muslim electorate so that Janssens [Patrick Janssens, notorious socialist apparatchik and current mayor - MFBB] can in the end still be kept on the mayor's seat. SP.a is prepared to islamize this city further for the sole purpose of obtaining the votes of muslims to be a factor of power in this city. This is why the Vlaams Belang is seriously considering to demand a municipal referendum on the construction of these two supermosques. Let the Antwerpian himself give his opinion about the continuing islamization of his city."

Filip Dewinter, one of our few superheroes. Incessantly in the thick of the fight against the mortal danger that islam poses for our societies. Vilified, demonized, ridiculed, denied airtime on TV and interviews in magazines, journals. I had to buy his book, Inch' Allah, under the counter at the local De Standaard bookshop in my hometown as if it were child porn... while their racks were full of leftist garbage.

Unlike a gazillion of his mainly socialist moral betters...

... never named, not even remotely, in a corruption scandal.

This is a poster accompanying his campaign in december 2010 where he went into the offensive against yet another mosque, this one in the small town of Lier southeast of Antwerp:


If only we had more Dewinters.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


From Tomaso Albinoni, famous Venetian Baroque composer much admired by Johann Sebastian Bach.


There is some ambiguity with regards to the authorship of this piece, since its composer was actually the 20th century Italian musicologist Remo Giazotto. He claimed however that it was based on a sonata by Albinoni, which he found right at the end of WWII in the archives of the Saxon State Library.

Whoever owns the most credit, this is a magnificent piece by a...

... Dead White Male.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


Most of us have read about or heard of Senator Lindsey Graham's remarks about limiting freedom of speech, "because in WWII that was happening also". This following the burning of a koran copy by Florida pastors Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones, which provoked violent muslim reactions worldwide.

That's absolute bogus, and sheer intellectual dishonesty.

In WWII, there were indeed severe limitations on freedom of speech. But not of the kind that Graham envisages. Back then, nobody, I mean NOBODY, would have prohibited you of burning a copy of Mein Kampf, nazism's 'holy book'. On the contrary, you would have gotten pats on the shoulder.

You would, on the other hand, have been made to shut up, or even imprisoned, if you would have publicly (or not so publicly) disclosed crucial info on, say, Operation Overlord, prior to D-Day. And rightly so.

It's the same here. I am all for limiting Terry Jones's freedom of speech if he announces that he will put the plans for Operation Red Sand on the internet. As for burning korans however... agree with Jones and Sapp or not (I agree with them), but if the reaction of muslim mobs to a quran burning half a world away is to attack UN workers and actually butcher people trying to put their islamic hellhole of a country on track for the 21st century...

... then paying lipservice to the killers like General Petraeus did is in a way justifying the murders. Legitimizing it. I don't think the parents of Lt Col Siri Skare, the Norwegian military pilot who was among the victims, are that enamored with Petraeus' cautious wording.

A fitting reaction to muslim mobs' rioting like the one in Mazar-i-Sharif would be, for instance, a stream of hot lead at a huge rate of fire. A fitting response to Karzai would be "Shut the fuck up you incompetent, and finally do something useful."

Apart from the business end of SAW guns and sound advice, a good reaction would also be:

Hat tip reader Leo Norekens.